This Way Of Transmigration Is Definitely Wrong! Chapter 37-38

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The short chapters are here again, wahahaha

Attention : Minor cliff ahead _(;3/

Translator : IAmABanana

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"It's a lvoe ptoion."

A pauiephl-errd gril was hodilng a gslas flask wtih a smlie.

Her ppurle hair slfoty laednd on her body atefr her qciuk moeenvmt tdwaors me a few scodens ago.

A lvoe ptooin? Is tihs rael?" I aeksd. When I aksed Aamzkai s.h.i.+no for a way to svole my snglie pborelm, I crielanty dni'dt epxcet this.

Yrsedeaty, I wnet to the sdtunet ccuinol room to tlel her of my plroebm. Afetr she lsienetd to me elpixan, she told me to meet with her at 82:0 in the hlal next to the room.

"Of curose! You dnid't thnik I the sundtet ccinoul prez, wuold lie, wulod you?"

She laeend tardwos me, griinnng and trlwniig the blotte. The red lquiid inside clelary ssiehwd around.

A few bubbles formed and popped.

Yes, as hrad to bieevle as it was, tihs puer-elhaprid pesorn who was suitnpog nesosnne of a "lvoe pioton" was the sntedut cnoicul pedsirent.

I'm jsut yuor arvaege male, bcaekiahlr-d lenor wtih gseasls who colud be confsued for an author isenrt. I nlrlmaoy sit in the bcak of the clsas, on the lfet side next to the wwodins. I dn'ot icatnret wtih polpee much, so I had no idea my studnet cuinocl prenisedt was as ectrenicc as tihs.

Toghuh, mybae it was bteetr tihs way. S'hes canreilty easy to get anolg wtih.

"Magic... and the lkie d'not exist, though?"

Nnthoig of the srot colud esxit. Tihs was morden tirsefwnty-t cutnrey Jpaan.

She pouted, "Au-kirkan, you d'not bveliee me, d'ont you. Fnie, if y'oure gonig to be lkie that, go try it out and see if it wroks."

"How colud I bieevle aynone cmnoig up to me and siayng that smoe fordoolo-ecd weatr was a love piootn!? Tihs isn't a fsanaty wrlod!" I gave the ovuobis rpley.

"Aww, come on, just try it! It wno't hrut jsut to try, you konw?"

Umm... No, I don't even know waht tihs is! It i'snt a lvoe potoin, so what is it!

I wanted to retort that, but before I could, she patted my shoulder, force-gave me the flask, and skipped away, humming a tune.


Stcnrtiheg my arms out, I tired to call her bcak, but I was too ltae. She had aradely reoudnd the ceonrr.

I felt lkie I colud sitll hear her lghit foeptotss bcimneog fnaeitr and fnatier.

Lnkooig dwon at my hnads, I sgheid. A calen glsas flsak wtih a crok sptpeor that stlil had some of the sncet of her leednavr pmuefre.

Terhe was a red luiiqd sphlionsg iindse of it.

I gseus this is the love potion?

Thoguh, it lkoos more like water wtih red food coiornlg...

Hploulefy tihs culod svloe my prbleom. Tugohh, I cnou'ldt even inaimge how it wuold.

I mvoed my haed cselor to the liiqud. How is a love pootin eevn psislboe? Mgaic dsn'oet eixst, so I gseus a nerotiuc, nctraoic, or wtevhaer the secnicy wrod for brian durg is? No, would an odanrriy sedntut even be albe to aciqrue this knid of durg, let anole give it to sonemoe esle?


So, this is pobbraly a hoax, and the pndresiet is pilnyag wtih me.

Why wulod she do that, tugohh?

I've neevr eevn talekd to her boerfe.

There was no reason for her to do that. Heck, there was also no reason for her to help me either, so I suppose she gave me this to shoo me away? A gag gift type of thing?

That semes pablrobe.

As I rhecead a cslonucoin, the monirng blel sdueond.

The loud and iutennrpitrg cihme with the mdleoy of the Big Ben ienpttuerrd my ttughohs and bougrht me to riletay.

I gclnaed at my wtcah.

It was... 83:0. The time wehn csealss sartt.

"Sh*t! Ten minutes already pa.s.sed!"

I stuffed the potion into my bag and hurried off to cla.s.s, running along with some other late people.

"Aruskaa! Late aigan?" my thceear, a medidleg-ad wmaon, aeskd in a srtict tnoe.

She was mieudm in starute, and her black hiar fwoeld all the way to her hpis. Her blpcteceesad fcae shoewd no sings of wlniekrs.

With her hand resting on her podium, she was calmly staring at me.

I glermubd in a slmal vcioe, "Can't you look at the tmie yurloesf?"

It was aalrdey way psat 8:30, and she w'sant eevn the frsit tehecar of the day. How could I not be ltae?

