Thousand Face Demonic Concubine Chapter 193.1

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Chapter 193.1 - Helping feed him medicine

To be injured in such an important area, Lan Bai thought a bit before being bold and taking a guess, “At that time, there was also the Countess of Chaoxia in the carriage. The Night Prince might have, for the sake of saving the Countess …” Feeling Lou Qingwu’s gaze change, Lan Bai quickly shut her mouth.

What … was she speaking nonsense about?

She immediately waved her hands, “That was just nonsense, I was just rambling!”

“Go get Thousand Face.”

“Ah?” Lan Bai froze but didn’t ask her why.

Thousand Face quickly came and when he heard Lou Qingwu’s request, froze too.

At the same time, Night Prince’s residence.

When Feng Yege’s condition stabilised a bit, the eldest eunuch came and reported his situation back to the emperor.

He only left a few imperial doctors by Qingge little building so that they could attend to him urgently if anything happened.

Feng Shiyi and the others all guarded the building vigilantly, taking turns to take care of Feng Yege.

The others would stand outside and guard the building to protect Feng Yege’s safety.

The night was as cold as water and at this time, a little servant came to Qingge little building.

He wasn’t very tall but he wasn’t too short either.

He carried a basin of water to the building and when he reached the door, his voice was light and low, “The housekeeper told me to take care of the Night Prince.”

Feng Shiyi and the others furrowed their brows before immediately taking their swords out, “Who are you?”

The little servant’s hands tightened on the basin, “A servant from within the residence.”

“Then how have I never seen you?” Shiyi didn’t believe him, leaning in closer.

His brows suddenly furrowed, looking deeply at the servant whose head remained lowered.

He immediately took two steps back, sheathing his sword, “Go in then.”

“.... Yes.” The servant said as he entered, his head still lowered.

Feng Yi quickly tugged at Feng Shiyi’s sleeve after the little servant walked in, “How could you just let anyone enter?”

“That person has no problems.”


“Didn’t you see who it was?” Feng Shiyi’s expression wasn’t good but his cold aura dissipated a lot.

At least that woman was willing to come, she wasn’t that heartless.


“Wh-who?” Feng Yi quickly turned around to look at the tightly shut door.

Instantly he seemed to have thought of something, his mouth widening, “It’s … it’s …”

“If you know, that’s fine. Don’t go blabbering around.”

“Hey! You’re ….”


When the little servant entered the room, he finally lifted up his head.

It was a very ordinary looking face but his watery eyes were very beautiful.

His originally cold eyes fell on the Feng Yege who was deeply asleep and they instantly softened.

He walked over, placing the warm basin of water down before sitting down next to Feng Yege.

He first took Feng Yege’s pulse, feeling that it was steady and strong.

He finally let out a sigh of relief.

Then he stood up, taking a clean handkerchief before walking back to Feng Yege’s bedside.

He sat next to him, cleaning the blood stains on his face.

First, he swept past his brows, then his tightly closed eyes … his jade-like face was still pale, extremely quiet.

It was only at this time that Lou Qingwu could closely look at him, and not be scared of the worry and frustration seeping out of her eyes, “Senior brother, ah ….”


TL note:  

LQW can’t stay the night, but a little servant can.

I’ll forgive Lan Bai for being dumb and actually thinking that Feng Yege would take a sword for Chaoxia.

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Thousand Face Demonic Concubine Chapter 193.1

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