The Wizard World Chapter 471

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There were dozens of red dots approaching—they landed on top of the ice lance slowly. The red dots were owls with black robes on their backs.

There were also couple warriors in white armors on the owls' backs.

The two old men stepped forward quickly.

"Urartian, Dandy, it has been a while." A bald man chuckled and walked down the ice staircase. The others were also jumping off the backs of the large owls.

Behind the bald man were Vivian and a middle-aged man with a pale face. Other members followed after the three, including the warriors.

The two old men walked to the bald man and hugged him. "First Elder, we accomplished our mission and we've captured Ys Reagan."

"Huh? He's the one that betrayed us for an enemy, right? How should we deal with him?" the First Elder spoke in a serious tone. "They were going after Green, right, Vivian?" He turned his head around and looked at Vivian.

"That's correct, but I have no idea how Green got in the trouble." Vivian's brow furrowed. "There might be some misunderstanding."

"What do you think? Fifth Elder?" First Elder looked at the middle-aged man who hadn't said anything yet.

The man responded calmly, "Anyway, Elder Vivian contributed the most during the war." He did not say anything else.

The elders decided to change the topic and they started talking about the situation in the central continent.

They started walking down the stairs as they talked.

Vivian was in the front and she waved at Angele.

Angele carefully moved through the crowd and walked to Vivian.

"Vice Department Head, I heard that you had not worked in the Mermaid's Song in a while." Vivian's brow furrowed. "Don't worry too much about the past. Everything can be solved."

Angele noticed that Vivian was implying something, it was possible that Vivian found out about some of his secrets. He listened to her words and nodded.

Vivian still had her clean and smooth skin with long blonde hair trailing over her shoulders, reflecting the sunlight. She still looked beautiful even when she was narrowing her attractive sharp eyes in a furrow.

Vivian was surrounded by a cold aura; she dressed just as Henn, and they both looked like mysterious beauties. However, Henn was like a siren, while Vivian was just cold to people who were not related to her.

Angele followed after Vivian, they talked about their recent experiences and some important events.

There was already a large airs.h.i.+p that looked like a brown boat waiting by the coast when they walked to the lake.

They entered the airs.h.i.+p one by one and started to have conversations with their old friends. The atmosphere was light and happy.

Vivian and Angele walked to the railing as the airs.h.i.+p sailed. They put their hands on the railing and looked at the egg-shaped lake.

"How's your progression with the Molten Core River?" Vivian wondered.

"It's… going well…" Angele was not sure how he should respond.

Angele had not practiced the Molten Core River in a while, he spent most of his time on the Book of Fear. The main world was far away from the Nightmare Realm, so the realm difference was extremely strong. There was no way that his true power could be utilized in the main world.

Although his mentality was approaching 500, in the wizard world, his mentality was still relatively low.

"Cough…" Angele started coughing again.

"What happened?" Vivian noticed the changes immediately and put her hand on Angele's forehead. Something warm entered Angele's body right away.

"What's this?" She was surprised. "Dragon breath…? Were you attacked by a dragon?"

There was a bitter smile on Angele's face. "I found a ghost knight when exploring the tomb. He exploded and I was caught in the dragon breath for some reason. No worries. I can handle it myself."

"I'm not familiar with the dragons, but I have an old friend who might be able to help. I'll take you to him." Vivian lowered her voice.

"It's alright, I can handle it. There's not much frost damage left." Angele was a bit speechless, the eye-gouging dragon failed to cure his wound, and he was certain that Vivian's friend would not be able to help him as well. "We should keep it as a secret."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, I'm sure."

They stood by the railing. Vivian was slightly shorter than Angele. She raised her head and looked at the young man.

"I know that you're hiding something from me. Just let me know when you need help. I'm worried." She rubbed Angele's cheeks.

"I understand." Angele nodded. He could see that Vivian was tired after the war. Also, it seemed like Vivian was worried about the future of this land—Angele could see the confusion in her eyes.

"Don't worry. I'll be with you." He reached to Vivian and grabbed her hands.

"Thanks," Vivian responded, she sounded happy. "It's great that you're thinking about me. Just don't make too much trouble, the chaos is coming…"

"Well, I'm not a kid anymore…" Angele shrugged and an innocent look appeared on his face.