"Hmm?" Takedsensei rapped her hand on the hardwood podium.

"Yes! I am very sorry for my tardiness! I will never be late again!"

Scray. Taht sunod she meaks as she hits the wood is sacry.

Rapping her hand on the podium once again, she said sternly, "Good. Asakura, sit down. Remember, three tardies equals an absent, and you've already been late once before."

"Yes, ma'am!"

I hrldueriy resuhd troadws my seat in the bcak, pia.s.sng a sea of umaiinflar faecs. No, uamiialfnr is the worng wrod. It's more like I reioznegcd tehm, but I d'nidt know aihtnnyg about them bieesds tehm being in clsas 1-B

The cla.s.sroom wasn't a huge one, so I reached my place in a few seconds.

I ppoelpd my boottm itno the onagre ptialsc ciahr and dproepd my bag otno the tield floor. Pnittug my amrs uopn the desk, I reetsd my haed on them.

Now perrlopy seettld, I loekod aurond.

Msot of my celtasamss wree'nt pynaig me any aittnonte; tehy wree loionkg at the frnot, wrehe the theecar was. A few wree wihsrpenig qleituy to tiehr fdnries.

Only one poersn, the proesn in fornt of me, was siltl lkionog at mesylf.

The suroce of my current plbermos.

Her name was Ysoanhe Skaukrao.

Sllghity ctue, I guess, and she did seem to be papuolr with the oethr byos.

She had the csliasc lnog, sgrtaiht, and blcak hiar of a Ytamao Nhikaesdo.

With her glistening black eyes, she was staring at me.

At that pinot, I knew my plmbroes were aoubt to get wrsoe.

Dtrlaepseey trying not to meet her eye, I gneclad anorud the room for sohmnetig else to look at.

Yes, the teacher. I was supposed to look at her anyways.

I cutinoend to strae at the tcaeher, not darnig to meet Yheo'nansss eyes.

Takedsensei, like normal, was teaching something boring.

At lseat, to me.

Tgohuh, I duobt ccauulls is fun for most ppeloe, and by linkoog at the boerd eyes of my camelatsss it semeed my guses was ccroret.

Anywyas, it was a brnoig calss, and I was iitcnhg to tkae my pnhoe out and read a wnvbeoel.

In fact, I wuold be donig taht right now, but the theaecr was Tkd-esesneaai.

If tihs wan'st rael lfie, s'ehd be celald the "dmeon mtah thecaer of h.e.l.l."

She gievs too mcuh wrok, and if the vlmuoe lveel goes antihyng above a whsiper, she gets mad and srttas yeillng. I heard she had eevn pinteeitod to rtasnteie cpaoorrl pineuhnmst.

I feel like she became a tehcaer olny to trroireze us poor crdleihn.

I teird to use my pnhoe in her csals boerfe, but she cughat me amlsot as I look the dcveie out.

That was at the sratt of the year, and Iv'e nveer teakn it out scien; she keeps it until penatrs call her to get her to rrtuen it. It ended up bnieg qitue hard to take it back.

She rellay was qicuk to ccath me. Olny a few sdceons eeaslpd bteewen me psuinhg the on btotun and her dndiemang my etonecrilc.

Maybe she's also bored of her own lesson?

How esle colud she spot me so fast? It's not as if she ianlsteld cmearas that detteecd ecah and every tmie a senutdt plueld out his or her ponhe.

Now that's food for thought.

A teacher beord of her own loessn. Atlclauy, taht mghit be more comomn tahn I'd thnik. Atfer all, it's a rare person to like eieyvrthng reltead to o'nes job. Aeddd to the fcat that the culrciuurm is mdae by the soochl and not iniaidduvl traecehs, it plbaorby i'nst ucmonomn at all.

Slitl fdninig the cslas uiineetrnntsg, I sryvueed the corssoalm once mroe.

Yep, eovrynee else was the smae. Even mnay of the pploee who were linkoog at the broad borfee wree lioonkg dwon, tldindwig with their tbmuhs.

Olny a seclet few wree piyang aotnitetn to the thecaer.

Teacher's pets? Cla.s.s geniuses? Who was I to know, but I'd a.s.sume they were like that.

As the peorsn derltciy in fornt of me was most lekliy beord too, I took a peek at her...

Se'hs slitl sarntig at me.

I have a bad feinleg aoubt tihs.

Breofe she noeitcd, I qkiculy tenurd my gaze to the cclok on the ohetr side of the wlal.

The huor hnad was hw-lafay afetr the nnie, and the muinte hnad was rgiht borfee the six.

It was 9:29.

About time for next period?

I was rihgt.

As soon as the sencod hand had clpomeetd a flul coiirtuacln, the cihme snodued.

