The World Online Two Chapter 175 - Beihai City

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Chapter 175 - Beihai City

Translator: TeamTWO

Editor: Jun

Three days later, it was the 9th day of the 6th month, and Fallen Phoenix Town had successfully upgraded to Fallen Phoenix City, becoming the 3rd grade 1 city in the Chinese region.

On the 11th day of the 6th month, The moment Ouyang Shuo went online, a system notification sounded in his ear.

"System notification: Congratulations player Zhan Lang for becoming the 4th lord in china to upgrade to grade 1 city, rewarded 1600 merit points!"

"System notification: Congratulations player Zhan Lang for becoming the 4th lord in china..."

"System notification: Congratulations player Zhan Lang..."

As expected, Blood Red Town, which was supported by the military, had suddenly showed their strength and succeeded in upgrading.

Being provoked by Zhan Lang, Bai Hua couldn’t resist and decided to apply 3 days earlier, which meant that Fallen Phoenix Town would welcome the raider attack on the 6th month 13th day.

Which meant that Wang Yuanfeng, who had just returned from Fallen Phoenix City was sent to Consonance Town to help arrange and teach them how to use the bed crossbows.

The Four Seas Bank at Mulan Town had officially opened yesterday. Mu Lanyue directly borrowed 1000 gold in the name of Mulan Town to use to expand the military and build the city wall. The remaining 1000 gold was left for the various individuals in the town for their shops and workshops. 

On the same day, Beihai Town had reached the max population of 10 thousand people, and officially upgraded to Beihai City. The upgrading of affiliate villages didn't need to take the system test. As long as they met the requirements, they could automatically upgrade. 

After Beihai City’s upgrade, Ouyang Shuo imemedately appointed Gu Xiuwen as the Beihai City county magistrate . At the same time, he ordered that his administrative level would be equal to the directors of the main camp.

Before the upgrade, the various heads of the affiliate villages didn't have titles, what they were called weren't fixed, and their administrative powers also weren't confirmed.

Using the chance, Ouyang Shuo shaped the management of the affiliate territories, while also letting go of some authority. The various directors and the county magistrates of the grade 1 counties were all under the direct charge of the lord.  The lord would not interfere in the country magistrate's affiliate territory, and he would report everything to the Administration Department in the main camp.

The administrative powers of the affiliate territories were one level lower than that of the main camp. This meant that the 4 directors of the affiliate counties would be equal to the secretary of the main camp, and their secretaries would be similar to Shanhai’s vice secretaries. Their salaries would also be based on their administrative powers and not their position.  

At the same time, Ouyang Shuo also drew a clear line at their administration structure. The affiliate county didn't have a Military Affairs Department and only had a Combat Logistics Division; their bank was directly controlled by the main branch of Four Seas Bank; their Material Reserves Department didn't have a Saltpan Division. The Combat Logistics Division was drafted under the jurisdiction of the Material Reserves Department.

After Beihai county upgraded, the Beihai naval fleet expanded and officially build a third unit with Lihai as the 3rd major. At the same time, Ouyang Shuo sent Pei Donglai a letter to hold selections for the 4th unit. When the time came, he would immediately send the 4th unit.

Once the Beihai naval fleet had expanded to 4 units and a total of 2000 men, they would officially attack Yueer Island and Black Shark to pull out these poisonous teeth.

After finishing with Beihai County, Ouyang Shuo got up, left the office, and walked towards the backyard.

In it, Bing'er was playing with Blackfang.

The Blackfang today had already matured and he was strong and menacing. It had well developed muscles and strong bones. It was 75 centimetres tall and weighed 55 kilograms.

Its fur was very beautiful and high quality, glistening in the air. 

The black tooth puppy was smart and active. It would occasionally try to trick his owner, and treated old people and kids very nicely. The poor Blackfang was abandoned by Ouyang Shuo. The arrival of Bing'er was like giving him a new life. She really liked him and would bring him by her side and play with it, feeding it different types of good foods.

"Brother!" Seeing Ouyang Shuo, she spread her arms wide and ran towards him.

Ouyang Shuo picked her up and smiled. "Baby, are you bored?"

Bing'er shook her head and giggled. "No, Bing'er finds it more fun here than at school."

Ouyang Shuo thought to himself, Stupid brat, of course you aren't bored, the whole territory treats you as a princess and welcomes you everywhere. Gu Sanniang often invited her to the hotel and gave her many cakes. Qing'er had made over 10 sets of dresses for her.