"I'm a rank 3 wizard now."

"Yeah, yeah… You're a rank 3 wizard now…" Vivian chuckled. She turned her head to the side and looked at the snow mountains.

Vivian knew that rank 3 was the highest rank Angele could reach with his talent level. She realized that a long time ago.

Vivian was an elder and she could easily check a rank 3 wizard's life energy force field and see if he could become a rank 4 wizard. She noticed that Angele reached rank 3 when they chatted through the telescope.

The energy particles she released into Angele's body confirmed her thoughts. Vivian knew that Angele did not have the talent to become a rank 4 wizard, but she was surprised by the dark energy in Angele's body. Also, it seemed like that the dark energy could not be removed from Angele's life energy force field.

'It's fine, I'll protect my son.' Vivian looked at Angele and made the decision. 'I'll make sure that he can live a happy life… Also, he still has the chance to reproduce.' A bitter smile appeared on Vivian's face as she thought. She knew that the members of Fenrir Family all had problems with reproduction. Wizards in the Elemental Hand and the Tarry River all heard about the rumors. That was the main reason why Vivian only had one child after all those years.

The wind was getting stronger and stronger. Vivian's long hair was flying in the air and it looked like golden waves.

Angele held Vivian's hands tight.

It had been four years and all the world stone altars were prepared. The realm war would start in 13 days and the Dark Wizard Tower's army was prepared. They were ready to enter the wizard world.

Angele collected a lot of information using the purple ring. Dark Wizard Tower's main targets were the areas with large numbers of wizards.

The strong wizards of the Dark Wizard Tower were about to build 15 chaos holes so the prophets would no longer work. They only needed to wait for the war to start.

No one would know what the outcome of the war would be.

In the Nightmare Realm, Angele spent four years absorbing the negative emotions that were purified by the woman and he successfully created five masked men who could block five fatal strikes for him. That was the reason why Vivian detected the dark energy in his life energy force field.

He also created three of the five emotion beads. The most important bead was the bead of fear. It was the core of the five beads. With the Black Death Ritual, he was getting closer and closer to the refined true form.

His power level was slowly increasing in the wizard world but with the Dark Wizard Tower, Angele could still protect Vivian during the war.

"Don't worry, I'll protect you when the chaos comes." Angele smiled.

Vivian nodded. "I know." She thought Angele was just trying to make her feel better, but she was still happy.

"Ah, right, take this." She suddenly remembered something and handed a small box over to Angele.

Angele grabbed the box and looked at it. It was a box made of green jade the size of a palm. It looked like a box for accessories.

"It's a rare item someone gifted me. I don't need it, so I'll just give it to you." Vivian smiled. "Alright, I'll have some rest. Wake me up when we arrive at the council."

"Sure." Angele nodded and watched Vivian walk to the cabin. He slowly opened the box.


The box opened and made some crisp noise.

The box was filled up with brown mud and there was a ball of green gra.s.s in the center. It looked like some random gra.s.s from the roadside.

It seemed like the gra.s.s knew that Angele was looking at it.

The gra.s.s ball twisted and started transforming. It looked like a green furry monster.

The gra.s.s ball slowly turned into a human-shaped living being that was made of gra.s.s. The gra.s.s man straightened its back and looked at Angele.

'Wait… This is!' Angele was surprised.

The Origin Gra.s.s, it could block a fatal attack for its owner just like the masked men. Also, the Origin Gra.s.s could teleport its owner somewhere far from the original location, but that could only be activated once.

It was nearly impossible for a rank 4 wizard to acquire a rare item like this. The chance was the same as a mortal surviving an attack from a soul form.

No one would gift Vivian something like this unless someone was obsessed with her. It was a lie. The owner of the Origin Gra.s.s needed to feed it with his own mentality and blood. Vivian probably spent a lot of mentality and blood on it since it was a large Origin Gra.s.s.

Origin Gra.s.s would only recognize its owner and the related inheritors through the owner's bloodline.

It had to be one of Vivian's final resorts. She wanted to make sure that Angele could survive the incoming chaos and decided to give it to the only one she loved.

The Wizard World Chapter 471

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