The World Online Chapter 584

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Chapter 584-Cold and Cruel Poisonous Snake

Translator: ryangohsf
Editor: Nora

The desert bandits had chosen to strike at 8 PM in the evening.

At this time, the soldiers had already started sleeping.

The entire camp was extremely quiet.

The only sound was the night breeze blowing, causing the campfire flames to quiver.

Looking out into the sky, the stars shone bright. The Milky Way hung upside down, while the moon hung up high. Along with the vast and never ending desert, it gave one a truly lonely but peaceful feeling.


The soldier in charge of sentry duties noticed a few torches in the distance.


A sharp arrow replied to him.

The desert bandits, who had laid in wait for so long, finally revealed their fangs. Forty to fifty thousand desert bandits charged over from all directions, encircling the entire camp.

Torches that counted in the tens of thousands lit up the desert.

Successive arrows shot the soldier in charge of sentry duties.

His low cries alerted the other patrolling soldiers.

Following which, the entire camp woke up.

In an instant, a buzz replaced the silence.

Since they were travelling in the desert, Ouyang Shuo had already given out strict orders.

Apart from arranging people to patrol, all the soldiers were to sleep with their armor on and weapons beside them. These measures ensured that they could be thrown into battle. After all, Ouyang Shuo was wary of other players.

Who would have thought that desert bandits and not players would attack him first?

"What's the situation?"

Ouyang Shuo grasped his sword and walked out of his tent, emitting a stern and fierce aura.

"Lord, the desert bandits are attacking us."

Chen Dameng, this loyal soldier, had rushed over to the commander's tent right away.

"Desert bandits?" Ouyang Shuo was stunned, "They really are bold."

Ouyang Shuo's voice was not loud, but everyone could feel the killing intent within.

"Personal Guards!" Ouyang Shuo once again unsheathed his sword.


"Follow me out to battle!"

Ouyang Shuo was ready to personally fight this time.

"Yes, my Lord!"

The entire camp was already in a killing frenzy, and it was an utter mess. To form up any formation or tactic was a pipe dream. The only way solution was to go head on against the desert bandits.

To overwhelm and destroy them.

Hence, Ouyang Shuo did not even need to think about his commands.

He simply raised his sword and brought his personal guards into the battlefield.

One had to say, the desert bandits had truly chosen a good time.

The desert bandits excelled at night warfare, especially in the darkness. Such a situation was their home, and they were familiar with every aspect of it.

On the other hand, the alliance army was suddenly a.s.saulted, and they were in a bad state. More importantly, the nine thousand alliance army troops were all cavalry.

Now, the cavalry had to fight a close combat battle against the desert bandits and not the high speed charging battles they were accustomed to.

This was what people feared!

Luckily, they had the three thousand Divine Martial Guards standing at the front.

The Divine Martial Guards were excellent at both infantry and cavalry battles.

On their horses, they were invincible cavalry; off their horses, they were the most valiant soldiers.


Some of the desert bandits noticed Ouyang Shuo and his men, so they quickly surrounded them.

Ouyang Shuo laughed coldly; he twisted his Chixiao Sword and slashed out, cutting down one desert bandit. Following which, he slid forward, entering the midst of the desert bandits and engaging in close quarter slaughter.

The killing sword was meant for the battlefield.

How could normal desert bandits be Ouyang Shuo's opponents?

Especially their equipment, to use the words simple and crude would be a total understatement.

It was useless!

Among the desert bandits, none of them even have iron armor.

Most of them had leather armor loosely hanging from their bodies, while some even wore linen and cloth.

Ouyang Shuo could not imagine who gave them the courage to actually sneak attack his troops.

Their level of defence was like tofu before the Chixiao Sword.

Ouyang Shuo led his personal guards to slaughter across the battlefield.

Shortly after, more than ten bodies of desert bandits laid at his feet.

This sight caused the morale of the soldiers to skyrocket.

The leader of the desert bandits was not stupid, and he immediately noticed the changes on the battlefield.

Normal warriors could not even approach him.

Should he shoot an arrow?

The personal guards seemed to stand around loosely in bad positions, but in truth, they covered Ouyang Shuo tightly.

The desert bandits finally realized the terror of a proper elite army. It was night and day compared to the merchant protection squads they usually fought against.

After the army fought past their most chaotic period, even though they did not have the numerical advantage, they still managed to retaliate in an orderly manner. The soldiers grouped up in squadrons and weaved in and out of the battlefield.

On the contrary, the desert bandits were thrown into an utter mess.

The situation started to go sour for the desert bandits.

A sense of regret started to rise up in the desert bandit leader's heart.

Unfortunately, the arrow was on the bowstring, and he had to fire.

The desert bandit leader was ready to personally enter the battle. His target was exactly Ouyang Shuo. He gathered the most elite desert bandits and leaped straight for Ouyang Shuo.

"Finally some challenge?"

Chen Dameng spoke savagely, as he waved his giant blade and chopped off the head of a desert bandit. From the way he spoke and his tone, he was more backward than the desert bandits.

