The Wizard World Chapter 419

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Chapter 419: Trace (2)

The parking lot was built on a black platform and had about ten flying mounts already resting on it. Some of the wizards were jumping off their mounts and servants appeared to take care of their eagles or bats.

Angele landed and he saw a humongous white owl landing on the left.

The red eagle took several steps forward to complete the landing procedure.

Angele patted the eagle's feathers and jumped off its body.

A male servant stepped forward and approached Angele.

"Master Green, it has been a while." The male servant bowed politely with a phony smile on his face.

Angele nodded slightly. "So many people here, what's going on?" He knew that those servants were familiar with the situation as they probably already heard something from the wizards who landed in the parking lot.

"They're here for the incident at the tomb. The wizards in the city are all talking about it," the servant responded in a low voice.

"How bad is the situation?" Angele wondered.

"Very bad. One of the professors that went missing was a relative of the second elder," the servant tried to make his voice even lower.

"Is that so…" Most of the wizards had left the parking lot and there were no other flying mounts coming from the sky. Angele greeted one of the wizards that he knew and threw a regular magic stone to the servant. "Go straight to the point."

"Thank you, master…" The servant chuckled and grabbed the magic stone quickly, hiding it in his sleeves. "A master wizard told me several days ago that the tomb is related to the Chaos Realm and he was worried that there might be a dimension gap, but I don't know anything about this Chaos Realm."

"Chaos Realm, huh…" Angele's brow furrowed, he was surprised by the servant's words.

The Chaos Realm was the strongest and most chaotic realm that the wizard world had encountered.

The creatures

in that realm were all either as strong as the high-rank wizards or weak like ants. There was no time and space in the Chaos Realm, everything was chaotic.

Wizards never tried to communicate with the Chaos Realm. It was possible that a wizard could only find a weak boar after paying a huge price.

However, the weak boar might evolve into a creature that could destroy the world the next day and the next time you communicated with the "boar", your soul and physical body would be taken away. Wizards could only do the trade when the target was at the similar power level to them.

That was the reason why the realm was called the Chaos Realm. Time, space, and everything in that realm was a mess.

You might be able to communicate with a creature that had lived for more than 50 million years ago or a living being that was born 100 million years ago.

The Chaos Realm was the strongest realm that the wizards had encountered; however, the creatures in the Chaos Realm were trapped in it and they could not invade the other realms. It seemed like whoever created that realm did not want the creatures to impact the other realms.

Most of the creatures that lived the realm had lost the ability to think.

Angele checked the information in the database and left the parking lot. He put the badge of department head on his chest and headed to the gate of the city.

The guards bowed to Angele as he passed through the gate and the square. He walked straight to the city hall.

There were three white statuses on top of the building: Eagle, Lion, and Scorpion. The scorpion status was surrounded by a black glow and it meant that an honored professor had passed away.

The black glow would last for half a month. 

Angele looked at the scorpion—it was the symbol

symbol of the academic tower, which they normally called the school. It was under Vivian's control.

"So, the situation is much worse than I expected…" He sighed slightly.

"Master Green! You're here!"

"Department head!"

"Master Green!"

"Green, long time no see."

Angele's colleagues and staff of the department greeted him as he stepped on the stone stairs.

Angele smiled to show his respect. He did not really need to do anything in the department and that was the reason why the colleagues liked him. Angele had a strong background and the wizards would love to become friends with him.

He entered the building and went upstairs. Angele walked along the hallway for about ten minutes and finally arrived at a white building that was used by the Human Resource department.

Several wizards knocked on the door and reported in as he sat down in his office.

Angele played with the gold badge in his hand and looked at two white robes in front of him. The one on the left was male and the other one was female; they looked young, but they were already over 50 years old. The female wizard was married and had one child.

"Jack, Wendy. So, how's the situation?" Angele straightened his back and there was a blank expression on his face.

The male wizard named Jack nodded. "It's about the tomb—there are several members of the Human Resource department missing; they were in charge of the archives."

Angele's brow furrowed. "The archives? They entered the tomb to record the exploration?"

"Yes, well, it's an easy job and most of the time we're not busy; however, we do need to work when something important happens," Wendy responded in a low voice. "Also, you're the vice department head, so…"

Angele rubbed his chin and he knew that the incident had become a big problem. The members of the department were selected by Vivian and some of them went missing during the exploration, so

exploration, so he had to do something for them. Also, the academic tower was directly under Vivian's control, which meant it was closely related to Angele.

"Alright, what's happening now?"

Jack answered, "The department head has already contacted the academic tower and they sent another group of people into the tomb; however, they didn't find anything. It felt like that those people have already disappeared from this world, even the tracking spells can't detect any trace of them. The specialists with the tracking spells are coming and they'll investigate the tomb again."

"How long did the first investigation last?" Angele questioned.

"About half a month," Jack replied. "However, nothing happened during that period."

"Who's in charge of this now?"

"The department heads of the city hall. We lost a lot of wizards this time, so we're pretty much in charge of the investigation," Wendy explained.

"Where's master Masha? Her vocation is over, right? Also, what about master Henny? They're the only two rank 4 wizards in my department." Angele wondered.

"Master Henny is on his way back and the second investigation will be led by master Masha. Also, the academic tower will send another rank 4 wizard here to help solve the problem. The incident already impacted the academic tower a lot," Wendy replied.

"Alright, you can leave now. I need to think about this." Angele waved his right hand.

"Yes, department head." They bowed, left the room, and closed the door.

Angele sat in his chair with his eyes narrowed.

'I can only use the Sound of the Knell 30 times a day or my body will collapse. I can use my free time for other things; the noise made by the technique can only be heard by myself so I can practice anywhere I want. Also, I don't think the others can find out what I'm doing."

It was nearly impossible for a normal wizard in the main world to recognize a secret technique a secret technique from the Nightmare Realm. With the help of the Sound of the Knell, Angele's mentality was increasing every day and it had reached 200.

The only thing he needed was time—it would take him around two hours every day to practice the Sound of the Knell and it was not a problem to him.

'The main problem with the incident is the mysterious tomb. Maybe it's actually related to the Chaos Realm.' Angele had experienced the Nightmare Realm, Oblivion Realm, and the Fairy Realm. However, the information of the Chaos Realm he had was acquired from the books.

'The realms are unstable right now and it's possible for the Chaos Realm to contact the wizard world. I shall go to the tomb and take a look by myself.'

If Angele was lucky, he could get his hands on the bloodlines of the creatures in the Chaos Realm and they might aid him greatly.

That was Angele's true intention.

'The leader will be Masha this time, a rank 4 wizard of the academic tower, and there'll be several rank 3 wizards. Also, the tracking spell masters… Although no one has the Legacy Magic Circle here, it's still a strong force, and they can solve most of the problem.'

Although Angele's mentality increased greatly, it was still lower than the mentality a rank 4 wizard had. In other words, with the increased mentality and stage 4 Molten Core River, he could survive longer in a fight against a rank 4 wizard.

However, if he could activate the true form, with the help of the Legacy Magic Circle set, Angele would be able to win a fight against a rank 4 wizard who had not reached his full potential.

The Sound of the Knell would not only strengthen his physical body, it would also improve his true form, especially the magic resistance.

Sadly, Angele could not activate the true form in the main world.

The Wizard World Chapter 419

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