The Untouchable President Chapter 29

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Chapter 29

Tang Siyu really was enlightened what shameless was. knows what is shameless. incomprehensibly, the fire in her heart were so bright and raging.

“Come with me.” He opened his mouth coldly, and the tall body took the lead.

Behind him, Tang Siyu suppressed all her emotions, as the only thing she wanted on this moment was to see her son.

She clenched her fists and glared at the back of the man who’s in front of her eyes. She  followed him, and went make their way towards the luxurious reception room. Xing Liehan gently pushed the door open, and Tang Siyu couldn’t wait to rush inside.

She saw her baby boy standing inside the s.p.a.cious hall, while holding a remote control in his hand, controlling a cool little sports car, as it gone running all over the closed s.p.a.ce.

Hearing the movement at the door, he turned his head and looked towards it. Then he saw Tang Siyu. He got excited as he ran while still handling the remote control. “Mommy, you came.”

Tang Siyu immediately hugged her son, her heart was still in turmoil. Bowing her head, she stroked the little guy’s head, then afterwards the litlle guy looked up from his mother’s embrace and peek at the man who came after. “Hey”

Xing LieHan Su entered with a cold face, but at this moment he wore nothing other than the look of a doting father. Tang Siyu also looked at that direction and when she saw his smile, she immediately, held her son’s little arm. “Xiao Xi, we should go back.”

“Mommy, are we going home together with father?” With his glossy eyes, the little guy  raised his head, looking forward to going home with a father.

Although Tang Siyu wanted to tell her son that she would not recognize this man as the little guy’s  father, but she couldn’t bear to give her son a little disappointment in his small heart.  “He’s very busy, we should go back, it’s getting late.”

Xing Liehan said to the little guy, “Xiao Xi, you go back first, I soon come to find visit you.”

“Hey, you must definitely come and find me!” Tang Yixi looked forward meting him again.

“I promised.” Xing Liehan promised to his son. He picked up the small sports car on the ground and handed it to the little guy. “Bring it home to play.”

“Thank you.” The little guy happily hugged the small sports car. Tang Siyu without looking back, brought her son out.

Xing Liehan took a step forward, and the little guy turned back and waved at him. And Tang Siyu’s slender apparently walked in a  faster pace.

When the elevator door closed, Xing Liehan’s gaze immediately showed a look of loss, he didn’t expect that his first meeting with his son would end so soon.

Xing Lie’s sword-like eyebrows could not help but tighten. Five years ago, he did something wrong, and this thing happened.

However, it was five years ago,  now,  he is only concerned about how to get his son’s love and trust, and plan for his future custody.

“Xing Zong, you let Xiao Shaoye(honorific way of saying ‘your son’) leave?” Han Yang was surprised when he asked.

“Otherwise?” Xing Lie-han was now very clear that it is impossible to take his son away. His son’s views has been formed. His right to mold it has been robbed from him in a brutal way. Not only they don’t know what his son’s likes, but if they manage to make a wrong move, they can probably hurt the little guy’s fragile heart.

Now, he’s not in the hurry at all. The most important thing is to find opportunities to cultivate the feelings between him and the little guy. And so, when the son grows up, maybe he will choose to live with him.

Tang Siyu took to Su Xie’s house. While on the road, Tang Siyu tried to teach her son several times so that he would not easily went anywhere with anyone in the future. However, her son was so soft that she can’t go beyond a simple scolding.

When wasn’t at school yet, there was nothing beside her son. But when she was there, she watched him looking at the fathers who picked their sons everyday. His big eyes fluttered with eagerness and envy. That’s, Tang Siyu’s most heartbreaking moment.

Her son has no father, which made him feel inferior than others at school.

The Untouchable President Chapter 29

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