The World Online Chapter 575

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Chapter 575- Alliance Army All out Attack

Translator: ryangohsf
Editor: Nora

In truth, expanding the four bureaus created a more specific separation of duties of the divisions under them. This was so to keep up with the heftier and more complicated problems of the territory.

When the conditions were fulfilled, the divisions could also rise up to become departments.

The first step was to promote the Meritorious Service Division under the Administration Bureau into the Official Ruling Department.

The Official Ruling Department was similar to the Personnel Department of olden times. Under it, there was the Personnel Division, Merit t.i.tle Division, Evaluation Division, and the Records Division. It was in charge of the evaluation of officials, their promotions and demotions, as well as their rewards.

For the position of the first director of the Official Ruling Department, Ouyang Shuo chose Zhang Tingyu.

The letter memorial system that Zhang Tingyu had previously taken charge of had already been approved; it was currently in use. It was time for him to be pushed up to a more important post and display his excellence.

Apart from being the director of the Official Ruling Department, Zhang Tingyu would also act as the Deputy Director of the Administration Bureau. As a result, he had a say in the other departments and divisions under the bureau.

Even Su Zhe did not obtain such special treatment.

With one jump, Zhang Tingyu became the second man in the Administration Department; his position was only lower than Xiao He's.

Evidently, Ouyang Shuo held him in extremely high regard.

The original Meritorious Service Secretary Qin s.h.i.+jian would become the Secretary of the Evaluation Division.

Although he did not have any eye catching performances, he had worked hard and fulfilled his tasks in the Meritorious Service Division. Especially after helping the two Administration Directors get familiar with their roles; he had helped stabilize the rule of the territory. His ability could also called exceedingly steady and impressive.

With that, he also gathered up a lot of civil servant evaluation experience.

His placing in the Evaluation Division showed that he had gained Ouyang Shuo's recognition.

Secondly, they would upgrade the Regulatory Division into the Regulatory Department.

The role of the Regulatory Department was similar to the censorate in olden times; it mainly audited, impeached, and gave suggestions. At the same time, it also had the power to trial important cases.

The upgraded Regulatory Department would hold power aplenty, and it would also shoulder many huge responsibilities.

The future Internal Affairs Bureau would be a combination of the olden censorate, the ministry of justice, and the Supreme Court all in one.

The Director of Internal Affairs would be the Minister of Justice for the state.

The World Online Chapter 575

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