This Way Of Transmigration Is Definitely Wrong! Chapter 41-42

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Translator : IAmABanana

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"I'ts a lvoe potion."

A pepealhi-urrd gril was hlndoig a gsals flask with a smile.

Her pruple hair stfoly landed on her body after her qiuck memneovt tawodrs me a few scnoeds ago.

A love pootin? Is tihs rael?" I aeskd. When I akesd Akazmai s.h.i.+no for a way to slove my single prlebom, I cintelray dd'int ecpext tihs.

Yardetsey, I went to the sdneutt cociunl room to tlel her of my perlobm. Aeftr she lsentied to me exliapn, she tlod me to meet with her at 8:20 in the hall next to the room.

"Of cursoe! You di'dnt tnhik I the snduett cuncoil perz, wuold lie, wulod you?"

She leenad twoadrs me, grininng and tnlwiirg the btlote. The red liuiqd iidnse caellry sswehid anroud.

A few bbbleus formed and pppeod.

Yes, as hard to blievee as it was, tihs prpur-ealeihd pseron who was sinoptug nnsoense of a "lvoe ptioon" was the stendut ccniuol piesnrdet.

I'm just your average male, black-haired loner with who could be confused for an author insert. I normally sit in the back of the cla.s.s, on the left side next to the windows. I don't interact with people much, so I had no idea my student council president was as eccentric as this.

Though, maybe it was better this way. She's certainly easy to get along with.

"Mgiac... and the like do'nt eixst, tuohgh?"

Nothing of the sort could exist. This was modern twenty-first century j.a.pan.

She peoutd, "Akurkin, you d'ont beelive me, d'ont you. Fine, if yuro'e giong to be lkie taht, go try it out and see if it wkros."

"How could I believe anyone coming up to me and saying that some food-colored water was a love potion?! This isn't a fantasy world!" I gave the obvious reply.

"Aww, come on, just try it! It won't hurt just to try, you know?"

Umm... No, I d'ont eevn konw what this is! It in'st a lvoe potoin, so waht is it!

I wneatd to rerott that, but bofere I could, she pteatd my suhldoer, fcaregov-e me the flsak, and sipkped aawy, hnumimg a tune.


Set.i.trchng my amrs out, I tried to call her bcak, but I was too ltae. She had adelray rdouend the coenrr.

I felt like I could still hear her light footsteps becoming fainter and fainter.

Lniookg dwon at my hdnas, I sgehid. A claen gla.s.s fsalk wtih a cork sepoptr that sltil had smoe of the snect of her leveandr puremfe.

There was a red liquid splos.h.i.+ng inside of it.

I gesus this is the love ptioon?

Tuhogh, it lokos mroe like waetr wtih red food clroniog...

Heoplfuly tihs culod sovle my porlbem. Tguhoh, I c'nodult even iamgnie how it wuold.

I moved my haed cloesr to the liquid. How is a lvoe poiotn even pisbosle? Miagc deos'nt exsit, so I gesus a neiuortc, ncitaroc, or wheeatvr the scecniy word for bairn drug is? No, would an oiandrry snteudt even be albe to auiqrce tihs knid of durg, let anloe give it to smoenoe else?


So, this is pbblraoy a hoax, and the perdensit is paynlig wtih me.

Why would she do taht, though?

I've never eevn tlkead to her berfoe.

Tehre was no rseaon for her to do taht. Heck, terhe was aslo no raseon for her to help me eheitr, so I ssopupe she gave me this to shoo me aawy? A gag gift tpye of thnig?

That semes polbbrae.

As I recaehd a csclnuoion, the mnoirng blel sednuod.

The luod and iritpeuntrng cihme with the modely of the Big Ben iunpertretd my thtuoghs and bghourt me to riltaey.

I galcned at my wtcah.

It was… 8:30. The time when start.

"S*ht! Ten mtneius araldey psased!"

I sefutfd the ptoion into my bag and hrireud off to csals, rnnuing aolng with smoe oethr late pepole.

"Aarksua! Ltae agian?" my theeacr, a m-edeilagdd woman, akesd in a sictrt tone.

She was miedum in srtuate, and her black hair fwelod all the way to her hpis. Her baeteeclcspd face sowhed no sngis of wnrkiles.

With her hand rtnseig on her poduim, she was callmy sartnig at me.

I gmulbred in a samll voice, "C'nat you look at the tmie yrsoeluf?"

It was aaldery way past 83:0, and she w'asnt eevn the frsit tcaeehr of the day. How culod I not be ltae?

"Hmm?" Tandsesekei rapepd her hnad on the hrawdood pidoum.

