The Wizard World Chapter 469

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The human beings in the harbor were not alerted by the spider webs at all, it seemed like they did not see anything.

Angele saw the large spider web behind Spider spinning in the air. It looked like a huge rune circle that was releasing countless white strings.

"See, there is no hope left for this realm…" Spider's word echoed in the air. "They no longer believe in the mysterious power and have no idea what we are doing here. I didn't expect the Void Realm to be so weak after ten thousand years…"

Angele remained silent for a second and said, "Which means, even if we're not invisible, they won't be able to see us?"

"You're right, we're at a completely different level. Without the special techniques, it's impossible for them to detect us, and they probably can't see what we're doing here." It seemed like Spider had no sympathy for mortals.

Angele sighed and slowly flew to the harbor.

The black harbor was getting closer and closer. There was a curved balcony on the left above the river. A man and a woman in tight silver suits were drinking of green liquid while having a conversation.

Angele slowly landed on the balcony and stood beside the two; however, they did not notice his presence at all.

He observed the two human beings. The man was handsome and the woman was beautiful; however, they looked a bit strange.

Blue light flashed in front of Angele's eyes, he scanned the two's bodies and understood the reason.

The two somehow modified their appearance—their true appearances were just average after Angele recreated their original bodies using the biochip.

He stood there and listened to the two's conversation. Angele collected a lot of data and asked Zero to a.n.a.lyze the language.

After about half an hour, they stopped talking and started making out on the balcony.

Angele had already collected a lot of information and quickly left the balcony.

"Cough!" Suddenly, the woman started coughing.

"What happened, babe?" The man started coughing as well after finis.h.i.+ng speaking.

*Cough Cough*

Angele floated in the air. He could hear the people from the harbor coughing. He noticed that the white strings created by Spider were releasing thin white smoke. The mortals all started coughing after absorbing the smoke that was invisible to them.

He realized that Spider was trying to execute her plan.

Angele raised his head.

The whole sky was white and Spider was in the center of the large spider web. She looked down, still releasing white strings. The strings were moving to the harbor.

"What a wonderful realm…" Spider chuckled, more and more people started coughing in the harbor.


Minutes later, an intense alarm echoed above the harbor.

"Cough… Cough… A quick announcement! This is urgent! A plague is spreading in the harbor. All people who are infected should go to the plague control center and get treated as soon as possible."

The voice sounded familiar.

Angele flew to the buildings and landed on the ground.

The surface of the cliff was smooth and covered with a metallic white substance. People were quickly moving to a large building that was built on top of a hill.

People were moving on a pathway with handles on the side. There were couples with children, women, men, and individuals that were carrying suitcases.

The outfits they were wearing looked identical to the outfits people were wearing in the 20th century on Earth. Some were wearing black suits and some were wearing dresses. They covered their mouths with either hands or white masks.

"Cough…" Angele started coughing as well, however, that was from the frost damage of the dragon breath.

The mortals of the Void Realm were just living their lives, but their lives were being taken away by Spider's poisonous gas.

Angele watched the people moving to the plague control center and started thinking. He knew that the lords did not care about the people of other realms, but the scene was still terrifying.

The Soul River Realm had the power to fight back and it felt like a normal war to Angele; however, this time, Spider was just slaughtering the mortals that had no way to fight back.

"It's a serious plague I think, even the n.o.bles are infected. Maybe there's a problem with the air?" Angele heard people talking.

"What about the normal residential areas?"

"Bad, very bad. I think something is going on, maybe the n.o.bles are doing some weird experiments."

"Don't worry, Brother. I've already informed our parents. They'll come and pick us up soon."

"What are the workers in the plague control center doing? All they do is eat and drink!"

With the help of the chip, Angele could easily understand what the residents of the Void Realm were talking about.

'So, the n.o.bles and the normal citizens are living in different areas.' Angele flew into the air and blue light dots flashed in front of his eyes. He noticed that the buildings on the other side of the river looked older than the buildings on this side.


A man suddenly groaned.

Angele turned around. He saw a middle-aged chubby man in a black suit kneel and hold his neck tight. His face turned purple and blood was spurting out of his mouth.

His back was connected to a white string, which was pulling a translucent shadow out of his body.

The translucent shadow looked like a human being that was being pulled to the sky.

The people around the man started screaming. They all stayed several meters away from the dead body and the situation was getting worse.

"It begins…" Angele muttered as he disappeared into a ball of flames.

The harbor turned into a mess. The white strings were dragging the screaming souls to the sky—they landed on the spider web and slowly disappeared.

"Master Star Riders! A serious plague is spreading in the harbor on the north of Northland! Please report the situation to the empire plague control center immediately! We need help… Cough…" The voice started coughing as well.

A knight in black armor left one of the balconies above the river. He tapped on his left shoulder, and a humongous void beast appeared below him.

"Ordo!" the knight shouted and did a hand gesture.

"You go north and I'll take care of south!" A man in red armor nodded and flew into the sky, he was riding a red horse-shaped void beast.

The two finished communicating and the bottom halves of their bodies merged into the void beasts. They turned into two stars and flew into two opposite directions.

Angele appeared in the sky again and watched the two Star Riders leave. He remained silent.

Countless translucent souls left the mortals' bodies and flew to the large spider web. The scene was terrifying and beautiful at the same time.

Fewer people were screaming after many of them were killed. The smell of blood permeated the air.

A soul was flying to the web in front of Angele. 

It was a child that was about ten years old. The child's soul was struggling in pain. Also, the soul had nothing attached to his waist.

Angele hesitated and reached to the child's arm. It felt like touching a bowl of warm water.


The soul was absorbed into Angele's finger like a ball of smoke that had no volume.

The white string detached from the child's soul. It seemed like Spider did not care at all.

Angele did not expect something like this to happen. He stopped in the air and could feel something warm entering his body. Zero informed him that his mentality was increasing and his other attributes also increased. He just consumed a soul, his mentality and stamina were increased by 0.5.

The blue souls were pa.s.sing by his body and they looked like blue raindrops that were flying in the sky.

'How cruel… but that's how it is… The weak ones stand no chance against the strong beings…' Angele sighed and started flying again.

He had no intention to consume the souls that were from the innocent mortals, but Angele decided not to interrupt the process. He wanted to go to the Eye Tower of Doomsday so he could absorb the negative emotions and create the five emotion beads.

The negative emotions in the air turned into light black smoke and part of it was absorbed by Angele, the rest of the smoke just disappeared into the air.

Angele realized that the number of negative emotions he could absorb at one time was limited, but the woman in black could absorb as much as she wanted. 80% of the negative emotions he absorbed was just impurities and he decided not to absorb any unpurified negative emotions.

He stopped by Spider.

"I'll head back now. You can take care of the rest, right?"

"Why don't you consume more souls so you'll recover faster?" Spider sounded surprised.

"There are too many impurities in those souls. I'll go to the Eye Tower of Doomsday. Those souls will be delivered there anyways," Angele responded.

"What? You want to take some of the souls away from Eye Devil?" Spider finished the sentence and noticed that there was a serious expression on Angele's face so she did not say anything else.

"I'll be leaving now." Angele turned into a ball of flames, pa.s.sing through the spider web and disappearing into the translucent fissure.

The Wizard World Chapter 469

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