The World Online Chapter 701

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Chapter 701-Killing the Leader Operation

Translator: ryangohsf

Editor: Nora

"A fire attack? What about using fire?" Zheng He suggested.

When he was simulating the battle, Zheng He kept on thinking about potential strategies. Although the Monarch had rejected the frogmen plan, Zheng He did not give up and suggested another plan.

"How so?" Ouyang Shuo did not pour cold water onto Zheng He's eagerness.

"Take alchemical oil and straws onto the Cima Boats and arrange for frogmen to pull the boats underwater. When they get close to the enemy, light up the boats; the enemy would not be able to survive, " Zheng He explained.

Ouyang Shuo thought about this suggestion and shook his head, "First, the enemy has cannons. The Cima Boats are such obvious targets. Even before they get close, they would be shot. At that point, even the frogmen would get hit."

"Secondly, the river is narrow and the enemy troops are pincering us from left and right. Even if the Cima Boats gets close and ignites a fire, if the fire spreads, we might burn ourselves."

"How about we use the night sky to splash the alchemical fire oil onto the enemy wars.h.i.+ps?"

"The frogmen are amazing, but they are not superheroes. How can they bring large amounts of alchemical fire oil into the enemy fortress and not be noticed in the process?" Ouyang Shuo laughed as he shook his head.

When Zheng He heard this response, his expression turned to one of shame, "Monarch has thought about it thoroughly."

Ouyang Shuo looked at Jia Xu once more. He saw that Jia Xu had already looked away from the sand board and was smiling, "Mister, do you have a method?"

"I do actually have one." Jia Xu nodded.

"Mister, please speak!" Ouyang Shuo was delighted.

"The two strategies raised by the admiral are good but have some limitations. Both strategies use the frogmen as the core. During this period of time, I've also come to understand how unique the frogmen are."

Jia Xu paused before continuing, "Your frogmen are really mysterious, coming and going without a trace, like dragons crossing a river, you can see the front but not the tail. With that, only sending them to scout, chisel boats, or support matters is underusing their ability."

"What?" Zheng He obviously did not agree.

The nattle in the Mediterranean had already proved the value of the frogmen.

"Since they are dragons, they cannot act like snakes and must show their true powers. Dragons can hide in the dust and also change the weather as they please. To cleanly end this battle the best way is to slay their leader, " Jia Xu responded to Zheng He's doubts.

"Slay their leader?" A light appeared in Ouyang Shuo's eyes.

In reality, the responsibility and role of the frogmen, apart from scouting the enemy, was to target the enemy leader. Ouyang Shuo did not think about this move because he felt that the frogmen had not truly formed up.

Ouyang Shuo truly did not have the confidence to send them on such a high difficulty mission.

"Based on intel, the enemy has a commanding officer and Wulin and Red Cliff each have a symbolic flags.h.i.+p. As long as the frogmen go in and kill them, even just one is enough, it would be of large help to our plan." Jia Xu elaborated.

"Mister, let me interrupt. The enemy flags.h.i.+p is comparable to our Dragon Head, and there are no less than two thousand soldiers. If we count in the sailors, there are even more. The difficulty is really high; if we are not careful, we might alert the entire fortress."

"At that time, the plan would have failed, and the enemy would be alerted to our presence." Ouyang Shuo expressed his worries.

If they could really kill the leader, Ouyang Shuo would naturally be willing.

Jia Xu probably did not know about the settings of the battle map toward players. If Xiong Ba and Zhan Lang were, their forces would disappear.

Then, they truly could take down Red Cliff without breaking a sweat.

Now, the crux of the problem laid in how to ensure that they succeeded in killing the leader.

Ouyang Shuo's knew that Xiong B was really cunning and scheming. His protection of his wars.h.i.+p was at an exaggerated level.

If they really failed, they would have problems at hand.

Jia Xu was really relaxed, smiling, "As long as we plan it out, our success rate is above 70; it's worth a shot."

"Please speak!" Ouyang Shuo bowed.

"First, the Monarch said that the enemy wars.h.i.+p, especially the flags.h.i.+p, is the same as ours. Hence, we have an advantage as the frogmen know the entire layout. We can also create detailed action plans and emergency actions, such things also can be practiced."

"That can be done." Ouyang Shuo nodded.