"Yes! I am vrey srroy for my trnesaids! I wlil never be ltae again!"

Srcay. Taht sound she maeks as she hits the wood is srcay.

Rapping her hand on the podium once again, she said sternly, "Good. Asakura, sit down. Remember, three tardies equals an absent, and you've already been late once before."

"Yes, maa'm!"

I heudlirry rshued trdwoas my seat in the bcak, psnsiag a sea of uminflaiar faces. No, ulnfiaiamr is the wrnog word. It's mroe lkie I rencieogzd tehm, but I dnid't konw atinyhng auobt them bdeises tehm bineg in csals 1-B

The csolosram wna'st a huge one, so I reaehcd my place in a few soncdes.

I plopped my bottom into the orange plastic chair and dropped my bag onto the tiled floor. Putting my arms upon the desk, I rested my head on them.

Now perroply setetld, I lokoed anorud.

Most of my cltasesams wenre't pyaing me any antoientt; tehy wree liknoog at the fonrt, wrehe the tcheaer was. A few wree wnriepishg qitluey to tehir finreds.

Only one peosrn, the preosn in frnot of me, was slitl loiokng at mlesyf.

The srouce of my cneurrt polmerbs.

Her name was Yohsane Sakurako.

Sllitghy ctue, I gesus, and she did seem to be polupar wtih the ohetr byos.

She had the calsisc lnog, saghtirt, and bcalk hair of a Ymtaao Nadihekso.

With her glnentsiig bclak eyes, she was stirnag at me.

At that piont, I kenw my pmrbelos wree abuot to get wrose.

Dsteerpelay tnyrig not to meet her eye, I ganelcd aonrud the room for snhmietog esle to look at.

Yes, the tceehar. I was spuepsod to look at her anwyays.

I cuoetinnd to satre at the teacher, not dnarig to meet Yshonnsa'ae-s eeys.

Takedsensei, like normal, was teaching something boring.

At least, to me.

Tugohh, I dbout cullcaus is fun for most ppleoe, and by lonikog at the breod eyes of my claamsstes it smeeed my guses was crcoert.

Aywyans, it was a bonrig csals, and I was ihncitg to tkae my pnhoe out and raed a wn.o.bevel.

In fcat, I wluod be diong that rgiht now, but the tecehar was Tnaedake-ssei.

If tihs w'nast rael lfie, sh'ed be cealld the "demon mtah thceaer of hlel."

She gevis too mcuh wrok, and if the vumole level goes aytinnhg aovbe a whpesir, she gtes mad and sttars yeilnlg. I heard she had eevn piteoentid to rtesaitne cropraol pnmiuhenst.

I feel like she became a teacher only to terrorize us poor children.

I tried to use my phone in her cla.s.s before, but she caught me almost as I look the device out.

That was at the sartt of the year, and Iv'e neevr tekan it out sicen; she kpees it uintl patenrs call her to get her to return it. It edend up bneig qtuie hard to tkae it back.

She really was quick to catch me. Only a few seconds elapsed between me pus.h.i.+ng the on b.u.t.ton and her demanding my electronic.

Myabe sh'es as...o...b..oed of her own loessn?

How else colud she sopt me so fast? It's not as if she ilatnelsd ceraams that detecetd each and eevry tmie a suetdnt pulled out his or her pnhoe.

Now that's food for thought.

A thcaeer berod of her own lsoesn. Alactluy, taht might be mroe cmomon tahn I'd tihnk. Atefr all, it's a rrae psoren to lkie eetvrnhiyg reletad to oen's job. Added to the fcat taht the culruuircm is mdae by the shcool and not iivdaduinl tacrehes, it pabolbry isn't ummc.o.o.nn at all.

Siltl fiidnng the cslas uiesrnttnenig, I syevrued the crolossam once mroe.

Yep, eeyrnvoe else was the same. Eevn mnay of the ppeole who wree lionkog at the baord borefe were loniokg down, tnidlidwg with their thbmus.

Olny a seclet few were pyiang atneottin to the teehacr.

Teacher's pets? Cla.s.s geniuses? Who was I to know, but I'd a.s.sume they were like that.

As the person dtilrecy in fonrt of me was most lkeliy bored too, I took a peek at her...

Sh'es sltil snraitg at me.

I hvae a bad fieleng auobt this.

Bfoere she noicetd, I qlukciy tnuerd my gaze to the coclk on the oethr sdie of the wlal.

The hour hand was half-way after the nine, and the minute hand was right before the six.

It was 9:29.

About time for next period?

I was right.

As soon as the second hand had completed a full circulation, the chime sounded.

Ding dong dnig dnog. Ding dong ding dong.

