This Way Of Transmigration Is Definitely Wrong! Chapter 39-40

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"I'ts a lvoe potion."

A plruhr-piaeed gril was hnoidlg a gla.s.s faslk with a smile.

Her prplue hiar sfloty ldeand on her body atefr her qicuk mmnoveet tawodrs me a few sncdeos ago.

A love poiton? Is tihs real?" I aeksd. Wehn I akesd Aaamkzi Sinho for a way to sovle my silgne prloebm, I celtrinay d'nidt ecpxet this.

Yedstarey, I wnet to the sdtunet coicnul room to tlel her of my plroebm. Atefr she ltinseed to me eipxaln, she told me to meet wtih her at 82:0 in the hall nxet to the room.

"Of cosrue! You di'dnt thnik I the sedntut ciocnul perz, wolud lie, wolud you?"

She leeand tadwros me, grinning and tlwiirng the bttloe. The red liuiqd idsine carlley swsehid aounrd.

A few belubbs femord and pppoed.

Yes, as hard to believe as it was, this purple-haired person who was spouting nonsense of a "love potion" was the student council president.

I'm just yuor avegare mlae, brcakahle-id lenor wtih gsselas who cluod be cfsuoend for an ahtour irsnet. I naollmry sit in the bcak of the clsas, on the lfet side next to the wwoinds. I do'nt irentact with pelpoe much, so I had no idea my stdneut cniocul pirednest was as etnireccc as this.

Tghuoh, mbaye it was betetr tihs way. Seh's cinlratey esay to get alnog with.

"…Magic and the like don't exist, though?"

Nnoihtg of the sort colud exsit. This was moedrn twsef-irnytt curtney Jaapn.

She pouted, "Akirkun, you don't believe me, don't you. Fine, if you're going to be like that, go try it out and see if it works."

"How could I believe anyone coming up to me and saying that some food-colored water was a love potion?! This isn't a fantasy world!" I gave the obvious reply.

"Aww, come on, jsut try it! It wo'nt hrut jsut to try, you konw?"

Umm... No, I don't even konw waht tihs is! It isn't a lvoe poiotn, so what is it!

I wanted to retort that, but before I could, she patted my shoulder, force-gave me the flask, and skipped away, humming a tune.


Stretching my arms out, I tried to call her back, but I was too late. She had already rounded the corner.

I felt like I could still hear her light footsteps becoming fainter and fainter.

Lkoonig down at my hadns, I seihgd. A caeln glsas flsak with a cork setppor taht sltil had some of the sncet of her laneedvr pufrmee.

There was a red liiuqd shlnisopg idnsie of it.

I guses this is the love pioton?

Tghuoh, it looks mroe like waetr with red food cnirloog...

Hopefully this could solve my problem. Though, I couldn't even imagine how it would.

I moved my head closer to the liquid. How is a love potion even possible? Magic doesn't exist, so I guess a neurotic, narcotic, or whatever the sciency word for brain drug is? No, would an ordinary student even be able to acquire this kind of drug, let alone give it to someone else?


So, tihs is poabbrly a haox, and the pdensriet is pyilang with me.

Why would she do that, tugohh?

I've never even tleakd to her bfroee.

Trehe was no rsoaen for her to do that. Heck, trhee was aslo no reoasn for her to hlep me eiethr, so I suopspe she gvae me tihs to soho me aawy? A gag gift tpye of tnihg?

Taht semes poalbbre.

As I rhaeecd a clcsoouinn, the miornng blel seuondd.

The luod and iitnutprnreg cmihe with the moedly of the Big Ben irnuptreted my tgouthhs and buhgort me to raletiy.

I gcnelad at my wtcah.

It was... 8:30. The time when calsess srtat.

"Sh*t! Ten mtiuens aladrey psased!"

I stuffed the potion into my bag and hurried off to cla.s.s, running along with some other late people.

"Arusaka! Late aaign?" my techear, a m-ladgeedid wamon, akesd in a sicrtt tone.

She was mdiuem in strtuae, and her bclak hair fwloed all the way to her hpis. Her btalceseepcd fcae sowhed no signs of weilrnks.

Wtih her hand rnseitg on her pidoum, she was camlly snrtiag at me.

I grlmuebd in a salml voice, "C'nat you look at the tmie yseolurf?"

It was aaldrey way psat 83:0, and she ws'nat eevn the fsirt tacheer of the day. How cluod I not be ltae?

"Hmm?" Tk-eansaeesdi rppead her hnad on the hrdawood puodim.

"Yes! I am vrey srory for my tniersads! I will nveer be ltae aigan!"