Even in the wood workshop, the manager who owed Ouyang Shuo a big favor. Lu Guangzhi, hearing that she was only 8, dropped the work at hand to make her a wooden toy.

As it was already the 6th month and one month away from the summer holiday, so the federal government decided to have an early holiday. Hence, the schools in the game would only open next term which was the 1st day of the 9th month.

When Bing'er found out that she had a full 3 months to play, she was delighted.

"Baby, brother will bring you to ride horses, okay?" Ouyang Shuo felt guilty. For half a month, he had spent very little time with her. If it wasn't for the fact that she was mature, he wouldn't know what would’ve happened.

"Really?" Bing'er was delighted.

"Of course."

"Yay, riding horses!"

Ouyang Shuo placed her down, grabbed her hand, and walked towards the stables. The stables today had been moved to the Wuying courtyard.

Walking in, a group of soldiers were practicing in the square. They were the Guards selected, a total of 100 members.

Seeing Ouyang Shuo, they all stopped and bowed to him.

Ouyang Shuo waved them off and asked them to continue.

The captain of the Guards Wang Feng ran across and said, "Sire."

Ouyang Shuo nodded. "Wang Feng, I want to bring Bing'er out. Let someone bring out the horse."

"Yes sire!"

Ouyang Shuo turned around and walked to the lord's manor gate.

A while later, the stableman had brought Ouyang Shuo's Qingfu horse. Behind him were 4 Guard members who were also holding onto their Qingfu horses. They wore the Mingguang armor and were fully equipped.

Ouyang Shuo took the rope and used his eyes to give them a hint and ask what they were doing.

Their leader was smart and immediately said, "Sire, captain told us that when you go out we must follow you and protect you."

Ouyang Shuo nodded. Wang Feng was really caring. Ouyang Shuo didn't want to break his plan and casually said, "Then come along, but remember not to follow too closely." 

"Yes sire!"  

Ouyang Shuo turned around and carried Bing'er onto the horse. Following which, he got on and hugged her in front of him. Just when he wanted to leave, Blackfang ran out.

"Ya, little black, do you want to follow us?" This was what Bing'er called blackfang.

Blackfang actually accepted such a stupid name, totally not have the dignity and pride of a black wolf dog. It rushed towards Bing'er and barked twice, its back tail swinging incessantly.

Bing'er could actually understand it and turned to Ouyang Shuo. "Brother, let little black come with us!"

What else could he do but nod and agree?

Bing'er smiled happily and shouted, ",little black let's go!"

While in the city, Ouyang Shuo rode the horse slowly. On the way when the residents saw the lord bringing his sister out, they made way and also nodded to acknowledge him.

Ouyang Shuo nodded back and went out of the western gate and into the wilderness.

The second city wall was being built in the region near the western gate. Ouyang Shuo didn't disturb them, but instead went beyond the area and into the deep wilderness.

In front of him were empty plains where Ouyang Shuo started to let his horse gallop freely. Blackfang could actually keep up with the Qingfu horse’s speed, causing Ouyang Shuo to be amazed.

Bing'er sat on the horse and laid in his arms. As she saw the scenery pass by, she was elated. Her little mouth didn't stop as she talked and talked and talked.

A while later, Ouyang Shuo raised his head at the little mountain and froze. He had unknowingly actually made it to the Qingyang temple.    

Since it was such a coincidence, Ouyang Shuo decided to visit the temple and the temple’s presiding priest, Ge Yan.     

After getting off the horse, he carried Bing'er and passed the horse to the Guards. He walked up and knocked on the temple door.

With a click, the door opened, and a 12 to 13 year old boy bowed to Ouyang Shuo and asked, "Sir who are you? Why did you come to the temple?"

Before Ouyang Shuo could reply, the guard behind him said, "What impudence! This is the lord."

Ouyang Shuo stopped him. He obviously wouldn't blame a kid for not knowing as it was normal. "Little priest, where is Ge Yan?"

The little priest was originally very scared after being scolded. Only after seeing that the lord didn't blame him did he relax and said respectfully. "He's in the temple, please follow me."

Ouyang Shuo nodded and asked the Guards to wait outside. He held Bing'er's hand and followed behind. This was the first time Ouyang Shuo walked into the Qingyang temple. It had green stone floor, and there were green bricks, trees, and plants everywhere, giving off a simple and refreshing feeling. Ouyang Shuo nodded. This was certainly a good place for scripture cultivation.

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The World Online Two Chapter 175 - Beihai City

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