Thousand Face Demonic Concubine Chapter 195.1

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Chapter 195.1 - Remorsefully apologising

Feng Yege’s mood was great, so he played along and cooperated with the imperial doctor until they left.

He was a doctor himself, so even without them coming, he’d be fine.

He let Feng San reward them with more taels before calling Feng San.

“Did you find out who it was?” Feng Yege carefully put on an outer garment, his eyes cold.

“Those people in black had already swallowed poison before coming so we couldn’t find the person behind them. But for someone to want to kill master at this time, I’m afraid …” A name appeared in Feng San’s mind but because of fear, he didn’t dare to say it out loud.

“Hmph.” Feng Yege had also clearly guessed who he was alluding to.

His eyes grew even colder, “It seems like we’re being too lenient on them. You know what you should do, right?”

“Yes! This subordinate will do it now, I definitely will make them pay for this!”

To dare to injure his master, did they really think the Feng twelve were just playing around, to end up on the list of top assassins.

“En, leave them with a single breath. The rest, do whatever you like.”

“Yes!” After Feng San left, Feng Yege wrapped an outer garment around himself and stood up.

When he reached to the side of the room, his cold fingertips fell on the ‘Ostentatious Jade’ left by the imperial doctors.

His eyes instantly regained their previous warmth as his eyes billows, before lightly sighing: What exactly are you thinking?

If her heart had him inside it, why did she keep pushing him away?

Lou Qingwu quietly returned to her Leaning Wind Pavilion.

She hadn’t slept the whole night so her face was pale.

When Lan Bai saw her return, she instantly passed her an already prepared ginseng soup.

“Master, first drink some soup to regain some vitality. Otherwise, your body won’t be able to take it.”

“En.” Lou Qingwu didn’t reject the soup.

She really was tired.

From the morning, when she was so anxious to after seeing Feng Yege and completely loosening up, she really had no strength right now.

Taking the soup from Lan Bai and lifting it up towards her lips, she felt the bowl was warm.

It’d been kept warm by a small fire.

When she drank it, her whole body grew warm.

After she took the disguise off of her face, and cleaned up, Lou Qingwu returned to her room to take a nap.

Lan Bai was scared of disturbing her so she stood vigilantly outside of her room.

But this peaceful silence was quickly broken.

Lou Qingwu had only slept for an hour before an unexpected guest arrived at the Leaning Wind Pavilion.

Ruan Zhen’s face was haggard, you only needed to take a look to see that she hadn’t slept for a whole night.

When Lan Bai heard someone burst open the Leaning Wind Pavilion’s big doors, she saw Ruan Zhen’s wretched figure.

Her back was bent as her neck was stiff, her eyes bloodshot as her eyes fixed on Lan Bai.

Lan Bai jumped in fright.

When she saw clearly who it was, and thinking of how the second madam’s scheme was exposed, Lan Bai laughed coldly at her.

She stopped her and mocked her, “Ah, what kind of wind blew the second madam here?”

“Where is Lou Qingwu?” Ruan Zhen’s face grew cold and cruel, as if she didn’t hear the mocking tone in Lan Bai’s words.

“Master isn’t here, if the second madam has anything to say, you can say it to me.”

“I don’t believe it. They said that Lou Qingwu hasn’t left the residence! Tell her to come out here and see me, I have something to talk to her about!” It was rare for Ruan Zhen to not explode in anger as she tried to speak to Lan Bai patiently.

How could Lan Bai let her see Lou Qingwu?

Her master didn’t sleep for a whole night so even if the sky was falling down, she would have Lan Bai here to hold it up for her.

No one could disturb her master’s sleep.

Lan Bai turned her face to the side, her stance was tough.

“Second madam, it’s like this, my master just left. Does the second madam want to wait?”

“Lan Bai!” Ruan Zhen seemed very anxious, her patience was wearing thin, “I don’t have time, tell Lou Qingwu to come out here and see me!”


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Ruan Zhen seems to be in danger?

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Thousand Face Demonic Concubine Chapter 195.1

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