Thousand Face Demonic Concubine Chapter 212.2

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Chapter 212.2 - The best of an ugly bunch

But, if he wanted to swindle her into Xiliang country, that really wasn’t very nice.

“Countess of Rende, what a coincidence.”

“Yes, this really is a coincidence.” Lou Qingwu lazily swept a look at them, “it seems like prime minister Shu’s people aren’t too satisfied with this countess.”

“What do you mean? The countess must have heard wrongly.”

“Oh? Then just I didn’t just hear someone calling this countess an ugly monster?”

“Of course not.” Shu Yunyan lied with a straight face, he didn’t even blink.

But with how petty Lou Qingwu was, how could she let Xiliang Mubai off so easily?

She smirked at him as she lifted a hand and rubbed her face.

Suddenly, a mischievous smile flashed, making Shu Yunyan’s back run cold.

In the next instant, Lou Qingwu lifted up her facial veil, revealing a spotted and marked up face that looked even more creepy under the dim lights.

Half of her face was illuminated and the other half was hidden by the darkness, she looked like a ghost, extremely scary.

Xiliang Mubai first froze and then angrily stomped on the foot of a servant behind him, screaming, “Shu Yunyan, if you dare to make me marry this ugly monster, I’ll fight you!”

Ah, his eyes!

He’d never seen such an ugly woman in his life.

He’d rather die than marry her!

And to marry her back for display? Even the maidservants who swept his grounds were prettier than her!

Shu Yunyan froze visibly too, not thinking that Lou Qingwu actually did have an allergic reaction.

Lou Qingwu was very clearly satisfied with their reactions as she leisurely put her veil back in place.

She took a step forward, her beautiful eyes br.i.m.m.i.n.g with laughter, “Prime minister Shu, it seems like your plans aren’t going too smoothly.”

Shu Yunyan’s face darkened as Lou Qingwu’s laughter grew deeper.

She took one last deep look at him before walking past them and heading towards the Vermilion Bird gate.

All hints of laughter disappeared, replaced with her usual coldness.

Right until Lou Qingwu and Lan Bai left did Xiliang suddenly shout, “Shu Yunyan, this is the famed beauty you were talking about? If I asked you to marry her, would you dare to marry her?”

Shu Yunyan turned to look at him coldly making Xilian Mubai suddenly feel uncomfortable, “You, you, what are you looking at?!”

“Prime minister Shu.” Just as the two people had their daggers drawn and were staring each other down, the originally silent third princess, Xiliang Feiyue, suddenly spoke.

“Royal brother speaks from the heart without thinking, please don’t be angry with him. I don’t know why you are so intent on making Mubai marry that Countess of Rende, is there a reason we cannot know?”

Towards Xiliang Feiyue, Shu Yunyan’s expression was slightly better looking, “That girl isn’t simple. She’s much more clever than the average person so if she’s able to stand by the fifth prince’s side, then when we get back to Xiliang country and she is willing to help him, it would be an easy feat for the fifth prince to gain the throne.”


“En.” Shu Yunyan’s eyes grew darker.

Xiliang Feiyue slowly walked in front of him, her beautiful eyes watched him brightly, “Seeing as the prime minister has already said so, fifth brother, did you hear that?”

Xiliang Mubai was still a bit reluctant. That woman was too ugly. “Do I really have to marry her?”

“... Yes.”

Xiliang Mubai’s head lowered and after a long time later, scratched his head hard, “Let me think about it.”

“Okay, royal sister will give you three days to think about it. After three days, the emperor will choose a partner for me to marry and at that time, I hope you can give me a satisfactory answer.” Xiliang Feiyue spoke as if she wasn’t the one who was going to be married off.

The way she spoke about it was too calm, it made people feel uncomfortable.

“Yes, I know.”


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Thousand Face Demonic Concubine Chapter 212.2

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