The Wizard World Chapter 423

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Chapter 423: Unexpected (2)

It seemed like the mummy feared the red light, he blocked it using the axe. However, the stone golem, earth golem, and the ice elemental were still attacking him constantly and he could barely hold the axe steadily.

White smoke rose from the mummy's hardened skin as the red light illuminated his body. The mummy was slowly ignited and started burning.

The mummy struggled in the red flame and charged to the man.


The mummy exploded and turned into black mist, extinguishing the red light ball.

The tall man was blown away by the impact, he coughed several times and spat out some blood. He struggled and stood up and the golems disappeared as he waved his right hand. The ice elemental was left there as a bodyguard.

The man quickly walked to the location where the mummy exploded, he searched carefully and found a black key on the ground.

"Ha… Finally… Finally! I spent all those years just for this moment…" The man held the key in hand and chuckled, but it sounded like he was a bit depressed.

"You're right. Finally, I spent days stalking you… It was an unpleasant experience…" A high-pitched voice echoed in the hole; Angele was not sure if it was a man or a woman.

Angele noticed that the black shadow jumped out of the darkness and landed on the altar with black smoke around his body. The black shadow was glaring at the tall man.

"Mura, hand over the key. You activated the Red Lotus Pedant and I doubt there's anything you can do right now." The man took off the black robe, revealing a perfect face, large breasts, long legs, and slim waist. It was a woman that was extremely attractive.

The woman had a pretty face and a perfectly balanced body. It almost felt like she did not belong to this world.

"It's you…" Mura raised his head, he looked young with his pale face. However, part of his hair was already white, and he was probably much

older than he looked.

"Yeah, I'm injured and I've activated the Red Lotus Pedant, but do you really think you can kill me?" Mura was calm and confident. "I knew that someone was following after me, but I didn't expect to see you here. Are you going after the secret treasure of the Destruction Eye?

The woman pursed her lips into a cold smile. "Of course, that's the only thing I want. It's late in the night, just hand over the key…" The smile disappeared from her face before she could finish the sentence.

She noticed that Mura took out another red crystal pendant.

"Seriously? Another one? You'll die if you activate it one more time!"

A bitter smile appeared on Mura's face. "It's my family's destiny. For generations, we've been pursuing the truth of the secret. I won't complain if I lose my life here."

It seemed like the woman was worried about the second red pendant Mura had and she decided to negotiate.

"Mura, don't you want to know how my sister is doing now? She was severely injured because of you!"

"That's why I tried so hard to find this key! The Life Root in the treasure trove will save Alicia's life and that's all I want!" Mura spoke in a serious tone.

"You're… serious about this?" The woman's expression loosened after hearing the word.

"Of course."

The woman stared at Mura in the eyes for several minutes and nodded slowly. "Alright, we shall open the treasure trove together. You can take the Life Root and I'll take the rest, what do you say?"

"Sure, Life Root is the only thing I need anyways." Mura nodded slightly. "Nothing matters if I can't wake Alicia up."

The woman stopped for a second, looked at Mura, and sighed deeply. "Alicia was sent to you as a spy… I have no idea how she fell in love with you… Let's move…"

Mura nodded, turned around, and walked to the wall behind the altar.

The woman followed after Mura, she was several meters behind

behind him, and they stood in front of the wall together.

Mura carefully pressed the key on the wall, he did not insert it into any keyhole.


The key slowly sank into the wall.

Suddenly, the woman raised her right hand and tried to grab the key.


Red light and black light exploded, the key was blown into the air. It rotated and hit the wall, flying to the other side of the hall.

"Aria!" Mura roared in the eye-blinding light, he was enraged.

"Ha, do you really think I'll trust you?" Aria sneered.

The key was still in the air and they charged to the key at the same time.

At that moment, Angele suddenly jumped forward and went after the key.


Angele grabbed the key and held it in hand.

"Thanks for the gift; the treasure of the Destruction Eye, huh? It sure sounds like something that everyone will go after." Angele smiled.

