The World Online Two Chapter 440- The Way Out For The Song Family

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Chapter 440- The Way Out for the Song Family

Translator: ryangohsf
Editor: Nora

Not long after Song Jia left, Du Ruhui and the others hurried over to the main hall.



Ouyang Shuo provided a simple description of the iron armored beast valley situation to them.

All three of them were smart people, and they immediately understood why Ouyang Shuo called them over for a meeting. Especially the newly appointed animal husbandry director, Xia Houying. Excitement flashed in his eyes.

Xia Houying did not expect to meet such great news so soon after his appointment.

Ouyang Shuo passed Xia Houying the Iron Armored Beast Domestication Technical Manual and said solemnly, “The iron armored beast valley shall be under the jurisdiction of your department, so you must take good care of it."

"Don't worry, my Lord!"

To Xia Houying, this was a great chance to win the Lord’s trust. Even if Ouyang Shuo did not mention it, he still would have taken care of the matter beautifully.

Domesticating iron armored beasts was not going to be an easy matter—everyone knew this.

Although the iron armored beasts were mutated from rhinoceroses, they were not as calm or as gentle. Solely approaching them and making them accept humans would pose a huge problem.

Apart from that, what were their habits and preferences?

What do they eat? What do they not eat? What happens if they get sick? When does it give birth? The answer to such questions were recorded in the technical manual, but knowing it was one thing and handling it was another.

Take purely food as an example.

The iron armored beast was a herbivore. When it was in the wilderness, it would naturally eat everything. If humans were to feed it, they would have to specifically choose herbs and grasses. Purely in a knowledge sense, it was a really hard to obtain.

The breeding farm was one matter. What about when the beasts enter the army? What would happen to their food supply? This problem was another huge headache.

Domesticating the iron armored beast was not as straightforward as war horses. Even so, Xia Houying was very confident, solely because of his vast experience in horse breeding.

The two still had its similarities.

Apart from domesticating the iron armored beast, the Combat Logistics Department's role was to make armor for the beasts.

The iron armored beast was much rarer that the Qingfu Horses. Naturally, they had to be protected. Each death would result in a massive loss. Knives and swords had no eyes on the battlefield, which was why it was hard for mounts to survive.

Apart from protecting its stomach, joints, head and other important areas, the horn also had to be protected. If it was used well, their horns would form a killer weapon.

In this aspect, Ouyang Shuo had experience.

On the battlefield, if the horn struck someone, even if they did not die, they would still suffer heavy injuries.

Lastly, the selection of members, which was the hardest part.

As there were a limited number of iron armored beasts, the could only temporarily form a guard—three thousand men.

After all, the number of mountain barbarians were also limited.

From the mountain barbarian tribes living in the territory, they basically chose all of the elites. They were mainly gathered in the two heavy armored infantry regiments in the 3rd division of the Dragon Legion.

Ouyang Shuo naturally would not take them apart, so he could only search for new members. Unfortunately, with the establishment of Chiyou City, the mountain barbarians on top of hundred thousand mountains were basically swept clean.

The only way was to take down Chiyou City.

Luckily, the construction of the iron armored beast ranch, the breeding of the iron armored beasts, and the research and crafting of the armor all needed some time.

Especially the breeding of the iron armored beast, which would not take a short time.

Establishing the iron armored guards would not result in short term gain. They could not totally use up all the iron armored beasts in the valley, and they needed to wait until the number of beasts reached a certain scale.

This matter still needed planning and discussion.

8th month 3rd day, Song Jia headed to Tianshuang County.

That afternoon, she brought her parents over to Shanhai City.

Ouyang Shuo had been waiting beside the teleportation formation. Only Zisu accompanied him. Ouyang Shuo personally welcomed them, but he did not order a large scale event.

Song Jia's father would probably understand the deep meaning behind this.

Song Jia's father was around fifty years old, and he looked highly energized and healthy. Occasionally, a spark of energy would appear in his eyes, indicating that this person was smart and had a business mind.

In reality, he ran the Song Family Financial group.

Song Jia's mother was a gentle and demure woman. Her dressing seemed simple, but it was tasteful, and each aspect of her clothes was exquisite.

Song Jia mostly inherited her genes from her mother.

"Uncle, Auntie!"

Ouyang Shuo walked up and greeted them.

"Are you little Shuo? Hearing your name is not the same as meeting you ah."

Song Jia's father walked up and shook hands with Ouyang Shuo; his attitude warm.

"Uncle is too kind!"

Song Jia's mother stood next to Song Jia, behind them, as she judged Ouyang Shuo.

This morning, Ouyang Shuo had specially chosen scholar clothes. Along with his handsome face, he looked elegant and mature.

As the saying goes, ‘When one’s father-in-law and mother-in-law looked at their-son-in-law, they would like him more and more.’

Song Jia's mother first impression of him was not bad.

