The Wizard World Chapter 201

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Chapter 201: Hire (2)

Nancy calmed down a bit, but she still felt a bit uncomfortable after hearing Angele’s questions.
"So you’re not joking…? You’re the Angele I met on the ship?" She remembered the day Angele cured her wound using a disgusting method, but she still found it hard to believe that the young man with a low talent level became a formal wizard.
When they first met, Angele was a rank 1 apprentice while the wizard Green in front her was a formal wizard that had residential rights in one of the three major wizard organizations.
The difference was huge.
"There’s no point in lying to you." Angele responded with a light tone, "Hiring you is risky, I hear. However, I want to know what happened in Andes Alliance. You’re the daughter of the Duke, why were you expelled? What exactly happened to the harbor?"
Nancy finally believed that Green was Angele Rio. A formal wizard would not spend time collecting useless information about a random apprentice.
She stared at Angele, realizing that he was releasing his strong mentality wave the whole time. Nancy spent years trying to break the limit, but after her family encountered the problem, she had to escape from the assassins of Labyrinth College and had no time to progress.
Angele was no longer the son of a countryside noble. He had now become a formal wizard, and Nancy had to show her respect to him. The situation had changed. She never thought a day like this would come.
Nancy knew Angele was staring at her, waiting for the answer. Her face blushed; she lowered her head and tried to avoid any eye contact. She wanted to turn around and run away if possible. Nancy thought the reason why Angele sent the contract to her was that he wanted to mock her. The incident that happened on the ship ended awkwardly.
She could feel that her cheeks were burning.
Nancy calmed down after several seconds. This was her only chance to get hired since other wizards were scared about her background. Most of the wizards would try to stay away from trouble and no one wanted to get dragged into the war between organizations. It would be a great waste of time, but it seemed like Angele did not care too much.
"Talk. First, I want to know what happened to the alliance." Angele was getting a bit impatient.
Nancy bit her lips. She still did not want to raise her head.
"The alliance is fine…It’s my family…Something unfortunate happened…" she responded in a low voice.
"Are you sure?"
"So it’s just your family? Good, as long as the alliance is still peaceful…" Angele realized the words he just said was inappropriate. Nancy’s life changed after her family lost power in the alliance, but the only thing Angele cared was his own family.
"Well, sorry. I didn’t mean it…It’s just that I’m worried about my…" Angele looked at Nancy. The girl was arrogant, but she would draw her sword to fight for justice.
Angele shook his head. What happened to her was quite unfortunate.
"Alright, you’re hired. From now on, you’re one of my guards. Also, if you don’t like this place, you can leave anytime you want. It’s your right."
He stopped for a second and continued, "I hope you can focus your attention on the work. Unfortunate things happen. One of my old friends asked to become my follower, but her talent level was way too low, so I had to refuse her. Also, have you heard anything about the talented young man named Jared?"
Nancy nodded. "Jared successfully broke the limit and became a formal wizard last year. He’s still a member of the White Mist Forest, I believe. Haven’t contacted him in a long time."
Angele knew that White Mist Forest was a wizard organization beside the Labyrinth College.
"White Mist Forest…I won’t be visiting him anytime soon then." Angele shook his head. "Do you know why I don’t fear the Labyrinth C

