The Wizard World Chapter 448

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"Thank you for your help."

Angele bowed to the dead dragon, turned around, and disappeared into red flames.

A ball of red flame appeared outside the cave, turning into Angele's body.

"I finally have the information on the dragon breath in hand. I didn't expect it to be a strange bioenergy with its own will… The dragon breath from a dead eye-gouging dragon will be strengthened and there are only two twos to deal with it. The dragon is dead so the first method won't work, which means…"

Angele muttered as he slowly walked down the hill.

The dragon that released the dragon breath had already died, if he wanted to deal with the frost damage, he would have to deal with the dragon's will that was sealed in the dragon breath.

Eye-gouging dragons had different wills, so the only way for an eye-gouging dragon to deal with the dragon breath that was released by another eye-gouging dragon was to fight it with a stronger will. However, the dragon Angele met was too old to do that.

'That's why the dragon told me that he was too weak to help me…'

Angele stood at the entrance of the black mountain and turned his head around. He noticed that the mountain looked like a dragon that was lying on its stomach.


The whole mountain started collapsing with a loud noise.

'Wait… Don't tell me this mountain is the dragon's body…' Angele recalled the information on the eye-gouging dragon. The dragon's body had the size of a city.

The black mountain turned into a large pile of black ash within minutes; the dust splashed in the air, and it looked like a large ball of boiling black mist.


Lightning flashed in the air and brightened up the area. Angele could see that the black mountain had turned into a small hill that was made of black ash.

Angele watched the mountain collapse and turned around after all the ashes dropped to the ground. He started walking back the way he came. All the boiling mist was blocked by his energy barrier.

He stopped by the black tree after about half an hour, and slashed forward lightly.


A golden scar was left in the air and started expanding immediately—it turned into an eye-shaped golden crack that could barely fit one person.

Angele suddenly stopped before he stepped into the portal, he crouched and grabbed some black ashes.

"It's the same ash as I found in the cave… Ah…" He realized that all the ashes on the plain were from the old dragon's decaying body.

Angele stepped into the golden crack as he dropped the ashes.

Golden light flashed in front of Angele's eyes and he could hear some strange noise echoing in his ears. After about ten seconds, the golden light disappeared from his eyes and was replaced by a dark hall.

On the dark red altar, Angele shook his head as he was a bit dizzy and his face was slightly pale.

'Well, this is totally different from the method I used to enter the Nightmare Realm, it feels like I'm about to vomit even though I have high attributes…' Angele pressed on his chest and he felt much better after a green light flashed on his palm.

Glancing around, Angele noticed the hall was deadly silent and the dark red lava already solidified. There was still some white smoke rising from the cracks and a burnt smell permeated the air.

Angele walked down the altar and stopped in front of the three coffins. He lined up the coffins by the wall before the teleportation.

He waved his hand and the lids of the coffins dropped to the ground without making any noises.

Angele walked to the first coffin and muttered, "Vampire…"

The dead body of a female vampire was lying inside.

He rubbed the left cheek of the girl's face. It was soft but cold.

Angele opened the girl's mouth and checked her teeth. He noticed that the girl had two extremely sharp teeth.

He lowered his body and checked the sharp teeth, they looked like two needles that were used for injection.

'So, they're like syringes, I suppose?' Angele thought as he widened the girl's mouth, he reached into the mouth with a finger and started rubbing the sharp teeth.

Seconds later, Angele found a soft tube that was attached to the surface of the teeth. The tube was slim and had the size of a hair.

Angele pressed the tube slightly and some sticky liquid was released from the tube. He moved his hand out of the girl's mouth and there was some pink liquid on the tip of his finger.

He sniffed at his finger, the fragrance of the liquid smelled like it was made of musk.

'I heard that when a vampire is sucking blood from his target, the target will experience some extreme s.e.xual pleasure… That might be caused by this liquid. It's pink and no one will notice if it's mixed in blood. I can probably use it since it's a type of biological poison…' Angele took out an empty glass tube using the other hand and carefully collected the liquid.

