Thrive in Catastrophe Chapter 81

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"I will be happy to help you sort out your memories. You thoughts were shut down like a broken terminal. Once restarted, the retained files must be organized. Certain memories will be in the same place, such as your research. These will be stored with your long-term memory. The longer you have recalled something, the more clearly you will remember it. However, your ongoing research may not be retained as such and you might have to start again. The primary problem is your memories that were in transition. These are the memories that have been broken up and intertwined. You will have to piece them together along the way. Fully recovering them will be a tremendous undertaking."

Xiao Yan nodded. He remembered being a child and his time at the Academy, those memories were very clear. The mess begins after leaving the s.h.i.+re for the first time. After that, everything breaks apart like a scattered puzzle. He sees the details but not how they fit into the whole.

"Not to mention that your increased brain speed means there is more information to recover than the average person. Because the continuity of your memories has been destroyed, your mind is having a difficult time recovering them. Without order, your mind lacks the ability to recall these past events. The Major General hopes that you will be back to your research as soon as possible, so we don't have much time. Colonel Burton I am sorry, but I need to ask you and Liv to leave the room. I promise that in a few hours Xiao will walk out of here with a bit more clarity."

"I hope this promise is more reliable than the last one."

Heine looked at Xiao Yan before leaving. Xiao did not break eye contact.

Xia's smile did not falter. He bowed slightly and gestured outside. "The tea here is first rate. You two can enjoy some while you wait."

Finally only Xia and Xiao Yan remained, Xiao almost shouted in relief.

General Xia leans across the table with one hand stretched out. He is good at getting people to relax, and his unique and soothing voice calms Xiao.

"It seems that Colonel Burton is very nervous."

Xiao Yan smiled tightly.

Is he so obvious?

Xia puts down his teacup and Xiao went to sit down. Although his features are not as attractive as Heine's, he is still quite handsome. He has an elite air about him that adds to his unique presence.

"The reality is your memories are not confused, merely the events of the last two years. Since these are newer memories, they are more fragile, the long term memories are deeper and therefore more stable."

Xiao Yan nodded.

"There is no way for me to sort the pieces for you, there are too many fragments and I don't know your life. I can't help you connect all of them. My orders are to focus on ordering and recovering your thoughts regarding your research projects."

Xia is very logical and patient. With his guidance, Xiao is able to clarify his first project, creating an antidote to the chemical weapons developed by the Surge. In order to not over burden his brain, Xia did not push him further.

A half an hour before the end of their session, Xia pours Xiao Yan a cup of tea. "I imagine that you are not eager to rejoin Colonel Burton right now."

"...because Colonel Burton...and in... my memory... are different." Xiao Yan didn't know how to explain this so-called "difference."

"Haha..." Xia touched his chin. "Do you remember our consultation?"

"Yes... although I don't know why I was being questioned."

"That no longer matters. From what I saw in your memory about Colonel Burton..." Xia leaned forward and covered his hand with him own. "I hope he doesn't break your body."

Xiao shoulders shook as his subconscious deciphered his words. The general bowed his head and sipped his tea, he chuckled but said nothing more.

When the time was up, Heine pushed open the door and looked coldly at the two.

"Oh Colonel Burton. Through my guidance, Xiao Yan has already remembered one of his research projects. This is a very big step."

Heine stared at Xia's smiling face without any reaction.

"But everything else in life, like who he knows, kisses, rolls in the sheets with...etc...I can't do anything about that. After all, such information has no logic or sense to it. That will have to be sorted out in the future.'

Xiao isn't certain but it seems that there is an air of satisfaction coming from Xia...and more than a little gloating.

The left the torture force and arrived at the officer's apartment complex. Xiao is shocked to discover that his former tiny student dorm has been upgraded to such a high cla.s.s apartment. Although it is not incredible s.p.a.cious, it is full of amenities. The most exciting is that he has his own bathtub. He used to have to take a shower before. If he wanted a bath he would have to go to Casey's.

Thinking of Casey, Xiao's mood darkens. It seems that he woke up to a completely different life. Everything that he had before was all gone. His friends, his freedom...all have disappeared. Instead he hears the news that Casey has died in the Surge attack at the Academy. Of course Xiao remembers some of Casey's betrayal and he knows the story of his death was fabricated to give people a sense of closure.