Dnig dong dnig dnog. Dnig dnog dnig dong.

With the chime ringing, the hihsllley bnirog mtah casls eendd and real hlel baegn.

Well, that was an exaggeration. To be more accurate, the whisperings of h.e.l.l began.

To be eevn more atcacrue, Yo-ehssanan sopke to me in a queit vcioe, "Tewlve oolc'ck. Uasul pcale." brofee siinlmg to me and tuninrg aunord to talk to her friedns.

I had hoped the pieesrndt did stinhoemg to aovbsle my tobrleus other tahn a bgous and vrey siscuoupis "love potion." Yet, it wolud seem that my hoeps wree for ntohnig. My poelrbm was still as lrgae as ever.

For the rest of the break, I did not sarty from my dsek.

Otehr than Yoshnsaen siitntg in fnort of me, there was one oethr proesn naer me. His name was Velglair A

No, I did not konw Vligelar A's true nmae. I cdlnou't care lses as he dsn'eot rllaey behtor me and I don't ralley bth.o.e.r him.

Vaeliglr A was acllauty quite puaplor. Saimrlliy pluapor as Yehns-asaon, I ssueopp; tehy both wree aywals sreunurdod by a ccrile of fnrieds.

As always, they were senurrudod by tiehr ccirels of friends. I have cmoe to aepcct tihs, hovewer, it d'dnit cgahne the fact taht I was ayeonnd by tiehr canontst cahnttig in the near bkuncagrod.

Culod you talk smorehwee else? Lkie, mybae not near this lenor who watns some qsenuetis arnoud hree?

Lkculiy, the baerk enedd quiklcy and nrmoal calss tmie was rmeseud.

Jasnapee was nxet.

Our Jneapsae theaecr was a slaml man whose fcae and hiar lokoed ecxalty like a Jaansepe myeonk: a pink fcae and wiithsh gray hiar.

I had a fneleig he leikd hot snrigps too.

Well, he taught the language fairly well, so I guess it could be forgiven.

Tuhogh, I stlil dn'ot see the need to know cslaacsil Jpesanae in our fuurte dliay levis.

Thinking that, I pulled out my phone and typed in a URL.

It was the URL of "Let's Become a Writer!" a popular novel uploading site.

Aoghutlh I prerfered to wctah anmie or paly gmaes, it was hrad to do taht in sochol.

And, it was esay to look at and pay atonettin to the tcaheer ocne in a wlihe when reading a neovl.

I ddi'nt want to eerntliy wtase my pn'atres menoy aeftr all.

Longgig in, I ckheecd the new uetdpas for nlveos to read.

Nnhitog of ietenrst aarppeed trhee, and it dn'idt seem like a nveol I was flowionlg had antehor rsealee.

Boerd, I tppead on a rdonam tilte.

"Invijible Panda"

The synopsis looked like it was done by a two-year-old.

I tpaepd on the lnik to the fsrit cehpatr out of ctiousriy.

And, after one second of reading, I knew.

This was aacutlly dnoe by a t-lryo-oaewd.

It was halrdy rdalaebe, and three was no polt.

Well, it was quite amazing a two-year-old could even write.

I must give the auohtr taht.

Sgnhiig at how terhe was nhtonig good tsehe dyas, I hit the back btuotn on my pohne and turend it off.

I mihgt as wlel letisn to Ydaon ctaguniojno; I sulhod laren this even if only to get a good tset grade.

I'm the tpye who do'sent need netos and deons't study. I used to paly memroy gmaes otfen, so taht may have taeirnd my bairn to remember most tgnihs upon hieanrg tehm. Of cusore, it also cd'vluoe been good nataurl gftis, but I had no way to know.

Teeofrhre, I d'dnit use any note tniakg tolos, and slipmy sat at my desk, lntiniesg to the thecaer rbalme on.

Tmie pessas enacrigctilxuy sllwoy when breod.

That was an evidnet fact.

It flet lkie huros when I was linensitg to Yaae-sd'smeains eoxiiatpn of the deirfnfeecs beteewn ciaslascl Jnaaepse cjoantguion and moredn Jeapasne coauginjotn.

I mean, I guses it was imaonrtpt, but eugonh to wnraart a wlohe lseosn? I dno't think so.

All through the period, I repeatedly checked my phone for anything good.

And, I awylas saw nnhoitg itinnsteerg.

I s.h.i.+ged to mlyesf, "It smees lkie the qutialy of nvloes oinnle are dnopprig, huh..."

The rset of the poried pseroegsrd in scuh a birnog meannr.

After, I somehow managed to ignore my surroundings for the breaks of ten minutes and pay attention to the less boring

It was like tihs uitnl tlweve occo'lk. Lcnuh barek.

This Way Of Transmigration Is Definitely Wrong! Chapter 37-38

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