The World Online Chapter 998 Tibet And West Turk Khanate

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Chapter 998 - Tibet and West Turk Khanate

"System Notification: The An Lushan Rebellion has officially ended. Li s.h.i.+ming moves into Chang An. Chang An Imperial Court automatically changes to Great Tang Dynasty, Zhangsun Wuji, Fang Xuanling, Gao s.h.i.+lian, Yuchi Jingde , Li Jing, Hou Junji, Cheng Yaojin and Li Ji, and related officials and generals automatically move into the Great Tang Dynasty."

The moment the notification came out, Lords like Ouyang Shuo were heartbroken. Li s.h.i.+ming left no one.

As for the 24 officials of the Lingyan Pavilion, Ouyang Shuo had little interest toward them. The only one he cared about was the Great Tang military G.o.d, Li Jing. Currently, the Bear Legion Corps still lacked a marshal.

Of the 10 G.o.d Generals of China apart from Baiqi, Ouyang Shuo wanted Li Jing the most.

Helplessly, he appeared in Chang An, so Ouyang Shuo had to give up on that plan.

"System Notification: The An Lushan Rebellion has officially ended, Songtsen Gampo moves into Lhasa City. Tibetan powers change into the Tibet Empire. Gar Tongtsen Yulsung, Shang Jiexi, Shangxi Dongzan, Shang Zanmo, Da Zalu, and related people move into the Tibetan Empire."

Tibet was a political regime set up by the Tibetans in the Qingzang Highlands, and it was the first regime with actual historical records in this region.

Under the unification of the Tibetan Dynasty, the Qingxang highlands tribes formed a strong power and slowly walked out of the inland highlands.

They originally ruled themselves and were developing in a scattered manner; this changed through systems, laws, and the like as the small regimes and tribe alliances were consolidated.

At the same time, the Tibetan Dynasty was really close with the Great Tang, and two Tang princesses had married into Tibet as a sign of friendliness.

However, they were not always friendly toward one another.

763 AD, the An Lushan Rebellion caused the Tang Dynasty to weaken. Due to the need to defend against the rebels in the north, their west troops were moved away.

Tibet used this chance to enter the Great Tang land, and they were led by General Ma Zhongying. They gathered 200 thousand Alliance Army troops to attack Tang, occupying the land west of Fengxiang County, which included a total of over 10 states.

During that year's 10th month, after occupying Fengtian, they quickly arrived under Chang An City, scaring the emperor to Xiazhou. The Tibetans smoothly took down Chang An and established Li Chenghong as the emperor.

15 days later, under the leaders.h.i.+p of Guo Ziyi, the Tang Army took back Chang An.

Historical records state that between 705 AD to 822 AD, the Tang Dynasty and Tibet formed an alliance eight times. Through that, one could see how on and off their relations.h.i.+p was.

The Tibet Dynasty entering the game affected the Great Xia Dynasty the most.

Shu Lands Qiang Prefecture was connected to Tibet. Luckily, Songtsen Gampo was not an invasive king. As for what would happen in the future, it was still unknown.

"System Notification: The An Lushan Rebellion has officially ended, Tong Yabghu Qaghan enters Loulan City as the Kehan, western regions automatically becomes the Turkic Khanate."

West Turkic was destroyed by the Tang Dynasty. Now, they were entering the wilderness, and they were given a new lease of life.

Different from Tibet, the western area that the Turkic Khanate was located in was made up of 30 odd small countries, and the situation was really complicated.

The sudden appearance of the two undoubtedly added other factors to the China region that was slowly becoming a north-south faceoff.

If the Great Xia Dynasty wanted to open up the Silk Road, it would have to come into contact with these two powers.

Ouyang Shuo did not have time to think about Tibet and Turkic Khanate, as he had to settle down Du Fu first.

With his ambition, he naturally wanted to be an official. Unfortunately, he was not experienced, and Ouyang Shuo could not give him an important position.

Thinking about it, Ouyang Shuo decided to keep him close, making him the Yongye County Magistrate in the Zhili Prefecture. If he performed well, Ouyang Shuo would promote him.

Just as he settled Du Fu, a System Notification sounded out once more.

"System Notification: Poetry circle representative figure Du Fu has moved into Great Xia, awarding Great Xia with the t.i.tle of Land of Poetry, congratulations player Qiyue Wuyi."

Ouyang Shuo smiled. Great Xia obviously did not lack a County Magistrate. However, Du Fu was a historical person. Furthermore, he was a Saint Rank historical person, and he had huge influence in the poetry circle.

A huge number of poets would come over because of Du Fu.

Land of Poetry: Raises dynasty culture index by 25%, raises dynasty attraction toward poets by 50%.

Since there were poetry circles, there would definitely be drawing circles, literary circles, and the like. Ouyang Shuo was looking forward to witnessing another cultural explosion in Great Xia following the philosophers.

After he returned to the Imperial Reading Room, Ouyang Shuo took out the jade that Li Xiang had given him.

Emperor Jade: With this jade pendant, under special circ.u.mstances, can activate the Yu the Great Nine Cauldrons scenario quest.

Ouyang Shuo's eyes narrowed. The jade was not special, but the quest was. If Ouyang Shuo was right, the Yu the Great Nine Cauldrons were a country advancing treasure.

One of the requirements to upgrading to an Imperial Dynasty was to have a country advancing treasure. Before this, Ouyang Shuo had no idea what such an item was, but now he could see the light.

"Yu the Great Nine Cauldrons? It's mine." Ouyang Shuo's eyes were filled with determination.

In the following few days, the wilderness was totally calm.

Everyone was slowly digesting the influence of the three powers appearing in the wilderness. The Chang An City players were really excited, and they hoped to meet the famous Great Tang people on the streets.

Immortal Poet Li Bai, Military G.o.d Li Jing, Tiger General Chen Yaojin....

The mysterious Tibet and Turkic Khanate also attracted the attention of the players.

To the Lords, both of them were hidden threats. However, to adventure gamemode players, they were unexplored areas with a huge number of quests and fortuitous encounters.

As a result, in these past few days, many people teleported to Chengdu and headed toward Tibet.

With this flood of people, the Shanhai Guards spies blended in and quietly infiltrated the two countries.

No matter what happened in the future, knowing your enemy was always the right thing to do.

Apart from that, the new Wulin Sect that joined the wilderness attracted the players. Along with more sects appearing, players now had more and more choices.

In the 5th year of Gaia, adventure gamemode players would make use of the help of these sects to raise their strength to another level.

In these past few days, many Tang Dynasty historical people had moved into Shanhai City due to its fame or due to knowing people in the city, much to the envy of others.

The World Online Chapter 998 Tibet And West Turk Khanate

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