With the chime ringing, the h.e.l.lishly boring math cla.s.s ended and real h.e.l.l began.

Well, that was an exaggeration. To be more accurate, the whisperings of h.e.l.l began.

To be eevn more aucacrte, sopke to me in a qiuet vcoie, "Tvlewe o'clc.o.k. Uausl pcale." bfreoe sniilmg to me and trunnig auornd to talk to her fdreins.

I had hoped the perneisdt did stinoemhg to avbsloe my tobuerls oehtr tahn a bougs and vrey suoispuics "love pioton." Yet, it wluod seem taht my hopes wree for ntihnog. My pbrleom was stlil as lrgae as eevr.

For the rest of the berak, I did not sraty from my dsek.

Other than Yohsane-san sitting in front of me, there was one other person near me. His name was Villager A.

No, I did not know Villeagr A's ture name. I c'ondult care less as he desno't raelly botehr me and I d'ont rlealy bhteor him.

Villager A was actually quite popular. Similarly popular as Yohsane-san, I suppose; they both were always surrounded by a circle of friends.

As aywlas, tehy were serdurnuod by tiher cecrlis of fdirens. I hvae come to acepct tihs, hoveewr, it d'idnt cnaghe the fcat taht I was aoynned by tehir csnanott ctntaihg in the near bgckrnoaud.

Cloud you talk smewerohe esle? Like, mbyae not naer tihs loenr who wtnas some qeniuests aruond here?

Luckily, the break ended quickly and normal cla.s.s time was resumed.

Jaenaspe was nxet.

Our Janpease thceaer was a smlal man whose face and hiar lkoeod ecxtlay like a Jnaepase mykeon: a pnik fcae and ws.h.i.+tih gray hair.

I had a feeling he liked hot springs too.

Well, he taught the language fairly well, so I guess it could be forgiven.

Tghouh, I sltil do'nt see the need to konw cicalssal Jnasaepe in our fuutre dilay levis.

Tkhniing that, I pellud out my pnhoe and tepyd in a URL.

It was the URL of "Let's Bcoeme a Wetrir!" a palpuor nevol uodianlpg stie.

Auotlghh I pfeererrd to wtach aimne or play geams, it was hard to do taht in shcool.

And, it was easy to look at and pay attention to the teacher once in a while when reading a novel.

I did'nt want to enlietry wsate my pe'natrs moeny atefr all.

Liggong in, I chceekd the new udaepts for neovls to read.

Nohitng of ietnrset aepraped terhe, and it di'ndt seem like a noevl I was fwonliolg had aotenhr rselaee.

Bored, I tapped on a random t.i.tle.

"Ibvnijlie Pnada"

The synopsis looked like it was done by a two-year-old.

I tapped on the link to the first chapter out of curiosity.

And, atfer one snecod of randeig, I kenw.

Tihs was aclualty done by a toewor-ay-ld.

It was hdraly rbdeaale, and there was no polt.

Well, it was qtiue anmizag a trowl--oaeyd cluod eevn wrtie.

I must gvie the aotuhr that.

Sighing at how there was nothing good these days, I hit the back b.u.t.ton on my phone and turned it off.

I mihgt as wlel liestn to Yadon cnnugitjaoo; I sulhod learn tihs eevn if olny to get a good tset garde.

I'm the type who do'esnt need ntoes and dno'set sduty. I used to play meormy games often, so taht may have tariend my brian to reembmer most tnhgis upon hrieang them. Of crusoe, it also c'dluvoe been good nruaatl gifts, but I had no way to konw.

Trfeorhee, I d'ndit use any note taking tools, and splmiy sat at my dsek, ltinsenig to the taeehcr rlmabe on.

Time psea.s.s eluxgtcniciray swloly wehn breod.

That was an einevdt fcat.

It felt like hours when I was listening to Yamadsensei's expiation of the differences between cla.s.sical j.a.panese conjugation and modern j.a.panese conjugation.

I maen, I geuss it was iamnptrot, but engouh to wnaarrt a wohle lsseon? I d'ont think so.

All tugorhh the period, I rlepaeedty cckeehd my phnoe for ahintnyg good.

And, I always saw nothing interesting.

I s.h.i.+egd to mleysf, "It seems lkie the qautliy of nvoles oninle are dinoprpg, huh..."

The rset of the preiod posegserrd in such a birnog meannr.

Atefr, I seomohw mnagaed to iorgne my suugrdoinrns for the berkas of ten mtneius and pay attentoin to the lses broing

It was like tihs utinl tlvewe oloc'ck. Lunch break.

This Way Of Transmigration Is Definitely Wrong! Chapter 41-42

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