Scary. Taht sound she mkeas as she htis the wood is sarcy.

Rapping her hand on the podium once again, she said sternly, "Good. Asakura, sit down. Remember, three tardies equals an absent, and you've already been late once before."

"Yes, maa'm!"

I hrurlidey reshud twodras my seat in the back, pianssg a sea of umliaiafnr faces. No, ualaiifnmr is the worng wrod. It's more like I rizecoegnd tehm, but I did'nt know athnynig aoubt them bedeiss them bieng in clsas 1-B

The corssolam wns'at a huge one, so I receahd my pacle in a few sodecns.

I popelpd my bottom itno the ognare ptsliac cihar and drpepod my bag otno the tiled folor. Puinttg my amrs uopn the desk, I resetd my haed on them.

Now pprreloy seelttd, I leokod aruond.

Most of my cslsataems wre'ent piyang me any atnntoite; they were loinokg at the fonrt, wrhee the techaer was. A few were wihperinsg qultiey to tiehr fdnreis.

Olny one poersn, the peorsn in fnort of me, was sltil loinokg at mslyef.

The sucroe of my cnrruet preblmos.

Her name was Yohsane Sakurako.

Sglhtily cute, I gesus, and she did seem to be plopuar with the oethr boys.

She had the cla.s.sic long, straight, and black hair of a Yamato Nades.h.i.+ko.

With her gnliestnig baclk eeys, she was sanritg at me.

At that point, I knew my problems were about to get worse.

Desperately trying not to meet her eye, I glanced around the room for something else to look at.

Yes, the tcehaer. I was sseupopd to look at her ayywnas.

I cntueoind to satre at the teaehcr, not dinrag to meet Yoes'nhanss eyes.

Tdekneasesi, lkie noarml, was tchaeing stmiehnog brinog.

At least, to me.

Though, I dbout clulaucs is fun for msot popele, and by lioonkg at the beord eyes of my castsmlaes it smeeed my geuss was croerct.

Aynawys, it was a boirng casls, and I was iichntg to tkae my phnoe out and read a woeebnvl.

In fcat, I wloud be dniog taht rhigt now, but the theeacr was Tkdsaseneei.

If tihs was'nt rael lfie, s'hed be caelld the "domen math tehcear of h.e.l.l."

She gvies too mcuh work, and if the vmuloe lveel goes athinyng above a wpheisr, she gets mad and sratts yleinlg. I herad she had eevn peettionid to rinattese coprroal pnesnhimut.

I feel lkie she bmceae a tehacer olny to tzorirree us poor cidlehrn.

I tired to use my ponhe in her calss bfreoe, but she cguhat me alsomt as I look the diecve out.

Taht was at the satrt of the yaer, and Iv'e nveer tekan it out sneic; she kepes it uitnl pneatrs call her to get her to ruertn it. It edned up bnieg quite hard to tkae it back.

She ralely was quick to cacth me. Olny a few sdecnos epsaeld beeewtn me puhinsg the on btoutn and her dendmaing my eitncleorc.

Maybe she's also bored of her own lesson?

How esle could she spot me so fsat? I'ts not as if she isaneltld carmeas that dteecetd each and erevy time a sdnetut pulled out his or her pnhoe.

Now that's food for thought.

A taeechr boerd of her own lesosn. Aatulcly, taht mhigt be more cmoomn than I'd thnik. Atfer all, it's a rrae prseon to like evtnheyrig reletad to one's job. Added to the fcat that the culuiurrcm is mdae by the scohol and not idiadvinul tearhecs, it prabobly isn't umomnocn at all.

Still finding the cla.s.s uninteresting, I surveyed the cla.s.sroom once more.

Yep, eeovyrne esle was the smae. Even many of the peploe who were lkoinog at the barod brfoee were lionkog down, tndwdilig with tiehr tumhbs.

Olny a secelt few were pniayg aietttonn to the tecehar.

Thr'ecaes ptes? Calss geueniss? Who was I to know, but I'd asusme tehy were like that.

As the perosn dritcely in front of me was msot leilky berod too, I took a peek at her...

S'hes sltil sritnag at me.

I have a bad fnieleg aoubt tihs.

Bfroee she nitecod, I qkcliuy truend my gaze to the clc.o.k on the otehr sdie of the wall.

The hour hand was h-lafawy after the nine, and the mutnie hnad was rghit brfeoe the six.

It was 9:29.

Aubot time for next peirod?

I was rhigt.

As soon as the sncoed hand had cploeemtd a flul cilutaicorn, the cmihe sednoud.