Several minutes later, Angele collected all the liquid from the dead vampires and returned the glass tubes to his pouch.

Angele returned to the first vampire and drew the short scimitar from his belt, staring at the dead vampire.

'The main purpose of extracting blood from other creatures is to refine their bodies. First, I need to see how the blood is cycled by the vampires.'

Angele carefully took off the girl's black one-piece, revealing her clean and smooth skin.

Her average-sized breasts were exposed to the air.

Angele stayed calm and slashed through the center of the girl's chest.

A slim wound was left by the tip of the blade and pink blood spurted out of it quickly.

Blue light dots flashed in front of Angele's eyes as the blood spread on her chest.

'Create a task and name it as the Secret of Vampire. Analyze the vampire blood and genes for me,' he ordered.

Zero reported back immediately, 'Task created… target: young vampire… material collected: blood…'

A blue hologram appeared in Angele's sight—in the center of the hologram, there was a three-dimensional model of the vampire girl. The model was spinning slowly.

In the center of the translucent model, Angele noticed that there was a glowing red core that was bright like a light bulb.

"The location is correct, right above the core of the vampire…" Angele nodded and lowered his scimitar, clapping his hands.



A red energy wave was released by Angele and spread to the cave. The stinky smell in the air was getting more and more intense.

'Air purification completed. The air is now 95% cleaner than normal.' Zero's voice echoed again.

Angele nodded with a satisfied look on his face. He raised the scimitar and slowly cut the vampire girl's stomach open.


A red string was left on the girl's clean skin.

Angele quickly created a translucent force field using his palm, stopping the blood from spurting out of the girl's body.

The dead vampire was cut open from the chest to the stomach and all the blood that was about to spurt out was stopped before it left the veins. The translucent force field was necessary for the operation.

The clean skin and the red flesh contrasted each other, the scene was cruel but beautiful.

Blue light dots flashed in front of Angele's eyes again as he scanned the girl's abdominal cavity.

'Her digestive system is weaker than average creatures. I assume vampires feed on blood and they don't need too much solid food…'

He then removed the girl's skirt.

'An incomplete reproductive system… So, they don't reproduce through s.e.xual intercourse. Interesting, her lung is somehow connected to her skin by countless tiny veins, which means, she might not need the nose to breathe…'

Angele slashed the vampire girl's body many times using the scimitar and took out some of her organs.

He already created a lab table using the energy particles and lined up the organs on it carefully. No blood was spilled onto the table.

After about ten minutes, Angele slowly grabbed the dark-red core in the girl's chest.

The red core looked like a walnut that was connected to countless veins.

He grabbed the core and pulled it out of the girl's chest without any problems.

'The Heart Core, this is the secret of the vampire. The vampire's organs do similar things as the organs of other creatures, which means, the core is the most important part, and about the evolution…' Angele held the core in hand and narrowed his eyes.

'Unknown gene structure detected, recording the data…' Zero's reported with its mechanical voice.


Suddenly, the core started screaming—the voice was the same as the vampire girl. The sound was so loud that Angele almost dropped the core to the ground.

"Yuliaiers! Imprison!" Angele chanted the incantation and tapped on the core quickly.

The scream disappeared, he noticed that all the organs on the table and the girl's body turned into black ashes, disappearing into the air.

The vampire girl's face slowly appeared on the surface of the red core.

"I'll curse you! Moron!" The girl's high-pitched voice was getting weaker and weaker.

A smile appeared on Angele's face.

"I heard that the vampires will be reborn as long as their cores are still alive… I finally found the secret after your body turned into black ashes… I can recreate your body and throw you to a minotaur's tribe. You know what they will do to you, right?"

Angele pursed his lips and looked at the core.

"As long as you're imprisoned in the core, you can't even suicide…"

"No!" Fear was written all over the vampire girl's face. "You… You're a devil!"

The Wizard World Chapter 448

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