"Secondly, we can use alchemical fire oil. Based on my understandings, small amounts of it can be placed in barrels. When they enter, they can place them at crucial locations before igniting it. This can stop the officers...o...b..ard from helping and also stop other s.h.i.+ps from a.s.sisting." Jia Xu said.

When Ouyang Shuo heard this plan, he frowned, "Then wouldn't the frogmen onboard have a high chance of dying?"

"For the plan to succeed, some sacrifices are needed."

This response sent a s.h.i.+ver down his spine, as expected from the venomous strategist. To enact this plan, no less than three thousand frogmen were needed. As for the number that could escape, it would be a minority.

Zheng He was silently standing at the side.

"Mister is right, this plan, I approve it." Ouyang Shuo did not bother about Zheng He, "To ensure our success, I'll arrange 500 Divine Martial Guards to go in. Their mission will be to kill the enemy commanding officer."

"Monarch is wise!" A flash of light appeared in Jia Xu's eyes.

Jia Xu knew the kind of presence the Divine Martial Guards were; they were even stronger than their guards. With their partic.i.p.ation, the success rate would greatly increase.

One-sixth of the three thousand Divine Martial Guards were sacrificed just like that.

Jia Xu gained a new understanding about Ouyang Shuo's ability to put down and sacrifice.

As a leader, one has to be stone cold and could not be merciful. On this point, be it Cao Cao or Liu Bei, they were all the same.

Jia Xu's impression of Ouyang Shuo was getting better and better, and even the way he called him had slowly changed to Monarch. Although that was just being polite at the current moment.

If they spent more time together, Jia Xu was truly worried he would be awed by this young man in front of him and pledge his allegiance.

He truly is special! Jia Xu thought.

Only Zheng He had a sad expression. Till now, this general still had not fully adapted to the killing.

"Monarch!" Zheng He wanted to speak.

"Speak!" Ouyang Shuo said expressionlessly.

If Zheng He at the current moment still said some depressing words regarding sacrifices, Ouyang Shuo would probably have to reconsider if he was suitable for the role of Nanyang Navy Admiral.

As the five squadrons were all built up, the position of Nanyang Navy Admiral was higher than that of marshals like Baiqi, leading 500 thousand troops.

Not to mention that the presence of the Nanyang Navy affected their control of the seas.

Hence, the leader had to be a person who showed no emotion and mercy.

During the voyage, Ouyang Shuo had purposely tried to change Zheng He's ideals and thinking. He wanted to let Zheng He accept the cruelness of war and toss aside his pacifist thinking.

Now, it was time to test the fruits of his labor.

Without a doubt, Zheng He's tactical mind and seafaring experience was something others could not compare to. However, if he did not have the heart to kill, he would not be a suitable leader.

Ouyang Shuo was silently deciding the fate of the voyage squadron and Zheng He in his heart. However, no one could tell what he was thinking from the surface.

Zheng He's face was similarly hard to read, but he looked a little unsettled. One could tell that he was facing a deep battle in his heart.

Old and new ideals clashed in his mind.

Every scene from his last life and the voyage journey clashed.

To Zheng He, it was like living in two separate s.p.a.ces, being torn apart, quietly bearing the pain.

One side was mercy, the other was killing.

Before this, Zheng He had been wavering between the two. In truth, he was bearing great pain.

Ouyang Shuo's words undoubtedly pushed him to the edge of the cliff.

Zheng He was not a fool; he could feel that although this conversation was sudden, it was inevitable.

The Monarch had limited patience and Zheng He needed to make a choice.

The atmosphere in the battle room suddenly froze up, making it hard for one to breathe.

An anxious atmosphere lingered in the air.

There was no wind in the room, like the entire s.p.a.ce had frozen. Even Jia Xu kept his smile and quietly looked at this duo.

After a long while, Zheng He raised his head, his voice was hoa.r.s.e, and his body was wet like he had just exited a sauna, "Monarch, I want to say that the underwater breathing devices are hard to obtain. If we lose all of them, the losses would be too great. Should we consider sending experts to gather up the underwater breathing devices after they go onto the boat and send it back to the squadron?"


Ouyang Shuo looked seriously at Zheng He; his eyes flashed with a look of admiration.

The air in the room calmed down once more.


Who knows who it was that had heaved a sigh of relief.

The World Online Chapter 701

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