...And Colonel Burton...he had only been in his life for a moment.

The only good thing is that the Special Forces that once looked down on him were now enthusiastically friendly toward him. From now on they guarded his apartment 24 h a day. If he so much as knocked a tea cup over, they would anxiously check on him. Xiao is proud to discover that he has become such an important person.

He needs to debug... and adapt to it all.

"Hey, what are you thinking about?!" Liv said with a wide smile. "You look like you have never seen a bathtub in your life."

Xiao Yan lifted his head and smiled back at Liv. She was the only person that made him feel completely relaxed. He couldn't help but joke around. He sidled up to her and spoke in a low and flirtatious voice. "Dear, we can lie the bath together...soak in the warm water and enjoy the feel of the other's skin...then--"

Liv quickly covered Xiao's mouth and looked over toward the door. "Ah. Boss!"

Xiao Yan's shoulders trembled, and there was an inexplicable fear in his heart, although he wasn't sure what he had done wrong.

"I will inform the quartermaster and have the bathtub removed." Heine's cold voice echoed off the walls.

"Hah? Why?"

Heine left the apartment without giving a reason.

"Liv! Why does he want to remove my bathtub?! The bathtub is the best part of the apartment!"

"Who told you to joke like that?" Liv didn't give him any comfort and instead poked his forehead. "The most important thing is to not drag me into the hot water with you."

"What should I do about my bathtub?"

"Well if you just say to him the words you said to me then I think you have a good chance of keeping it."

"What? Say that to Colonel Burton? He will shatter my bones! He will kill me!"

"Oh, nothing that serious. At most you will be laid up for three days."

Liv promptly left Xiao's apartment.

Bored to tears, Xiao Yan lies on the bed and stares at the ceiling. What had happened between him and Heine Burton?

He closed his eyes and shuffled through the debris in his mind. He felt a warm body covering his and opened his eyes. Heine's blue eyes stared back at him, like flames of ice, and his lips moved over him as his legs were pulled open and bent. Heine's pressed against him as the kiss gained intensity. Then Xiao's waist was lifted and his body pressed against the hot hardness gathering below Heine's abdomen. His l.u.s.t seemed ready to pierce him though.

"Ha!" Xiao Yan took a frantic breath and almost fell off of the bed.

His breathing became hectic in an instant and he desperately pulled at his hair. He doesn't know what is real and what isn't. Did Heine really do such things to him? And how could his unshakeable stoic expression look so...crazed?

Fragments fluttered across his vision and looped endlessly. Xiao's cannot control his breath.

Why would he picture Heine stepping across his bottom line like that?

Xiao stood up and poured himself a gla.s.s of water. He ma.s.saged his temples. Perhaps his amnesia was a fortunate turn in his current situation

The special mission forces are conducting internal meetings.
All the commanders with a rank above major are seated in the conference room. Gordon wore a severe expression, his tone was grave.

"We have lost 26 special forces fighting the zombie variants. From our establishment of the force to now this is an unprecedented number. We are supposed to be the hunters and we have become the prey. What do you think?"

"Previously we have focused on individual combat abilities. Perhaps now we have to lower our independent tendencies and coordinate efforts better." Ling expressed his opinion on the subject and this matter became the focus of discussion. They debated on effective training methods. In the past they were trained using no more than a dozen zombies, where the situation could easily be controlled by the instructors. Now the safety of training must be weighed against the heavy losses sustained in fighting the variants.

"I know!" Winn suddenly got excited. "Xiao Yan's brain simulation system! As long as we collect the data on the mutant zombies, our special forces can simulate the battle scene in their brains! This system is quite powerful! You remember when Xiao Yan was trained, there were many issues... But after three months, this guy could solve two zombies at a time without receiving the x virus!

Winn's enthusiasm spread to the other commanders at the table.

"Yes! Xiao Yan figured out how to cure the Surge's biological weapons and how to make himself invisible to the zombies! He also synthesized a successful x-2, he can definitely develop a combat program!"

Not many people were aware the state Xiao Yan's memory was currently in. This was confidential information. It was a.s.sumed that if the Special Forces knew that Xiao's coma occurred after questioning it would cause a greater rift between the military forces.

Gordon finished reading the report then closed the meeting.

"General Ervel will oversee the project."

