The Wolf Husband and Green Plum Wife Chapter 21

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Say bye bye to the toddler An Jia Qi. She is not toddler anymore but growing up as girl who living without worries and also carefree under her Mo Mo Ge Ge protection. In this chapter An Jia Qi Junior High School life is started, do you feel excited to know her Junior High School life together with her friends? Of Course Mo Mo Ge Ge…

Chapter 21 Part 1 (One) Viruses Outbreak, Isolated Is Must

After An Jia Qi went through tirelessly efforts, she finally got the recommendation school admission from Shi Yi Xiao. Just at the time when she looked so joyful, suddenly SARS Virus outbreak in the entire of China, included B city. All university basically stopped the studying activity, not only school is closed, even her house alley also being pulled warning yellow line.

Within this period, all the people included her neighborhood as if being isolated from the outside world, They should have used masker when talking, every day must be disinfection for eight times, and even should drink kind of the bitter soup which distributed by the government.

Every day their living from watching television, computer and then television and then etc…..

The school in order to prevent the students missed out their studies, at the first day when going to school to make report, the students are given very thick books, papers and exercise books. Moreover they were also instructed the students, every day at nine o'clock in the morning should have watched the teaching program which had set before.

Hence An Jia Qi with Su Zhan Mo supervision, everyday she was so obediently sitting in front of the television to watch the education program, and then she did all the papers and also the exercise books, it was harder compare to when she still studied at school.

"Mo Ge, don't you need to study by listening to the television?" An Jia Qi biting the pencil cap, turned her head and looked at Su Zhan Mo who was reading a book beside her.

"No need. I have understood all." Su Zhan Mo understatement his words, it angered An Jia Qi to the point she gritting her teeth. Is this what they called as the difference between genius with ordinary person?

An Jia Qi continued to do her papers, but not long after that, An Jia Qi stopped writing.

"Mo Ge, I am hungry, I wanted to eat something."

"Haven’t you just eaten before?"

"I am hungry again…."

Su Zhan Mo looked at An Jia Qi who was acting sluggishly, helplessly he shaking his head, he handed over the shrimp beside to An Jia Qi.

"Mo Ge, I am thirsty, I want to drink."

"Didn't you just drink before?"

"But thirsty again…"

Su Zhan Mo glared at An Jia Qi who trying to idle, his face darken, stood up and then pour a glass of water for An Jia Qi.

"Mo Ge…."

"Are you hungry or thirsty again?"

An Jia Qi saw Su Zhan Mo facial expression was little bit not good, hurried stretched out her tongue, making a wry face.

"I want to go to toilet, just now drinking too much water."

After said, without waiting for Su Zhan Mo to speak more, she has already stood up and then dashed out.

Su Zhan Mo kept on looking at An Jia Qi back, he only helplessly heaved a sigh.

It was really not easy to let An Jia Qi to finish her math exercise, by then, time has been already at the afternoon.

Because all the parents were going to work, so that in the court yard only left Su Zhan Mo and An Jia Qi these twos.

"Qi Qi, what do you want to eat for lunch?"

"Fried rice."


An Jia Qi climbed to Su Zhan Mo's bed, having fun by watching the journey of the west which broadcast by the television, her pair of feet was put on Su Zhan Mo's blanket, rolled and messed the bed.

At the moment when Su Zhan Mo served plate of fried rice and went to inside the room, his flat eyebrows gradually raised, gritting his teeth said: "An Jia Qi, you sit properly…."

But An Jia Qi didn't care what Su Zhan Mo said to her not even a bit, so soon she has caught by the smell of the fried rice.

"Mo Ge, how can you cook it so fast? Smell good ah…."

Su Zhan Mo helplessly alike worm meat moved to the chair beside the bed where An Jia Qi was. His hand moved and tidying his bed which messed up by An Jia Qi.

He tidying up while gritting his teeth: "Did you also do same thing whenever went to Xiao Hu's place?"

"No ah, Xiao Hu bed is more mess than mine, I would not sit on his bed, too mess up."

Su Zhan Mo only could feel a crow flew above his head, really didn't know whether to cry or laugh.

After had lunch, An Jia Qi gradually felt sleepy, not long after she lying down on Su Zhan Mo's bed she has fallen asleep. Waiting after Su Zhan Mo done washing the dishes, walking inside, An Jia Qi has already hugged on Su Zhan Mo's rabbit toy which put at bed aside sleeping with her who has been immersing into a dreamland.

Regarding about this rabbit toy, it was one of An Jia Qi's toys before. There was one time An Jia Qi had angered Su Zhan Mo so much, he ignored her for many days, so that she took her most beloved toys and gave it to Su Zhan Mo as apologizing present.

The Wolf Husband and Green Plum Wife Chapter 21

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