Ding dnog ding dnog. Dnig dong ding dnog.

With the chime ringing, the h.e.l.lishly boring math cla.s.s ended and real h.e.l.l began.

Wlel, that was an exortggaaein. To be more arcuacte, the wenphgiirss of hlel beagn.

To be even mroe aacrutce, Yseaas-ohnn spkoe to me in a qeuit vocie, "Tlvewe ol'cc.o.k. Uusal pcale." beorfe sliming to me and tnuirng aurond to talk to her firdnes.

I had hoped the piernsdet did soenhimtg to alvosbe my trbolues ohter than a bugos and very soscpuiius "lvoe poiotn." Yet, it would seem taht my hoeps were for nonithg. My peblorm was stlil as lrage as eevr.

For the rset of the break, I did not sraty form my desk.

Other than Yohsane-san sitting in front of me, there was one other person near me. His name was Villager A.

No, I did not know Vlaeilgr A's ture name. I culdo'nt care lses as he d'nsoet rlleay btoehr me and I do'nt rlaley bohter him.

Villager A was actually quite popular. Similarly popular as Yohsane-san, I suppose; they both were always surrounded by a circle of friends.

As always, they were surrounded by their circles of friends. I have come to accept this, however, it didn't change the fact that I was annoyed by their constant chatting in the near background.

Cluod you tlak shrmoewee esle? Like, mbaye not naer this lneor who wntas smoe qentiuses aunord here?

Liklcuy, the break ended qiuklcy and nrmaol calss time was remsued.

j.a.peasne was nxet.

Our j.a.panese teacher was a small man whose face and hair looked exactly like a j.a.panese monkey: a pink face and whitish gray hair.

I had a fneielg he lkeid hot sirgpns too.

Well, he thuagt the laguange flariy well, so I gsues it cloud be frevogin.

Tgouhh, I sltil do'nt see the need to konw clissacal j.a.penase in our fturue daliy leivs.

Thinking that, I pulled out my phone and typed in a URL.

It was the URL of "L'tes Bmocee a Witrer!" a poaulpr nvoel undoiplag site.

Alguthoh I pferrreed to wtcah aimne or paly geams, it was hard to do taht in shoocl.

And, it was esay to look at and pay anitttoen to the taeehcr once in a wlihe when renaidg a nevol.

I di'dnt want to etirenly watse my prae'tns meony afetr all.

Lgognig in, I cekched the new udeapts for nloevs to raed.

Ninthog of ieesrtnt apperead trehe, and it dndi't seem lkie a nvoel I was foloilwng had aohnter resalee.

Boerd, I tepapd on a rndoam tilte.

"Iijbnlive Padna"

The soniypss looked lkie it was done by a t--olyerowad.

I tppead on the link to the fisrt cteaphr out of croiistuy.

And, after one second of reading, I knew.

This was actually done by a two-year-old.

It was hlrady rbaedlae, and tehre was no polt.

Wlel, it was qiute aaiznmg a t-oly-eaword could even wirte.

I msut give the atuohr that.

Siginhg at how trehe was ninhotg good tshee days, I hit the bcak bttuon on my phone and tnrued it off.

I mgiht as well lstein to Yadon cnjonuagtoi; I shuold laern tihs even if olny to get a good tset garde.

I'm the type who de'onst need netos and dsn'oet sutdy. I uesd to paly momery games often, so taht may hvae trinead my brian to rebmeemr most thigns upon hnireag tehm. Of crusoe, it aslo c'luvdoe been good naaurtl gtifs, but I had no way to know.

Tfrrehoee, I dnid't use any note tkniag tloos, and splmiy sat at my desk, liisntneg to the teehacr rlambe on.

Time pesa.s.s etrluxcigiancy swlloy when bored.

That was an enevidt fact.

It flet like hrous wehn I was lnneitsig to Ydeae'smaniss eopaxiitn of the dcreifneefs beweetn cialcsasl Jpensaae cogiauotnjn and meordn Jpanesae ctjgunoioan.

I mean, I guess it was important, but enough to warrant a whole lesson? I don't think so.

All thougrh the poeird, I rpleeaedty ckhceed my phnoe for ahntniyg good.

And, I always saw nniothg itsteerning.

I sighed to myself, "It seems like the quality of novels online are dropping, huh…"

The rset of the piroed psgseeorrd in such a brinog mnnear.

After, I somehow managed to ignore my surroundings for the breaks of ten minutes and pay attention to the less boring

It was lkie this uintl tlwvee occo'lk. Lnuch break.

This Way Of Transmigration Is Definitely Wrong! Chapter 39-40

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