However, his personal guards captain was not someone to be trifled with.

Under Ouyang Shuo's personal training, his combat strength had grown by the day.

Even w.a.n.g Feng needed over one hundred rounds to take down Chen Dameng.

The desert bandit leader had met his match.

The two brutes engaged one another, making it hard for others to differentiate between them.

Ouyang Shuo, who stood at the side, did not think about killing the leader to show off his strength. To him, this battle was the best place to train his killing sword.

Even the elite bandits were no match for the sharp blade of the killing sword.

Especially as the battle progressed. The blood fog once again gathered on the Chixiao Sword, making it look alluring.


The Chixiao Sword struck a long sword.

"Something isn't right!"

The moment they came into contact, he felt that this desert bandit was not simple. His sword seemed weak, but he struck out at extremely precise angles. His sword strikes were also amazingly quick, and each stroke aimed for his life.

"An expert!"

Ouyang Shuo looked up at the enemy, but it was a desert bandit that looked normal.


Ouyang Shuo scoffed and raised his sword once more. He did not believe that someone that could match him would exist amongst the desert bandits.

The more they fought, the more Ouyang Shuo felt that something was wrong.

The enemy was a crafty fox, or one could say that he was a venomous snake. He utilized the flexibility and mobility of his body, and he did not go head to head against Ouyang Shuo. Instead, he used the crowd as cover.

He struck when Ouyang Shuo did not notice.

Every time he attacked, it shocked and surprised Ouyang Shuo.


This enemy left Ouyang Shuo enraged.

His Chixiao Sword was sharp, and each stroke was a lethal blow.

"Since you want to hide, I'll kill all that's in front of me."

Ouyang Shuo thought back to why he would feel so furious. Since he had cultivated the Yellow Emperor Internal Cultivation Technique and the killing sword, he had not faced such a situation.

He had even dared to face Chiyou.

Now, a nameless person had stunned him.

How could he not feel angry?

The Chixiao Sword seemed to be able to feel Ouyang Shuo's thoughts, as it grew more excited. Ouyang Shuo could clearly feel the sword spirit spreading its feelings to him.

"Go all out?" Ouyang Shuo muttered, "Okay, as you wis.h.!.+"

This time, Ouyang Shuo used the primordial energy in his body.

The golden primordial energy covered the Chixiao Sword.

Gold and red mixed together.

The primordial energy sharpened the Chixiao Sword.

Before an enemy could even come close, they could feel the sharpness of the sword; it was sharp like a needle. As soon as the weapon of the desert bandit touched the Chixiao Sword, it was sliced into half.

Such might was unparalleled.

Ouyang Shuo looked like he was randomly killing, but in truth, more than half of his energy was focused on defending against the desert bandit that was sneak attacking him.

This time, he wanted to slay him.

As expected, when the normal-looking desert bandit saw Ouyang Shuo engrossed in killing, he grinned and sneakily moved behind Ouyang Shuo. The long sword in his hand was like a venomous snake, stabbing straight for Ouyang Shuo's heart.

"Finally got you!"

Ouyang Shuo smirked coldly; he moved his legs and body, suddenly tilting to the side and dodging the enemy's strike. His body had not turned completely, but the sword in his hand had slid across the enemy's blade.

The sword glistened, and the Chixiao Blade seemed sentient, as it directly stabbed into the enemy.

Only at this point did Ouyang Shuo turn around.

The moment he succeeded, Ouyang Shuo naturally would not give his enemy any mercy.

He twisted the Chixiao Sword and jolted, tearing apart the organs of the enemy.


That desert bandit stared at Ouyang Shuo in disbelief, as he collapsed on the ground.


The surrounding desert bandits exclaimed.

"No wonder!"

Ouyang Shuo felt a light bulb light up in his mind.

That normal looking desert bandit was actually the leader of the other organization. While the other leader was fighting with Chen Dameng, this leader had sneaked beside Ouyang Shuo to try and sneak attack him.

Who knew that in the end, he would still lose his life to the Chixiao Sword.

The moment the leader died, the desert bandits lost their will to fight.

The entire battlefield started to loosen up.

When the leader that was fighting against Chen Dameng saw the situation, his face sunk, and he decisively shouted, "Retreat!"

Turning around, he disappeared from the battlefield under the protection of his bodyguards.


When Chen Dameng saw them flee, he was furious. He felt like he had lost his face.

Along with the leader backing off, the remaining desert bandits retreated like a flood.

As expected from the local snakes, just as the Shanhai City Army wanted to chase them, they lost sight of them.

One could not notice them when they came, one could not find them when they left.

In the end, there was nothing they could do.

Meanwhile, Ouyang Shuo causally picked up a token.

The desert bandit leader had dropped this token after his death.

Apart from that, there was nothing else.

After this ma.s.sive battle, Ouyang Shuo's battle contribution points increased by tens of thousands.

The World Online Chapter 584

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