"Jiajia you have good taste."

"Of course, it's me you're talking about."

In front of her mother, Song Jia was just a little girl; she would not act humble.

"That's right. Whose daughter are you?"


Song Jia was helpless against her mother's teachings.

The personality of the two were really similar. It seems like when her mother was young, she was as playful as her.


Ouyang Shuo led the way.

When Shanhai City expanded, they also rebuilt the imperial city.

On the square in front of the Governor-General House was a pond. In the middle of the pond stood a statue, the symbol of Shanhai Territory. In the mouth of the dragon, water spurted out.

Under the shine of the sunlight, a rainbow appeared.

Ouyang Shuo led Song Jia and her parents to the back hall. After a short rest, they went to the back garden.

They would constantly reconstruct the entire back garden, so it had grown more and more exquisite and scenic, having the feel of an emperor’s garden. In the current season, the garden bloomed with flowers, as the birds chirped and the fishes swam.

On the grass, there were even little deers playing around.

Occasionally, one could see rabbits, mountain goats, peacocks, and other animals. Needless to say, all of these animals were domesticated because of Bing'er.

The entire back garden was her playground.

Ouyang Shuo had even built a modern playground at a corner. Inside it was swings, slides, and the like, and it even had a small-sized castle.

Ouyang Shuo's love for her was simply like no other.

Hence, only especially close people were invited to the back garden.

On the loft, Zisu had already asked for servants to prepare afternoon tea.

The four of them walked on the stone path and went to the loft. Looking from afar, one could see the lakes and the mountains. Drinking and eating in this environment created an exceptional feeling.

At the side of the loft, a girl was playing on a zither.

The soothing zither sounds merged perfectly with the sounds of the birds.

All of these aspects were perfectly planned; Ouyang Shuo had done this to especially welcome the two.

"Little Shuo has planned everything well!"

Song Jia's father nodded his head pleased and said, “We really made you busy." With Ouyang Shuo's position, to spend so much effort really showed his sincerity.

Of course, Song Jia's father was silently reminding him not to be materialistic. Although the sights and scenery were beautiful, a Lord should not focus on such aspects.

Ouyang Shuo understood these words, which he remembered in his heart.

However, in truth, he rarely came over to the back garden, as he totally lacked the time.

As they talked, two hours passed in a blink of an eye.

"Jiajia, bring me around the garden!"

Song Jia's mother was really smart. She knew that they should leave the two men some time to talk alone.


Song Jia smiled as she got up

After the two of them left, Ouyang Shuo finally started talking about the detailed matters.

"What Jiajia's second uncle is thinking, I believe Jiajia has already told you?"

"Yes, she has."

"What are your views on it?"

Song Jia's father looked up at Ouyang Shuo; his expression complicated.

Ouyang Shuo slightly smiled, “The key isn't how I see it, but it is how you see it."


Silence, a long silence.


Song Jia's father let out a long sigh; he picked up his teacup and drank.

"His ambitions are too great."

If only his second brother opposed, Song Jia's father would not feel afraid. The problem laid in the fact that even his father was not making a stand about it.

The entire Song Family had an impetuous air around them.

It was because Ouyang Shuo noticed such a point that he did not express his views. The internal affairs of the Song family were not something he should interfere in.

"Uncle, you should step out!"

Seeing him unable to decide, Ouyang Shuo had to speak up.


Song Jia's father raised his head; his sharp eyes seemingly about to pierce Ouyang Shuo.

Ouyang Shuo remained calm.

His words were said after careful consideration; they definitely were not random.

With the current state of the Song Family, the only way to solve this matter was for Song Jia's grandfather to totally step down and for her father to take over.

Only then could Ouyang Shuo work with them without worries.

If not, both sides would have a level of distrust regarding one another.

Another period of silence.

Ouyang Shuo was helpless. Merchants were like that, considering so many things.

He was not a merchant but a lord, a future king. He liked spontaneous action when he deemed it necessary.

"You are right."

Maybe he felt Ouyang Shuo's ambition and determination, as Song Jia's father finally made up his mind.

"It's time to lay out the cards with my father."

The moment he said these words, Song Jia's father grew a lot more relaxed.

His father was the huge mountain pressing on all their heads. If one wanted to challenge him, they needed plenty of courage and ability.

When Ouyang Shuo heard this reply, he nodded happily.

Toward the future plans of the Song Family, Ouyang Shuo had made a rough outline. After taking over Zhaoqing, the Song Family would have to leave Tianshuang County. As compensation, Ouyang Shuo would allow them to continue their old profession.

Shanhai Territory would not restrict the Song Chamber of Commerce.

This was the promise Ouyang Shuo made to Song Jia's father.

Apart from that, Song Wen and his brother would also hold high positions in the structure of the territory.

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The World Online Two Chapter 440- The Way Out For The Song Family

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