ollege and why I hired you? Because they already placed a price on my head."
Nancy gritted her teeth. Her face was still blushing, but she did not really have any other choice.
"Thank you…I’ll be leaving now." She lowered her voice.
"Wait, one more thing. What’s going on between you and the Labyrinth College? Is the whole organization after you? Or…?" Angele wondered.
"No, I was framed by one of the wizards in the college. The school expelled me because of the rules. It’s a wizard from my enemy’s family that wants to kill me," Nancy explained.
"It’s much better than I thought." Angele nodded. "You may leave now. I’ll call you after all the tests are finished."
"Got it." Nancy turned around and walked out of the door quickly.
The bright light outside blinded her eyes for a second. Nancy raised her arms to cover her eyes. She noticed that Angele was staring at her body during the conversation, but she was not sure what to do.
Angele was not hiding anything. He just stared at Nancy’s legs and breast. Although Nancy was not concerned about it, she still wanted to be respected.
It was impossible for her to tell Angele to stop as she was just a rank 3 apprentice and was ashamed of herself the whole time.
Nancy knew how hard it was to break the limit. The only apprentices from her ship who became formal wizards were Jared and Angele. The rest of the people she knew just disappeared. Some of them probably died a long time ago.
Nancy’s father was killed and her family was destroyed.
It was impossible for her to return to the Andes Alliance and she had no one to rely on in Nola.
‘No…I swear I’ll rebuild my family and avenge my parents!’
Nancy tightened her fist and walked out for the fence. She saw other people staring at her and nodded. She stood beside the fences. Others knew that she passed the test.
There were two male Knights, two male apprentices, and one female apprentice left. They entered the house one by one.
The two Knights all passed the test, but one of the male apprentices failed.
A total of five people passed the test, including Nancy.
Ivan led the five into the living room and showed them the paper contracts. The paper contracts were protected by the three major organizations and were effective as long as the people who signed them stayed in Nola. Each contract had two copies and one was given to Angele.
Angele had the right to fire the people he hired anytime he wanted.
However, the five had to complete their duty listed on the contracts. As a wizard, Angele had more rights than the Knights and the apprentices. The world was never fair.
The two Knights signed the five-year contracts and the apprentices signed the ten-year contracts, but Nancy was asking for a contract that was specially designed for servants.
If Nancy and Angele agreed on signing the servant contract, Angele would have to share everything with her. Nancy knew that Angele was someone who could save her from the threats she was facing.
"Are you sure about this? The servant contract?" Angele’s brow furrowed, staring at Nancy.
It seemed like the girl had already calmed down.
"Yes, I’ve made my decision." Nancy nodded with a serious expression on her face.
"The servant contract is a lifelong contract. I know what you’re thinking, but I can’t trust you. It’s impossible for me to sign a contract like that with a girl I haven’t met in years." Angele shook his head. A follower must be someone he could trust. Tia was probably his best choice, but he had not visited her in a long time.
Angele asked the others to leave. Only Nancy was left in the living room. He decided to make things clear.
Nancy looked disappointed.
"But I can take you in as my follower though I need you to help me handle certain things, are you fine with that? It’s better than being just a guard. I’ll raise your salary too." Angele thought for a while and gave Nancy a chance. He needed someone to take care of random daily issues, so he could focus on doing the research.
"Of course, that would be great!" Nancy accepted the offer right away.
Nancy knew Angele was just being cautious, but she was certain that Angele was interested in her talent and skills. Some wizards were attracted to her body, but they still backed off after reading her information. Nancy’s skills would not be put to use if she was hired by wizards like that.
One of her classmates traded her virginity for a position in a wizard’s lab. However, the wizard lost his interest in the girl quickly and sent her to another wizard. The girl tried to escape, but her new owner killed her with his vampire pet. The wizard told the public that the girl sacrificed herself for an important experiment.
This was the dark side of this world. People without power had impossible odds in surviving the competition.
Outside Nola, no one would question why a formal wizard killed a Knight or a weak apprentice. Their lives did not matter that much to their organizations. Only the gifted ones were important.
In a world like this, rights were acquired by the strong and powerful.
The wizard society was cruel. The best option for the weak ones was to stay out of sight or return to the mortal’s world and find a normal job.
What Nancy needed at the moment was to find a strong wizard to serve. Without the wizard organization, it was nearly impossible for her to leave Nola, but living in Nola without a job would be hard.
Angele talked to her. They were from the same city, so Nancy felt a hint of warmth from him. Nancy was also a student of Professor Adolf and Angele might treat him better just for that.
Nancy decided to give everything Angele wanted from her, including her body. It was a tough decision to make, but she doubted if she could find someone better.
"Honestly, I don’t trust you. I can take you in as my servant, but I need to leave a rune on your forehead. What do you say?" Angele said calmly.
"The Symbol of Obedience? Not a problem." Nancy hesitated for a second and nodded her head.
"Good, you can tell others you belong to me now." He smiled and tapped Nancy’s forehand with his finger.
A twisted black snake rune appeared between Nancy’s eyebrows. The Symbol of Obedience was usually placed on people’s foreheads. The symbol represented that the servant belonged to a certain wizard. Nancy was now allowed to share part of Angele’s rights.
Angele placed a special rune that only dark wizards knew. It had some special functions that would help connect him with the servant.
Most importantly, the rune could help him locate the location of the servant by using the obelisk. The rune could be placed on any living beings and the energy wave it released could be easily tracked.
The rune had two limitations. First, it could not be applied with force. Second, the one who used the rune must have a higher mentality level than the one who accepted the rune.
Angele did some simple modifications to the rune. He had found a certain method in Ramsoda’s library. The energy waves the rune released could constantly send the sounds around Nancy to him.
If Angele wanted, he could monitor the situation around Nancy anytime.
Angele was a formal wizard and was also a dark wizard. He could not trust a girl like Nancy. The only and most important thing to him was power.

The Wizard World Chapter 201

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