The World Online Chapter 678

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Chapter 678-Returning to Shanhai City

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Editor: Nora

After settling the deal, Ouyang Shuo relaxed and smiled, "William, let's do another trade. Shanhai City will use three turreted s.h.i.+ps to exchange for 1 cla.s.s 1 Man O' War and two cla.s.s 3 Man O' War."

In the Gaia 3rd year, before the rise of iron wars.h.i.+ps, both s.h.i.+ps had their strengths and weaknesses. Ouyang Shuo hoped to combine the strengths to raise their wars.h.i.+p building standards.

More importantly, the design of the Man O' war was closer to that of the future iron wars.h.i.+ps. If Shanhai City used it as a model, they could naturally speed up their iron wars.h.i.+p research.

William was a smart person and understood immediately, "Sure."

He hoped to use this chance to build some personal friends.h.i.+p with Ouyang Shuo. Western and eastern giants working together, what a sight to look forward to.

Next, they needed to discuss the dealing details.

At 6 PM, these two finally came to an agreement.

This deal was enormous; Shanhai City paid four million, one thousand underwater breathing devices, 20 three-bow arcuballistas, two dragon crystals, and three turreted s.h.i.+ps in exchange for the Avic Fort steam engine crafting technique, the sewing machine crafting technique, and three Man o' Wars.

At the same time, William agreed to provide Shanhai City with 12 mechanics and 15 sewing talents to help Shanhai City technologically.

Naturally, they were delighted after reaching a deal.

William had obtained enough construction funds while Ouyang Shuo got the techniques he dreamt off.

With that, the gold in his storage bag had decreased by a small half.

When he defeated the Spanish Invincible Squadron, he had close to 11 million; the construction of Jidian City and the Mediterranean Squadron had used up a million.

The ocean auction allowed him to earn him two million.

His personal wealth ama.s.sed to 12 million. After this deal, he lost a third and now had 8 million.

Of course, everything was worth it.

That night, William held a huge feast in the castle's largest banquet hall to welcome Ouyang Shuo and celebrate their deal.

The next day, both sides settled the deal.

William pa.s.sed Ouyang Shuo the two books; when he took them, they felt rather heavy.

Other than that, William gave Ouyang Shuo five prototypes as an extra gift.

Only after the ma.s.sive trade started did the other people in Avic Fort learn of this astonis.h.i.+ng deal.

"Shanhai City is truly rich; as expected from the richest man in the world!" Some people exclaimed.

"Selling the steam engine and the sewing machine to easterners, that isn't a good thing, right?" Some people doubted this matter. However, the deal was set in stone, and no one could stop it.

"No matter what, at least we have money now." The finance officer was the happiest.

Amongst all the debate, the deal continued.

Only at 5 PM did the batches of goods finally exchange hands. The hardest was naturally the wars.h.i.+p trading. The Man O' War was still okay, they directly handed them over from the s.h.i.+pyard.

As for the turreted s.h.i.+ps, they had to s.h.i.+ft the resources over to the Man o' War and vacate it on the spot.

In an afternoon, this mega deal spread across England and even some countries in Europe learned about it. Naturally it caused an uproar.

Some said that England had betrayed Europe, some were envious, and some were angry.

Even in the mid 3rd year of Gaia, four million gold was still a huge amount to Lords. Furthermore, Europe was a place with a smaller land area, so these funds were even more important.

The rise of Avic Fort could not be stopped.

At the same time, the various Lords in Europe started to speed up their steam engine research. The 1st industrial revolution was going to totally explode in Europe.

8th month, 20th day, Dragon Head.

After the deal was completed, the voyage squadron did not spend too much time at Plymouth Port and got ready to return.

The squadron had three turreted s.h.i.+ps less but three more Man O' Wars. Using this chance, the Shanhai City soldiers, including the sailors, got familiar with the functions of the Man O' War under the teachings of the engineers at Avic Fort.

If based on normal traveling speeds, even if they were not held up by matters, the voyage squadron would need two months to smoothly return.

At that time, the 6th battle map would have already started.

Hence, Ouyang Shuo needed a way to swiftly return to Shanhai City.

As for the specific method, before coming out to sea, Ouyang Shuo had it all planned. Even the entire voyage squadron, if everything went smoothly, did not need to return to the country.

Some of the rules in the game could work miraculously if used well.

In the war room, Ouyang Shuo instructed Zheng He," Lead the voyage squadron back to Jidian City and wait for further instructions."