He looked at Mura and Aria, however, the two had strange expressions on their faces. It felt like they were staring at a horrifying monster.

"You…" Angele's waist was hit before he could finish the sentence. He dropped the key and was blown away by the impact. He stopped after his forehead landed on the stone wall.


Broken pieces of stones and dust splashed in the air.

The key rotated in the air and landed in a translucent man that had a blue body.

It was a translucent knight on the back of an armored horse that took the key.

The knight was wearing high-quality armor and the horse he was riding was also blue.

Strangely, the knight had no head and there was nothing over his neck. He held the rein in hand and there was white smoke spurting out of the horse's nose.

"Specter Knight Carmen…" Aria recognized the stranger.

"The key is mine now…" The knight had no mouth but could still speak. "The Destruction Eye is from the Oblivion Realm and it's a treasure that should only be taken by the undead."

The knight gripped the key and he noticed

he noticed something was off. "Wait! This is a fake key!" he shouted.

"You! Hand over the key!" he roared at Mura.

"Carmen, when will learn to think? Use your brain…" A twisted shadow appeared by the spider web and turned into a slim man that was covered with darkness.

The man's eyes were covered with a light green glow and the rest of his body was completely dark. He looked like a human-shaped playdough ball.

The specter knight stared at the shadow and shouted again, "Saruto!"

"Shadow Lich Saruto…" Aria's face turned pale. "Did you follow us here?"

The lich named Saruto chuckled. "Of course, without the guardians, how can we find this place? Alright, hand over the real key."

Mura was pressured by the two strong opponents' mentality waves. His face turned even paler as his body was weak. "There's only one real key, but there are three of you, whom should I hand the key over to?"

"We're not going to fall for your trap." The lich laughed. "Also, you, over there, do you really think you can fool me?" He looked at the broken wall on the other side.


A man stood up from a pile of broken stone pieces. His black robe was broken but his long red hair was eye-catching. The man's face was blurred by some strange mist. It was Angele who was blown away by the specter knight's strike.

"I thought you forgot about me. Alright then." It seemed like Angele was not injured at all. "You'll pay for what you have done." He stared at the specter knight.

Angele's attack damage was relatively low, but with the buff from the true form, his attributes were greatly increased even in the main world. During the competition held by the Dark Wizard Tower, he won the fight against a rank 4 wizard with the concept gear. Also, Angele's attributes were increased again by practicing the Sound of the Knell. He was confident that he could at least survive an intense battle against strong opponents.

Angele against strong opponents.

Angele was probably stronger than a top rank 3 wizard but slightly weaker than a rank 4 wizard if everything was taken into consideration.

Also, the specter knight and the Shadow Lich were both weaker than a rank 4 wizard. Although they looked strong, Angele was certain that he had a chance to win. There were not many rank 4 wizards after all.

Angele wanted to make them think that he was severely injured so he could just wait for the battle to end.

Mura took out another black key and held it in hand. A mocking smile appeared on his face. "Well, again, whom should I hand the key over to?"

"Hand it to me and I guarantee that I'll let you live!" the specter knight spoke the first.

Shadow Lich chuckled again. "I'll kill you if you don't give me the key."

Angele glared at the two and pursed his lips into a smile. "Don't mind me. I was just passing by. I suggest that we open the treasure trove and share the treasure. We don't even know what's in the trove and there's no point for us to fight."

Aria stood beside Mura, they had already decided to work together. They were rank 3 wizards, but they had no chance against three strong opponents that were all close to rank 4 wizards.

When a wizard was one rank above another, the difference in power would be huge, and it was nearly impossible for a weak wizard to even cast a spell when he was pressured by the mentality wave of a strong wizard. The only way for him to fight back was by ambushing or casting top-level secret spells.

In a one-versus-one situation, a wizard with elemental mentality wave could easily kill a wizard that was one rank below him.

Wizards at rank 3 would spend years trying to progress if they had lower talent levels.

The only problem was that Mura and Aria probably had final resort-kind of trump cards to use during a life-threatening situation.

The Wizard World Chapter 423

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