Thousand Face Demonic Concubine Chapter 227.2

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Chapter 227.2 - Traitorous and ungrateful

But very quickly, the door slammed open again.

This time, it was Leng Yichen.

His eyes fell on the table of empty bottles and couldn’t help but sigh, “What did he want to talk to you about?”

“He took the second half of the Yunji picture.”

Leng Yichen froze for a second, “He knows your ident.i.ty, would that be bad for you?”

Lou Qingwu shook her head, “He’s a smart person so he shouldn’t do anything stupid. He should know that if I can use graphite and loam to open a box that can’t be opened ordinarily, I’m also able to spread news about how to open it. If he’s not stupid, he won’t provoke me. Between us, it’s just a mutual exchange, there’s nothing good or bad about it.”

Leng Yichen rubbed his forehead.

He sat down in front of her again and placed the hundred thousand in banknotes in front of her, “Shu Yunyan told me to give it to you.”

“En.” Lou Qingwu nodded her head, “This is a lot easier than actually doing business.”

“But this is also a lot more dangerous.” After all, the hardest thing to see through in this world is a person’s heart.

When exchanging and doing business with someone, it’s easy for accidents to happen.

Leng Yichen saw that she still wanted to drink and finally couldn’t help but stretch out a hand to stop her. “This is wine, not water. If you still want to drink, why did you drink soup to dissipate the alcohol?”

Wasn’t that just a waste?

“I’m not drinking to get drunk. Furthermore, if you try to drown your sorrows in alcohol, you’ll just be more sad. I understand that.”

“Then why are you still drinking?” Leng Yichen wanted to face palm.

Lou Qingwu blinked innocently at him. “I’m in a bad mood …”

So she had to pretend that she could get drunk, otherwise, when she sobered up, she’d still feel like her heart was very empty.

Leng Yichen: “......”

After an hour, Lou Qingwu finally gave up on a useless way of torturing herself.

She changed back into female clothing in another room and left through a secret tunnel out of Changle Lane to an alleyway a few streets away.

There, Thousand Face was waiting on a horse carriage for her.

When he saw that Lou Qingwu’s expression didn’t look strange, he finally let out a relieved breath.

Thousand Face drove the carriage out of the alleyway towards the Lou residence.

But before they reached the residence, someone stopped them.

Or not a person, but a person’s whip.

Lou Qingwu lifted up a curtain, her eyes falling on the girl in front of them.

She rubbed her forehead as Thousand Face jumped in front of her, his brows furrowing, “What are you doing?”

“Lou Qingwu, you’re traitorous and ungrateful!” Zi Li glared at the person inside the carriage.

Her hand gripped her whip tightly before cracking it hard in front of Lou Qingwu, stirring up dust.

Lou Qingwu stepped out of the carriage, her expression calm, “How am I traitorous and ungrateful?”

“Feng Yege treated you so well, how could you do this to him?”

“We didn’t have anything between us.”

Zi Li spat, “You dare to say you don’t have any relations.h.i.+p? Where did your medical skills come from? Or were you already planning on using him and them dumping him? You’re so traitorous and ungrateful, you don’t deserve a good death!” Zi Li was furious.

She wanted to take revenge for Feng Yege.

How could Lou Qingwu say that she could marry someone else just like that, and throw away people after using them?

Does she have a heart?


TL note:  

The long awaited author cursing out LQW.

Leave a comment and because even Zi Li hates LQW for throwing away Feng Yege  xx

Thousand Face Demonic Concubine Chapter 227.2

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