"What about you Lord?" Zheng He did not understand.

"Tonight, I'll return to Shanhai City using a secret method; don't worry."

"Understood!" Zheng He nodded.

The mysteriousness of players was something that NPCs understood.

His mysterious method was the Yin Yang Copper Coin he had obtained during the Chinese New Year's Eve of the Gaia 2nd year.

Yin Yang Copper Coin: After use, can revive without any penalty.

With this, Ouyang Shuo could commit suicide and revive in Shanhai City.

Without hesitating, Ouyang Shuo took off all his equipment and placed the items into his storage bag.

The so-called revive without penalty was just not losing level, internal technique, skills, merit points, and the like; your equipment would still be dropped.

Hence, to prevent problems, he needed to keep all his equipment.

Following which, Ouyang Shuo killed himself without hesitation. A short while later, his corpse disappeared from the Dragon Head war room.

At the same time, tens of thousands of miles away in the Shanhai City Reincarnation Hall, Ouyang Shuo slowly walked out. The equipment he had taken down were all re-equipped.

"Lord, Lord?"

The guards in charge of the Reincarnation Hall were so astonished when they saw him that they could not speak. The soldiers all knew that the Reincarnation Hall was not anything good for players.

Anyone who walked out had died.

"No need to panic; I'm fine."

"Yes!" The soldiers accepted his words.

In the Guards Legion, Ouyang Shuo was the pinnacle existence.

Towards their Lord, the guard soldiers would not have any doubts or distrust.

Ouyang Shuo's sudden return caused ma.s.sive waves in Shanhai City.

The entire city became busy because of the Lord's return. For this half a year, the achievements of the voyage squadron had been spread around the entire territory by Xiao He.

In the eyes of the people, the Lord was an overlord; his prestige was at its pinnacle.

In less than two hours, the news of his return had spread through the entire China region.

Those who should know, knew.

Handan City, Lord's Manor.

"Has the old fox returned?" Di Chen's eyes were deep in thought.

Who knows starting from when, the Yanhuang Alliance had all started to calling Ouyang Shuo old fox.

Juedai Fenghua smiled, "The China region will be thrown into chaos once more."

"Yea, that guy really causes a lot of problems."

Juedai Fenghua suddenly remembered something and smiled, "Who knows what the old fox will think when he learns of our recent war results?"

"Thoughts?" Di Chen's eyebrows perked, "Compared to what he did on a global scale, our little achievements mean nothing. He wouldn't even bother about us!"

"You don't need to be so pessimistic." Juedai Fenghua tried to persuade him.

Di Chen shook his head, looking really lonely and sad, "It isn't being pessimistic. You know that Difeng had spread the latest intel that the old fox purchased the English steam engine technique."

"You say, would he share this to the entire Shanhai Alliance?" Juedai Fenghua thought deeper into the matter.


Di Chen was not certain; if it was him, he definitely would not share it with his allies. But Ouyang Shuo was different, he did not follow logic and often took unexpected action.

One had to see, in terms of magnanimity, Di Chen really could not match up with him.

"If that's the case, the rewards of our work this half year would be greatly reduced."

Di Chen was not triggered by it, "Well, we are the ones without the ability to go out to sea."

"I heard that Xiong Ba has been developing his navy." Juedai Fenghua paid attention to Di Chen's expression and continued, "I also heard that he has been getting close with the old fox. Who knows what he'll do this time when the old fox returns."

Hearing that name, Di Chen could not help but frown.

"Let him do as he wishes!"

In the end, Di Chen did not say anything.

If one said that Yanhuang Alliance was worried because of Ouyang Shuo's return, then the Yunnan City-State felt utter fear.

In this half year, the Dragon Legion Corps housed by the Yunnan Province border, under Baiqi's leaders.h.i.+p, did exercises regularly.

At the same time, the Consonance City Army and the Dragon Legion Corp kept having interactions. Their spies went in and out of the Yunnan Province, pretty much investigating the entire province.

The reason for these actions were obvious.

There were rumors that the Dragon Legion Corps was making preparations to attack Yunnan City-State. The reason why the battle had not happened yet was due to Shanhai City's seclusion policy.

Ouyang Shuo's sudden return meant that this seclusion had ended. This fierce tiger would once again show its fangs.

The first to be hit would undoubtedly be the Yunnan City-State.

With that, they were obviously terrified.

Starting a four City-State emergency meeting was something that definitely would occur.

The World Online Chapter 678

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