When the meeting of the special task force was over, Heine walked into the restaurant to see Xiao Yan eating potato steaks.

"Hey, are you going to finish them all? Be careful of indigestion!" Liv kindly advised.

Heine sat down across from Xiao Yan, and instantly Xiao's throat clamped down. His face went was red and he anxiously searched around for water. A concerned Liv pushed a gla.s.s into his hand.

"How much did he eat?"

"He has already eaten a banana waffle, some black pepper lamb chops, and this is already his third potato steak..."

Liv had not finished rattling off his menu when Heine walked behind Xiao and pressed his palm to his chest.

He thumped lightly and Xiao promptly vomited out his food.

"You have eaten too much."

Xiao Yan coughed uncontrollably as he frantically fretted over vomiting in front of Heine.

Ah! He was a clean freak! This is a fatal mistake! What would he do this time?

Please leave my shoulder alone!

Like magic, Heine didn't retaliate. Instead he pushed Xiao's vomit filled plate away and motioned to him.

"Let's go back."

"Yes." Xiao Yan glanced at Liv with a desperate expression. His drawn agitated face looked like a man headed to the gallows. Liv sighed and shook her head helplessly.

Back in the room, Xiao Yan opened the bathroom door and found the bathtub still there.

His contact lights and up pops Lily, General Ervel's liaison officer.

"At 8 o'clock tomorrow morning, you have an internal staff meeting at the Central Academy of Sciences." Lily tone was coldly professional, then she winked playfully and Xiao's mood relaxed.

"Internal meeting? Isn't that only for those who are above the major level of the research project?"

Lily's smiles widely at him. "Starting tomorrow you are a major."

Before Xiao Yan can even process her words the connection terminated.

He heard the sound of rus.h.i.+ng water coming from inside the bathroom. Xiao walked over to the door to find Heine sitting on the edge of the tub. Heine leaned over and his fingers swept through the water.

When did he get in here? How is he so quiet?!

"That... that..." Xiao stammered as his words lodged in his throat.

Is it necessary for Heine to use his tub? How is this happening?

"You have a meeting to attend tomorrow. Make sure you go to bed early."

After he finished talking, he stood up and walked toward Xiao Yan. Leaning forward, his face loomed close and his lips gently grazed Xiao's forehead.

"Good night."

The steam moving through the air seemed to freeze in that moment.

When Xiao Yan's senses return, his heart is beating through his chest and his knees grew weak.

Heine Burton kissed him?

The way he said "good night" was commanding and cold...and ...yet..

You are finished Xiao Yan! This is not the world you once knew!

Lying in the warm water stream, Xiao Yan's thinking scatters.

He sighs to himself. Just yesterday he was a nothing B research student continuously looked down upon. Tomorrow he will be promoted to major...he feels as though he has stepped into a time warp.

Then there is Heine. He really wants to connect all of his memories related to him, but something inside him is afraid to do so.

A memory slowly weaves through him and he recalls being promoted to Lt. by Gordon. He stands as everyone salutes him....

.... His eyes are locked onto Heine Burton.

As his gaze collides with Heine's, his eyes are as cold as ever, but Xiao remembers that, in that moment, he feels a pull to become more powerful and push toward a larger world.

Heine is his goal. He looks up to the highest point on the cliff's edge.

Early the next morning, the quartermaster sent up a new set of military uniforms. As Xiao Yan looked at the epaulets adorning the cloth, he felt more burden than pride.

As he walked out of his door, the two Special Forces followed him out.

Xiao stepped toward the military maglev to find Heine already seated inside.

"Colonel Burton!" Xiao Yan falters awkwardly, unsure if he should salute.


Heine reaches over, grabs Xiao's shoulder and hauls him into the vehicle.

He fell in with such force that his forehead bounced off of Heine's shoulder. He quickly scuttled into his seat and discretely looked over at Heine.

Today he is wearing his military uniform. Even just sitting there without expression he cuts an imposing figure.

Heine suddenly turns his face and Xiao nervously averts his gaze to look outside the window.

"If you want to look at me, then just go ahead."

Heine speaks this so bluntly that Xiao wants to die on the spot.

Not wanting to look too unnatural he turned carefully back toward Heine, only to have his lips taken up by Heine's mouth. His face leaned in as though from a great height and Xiao was at a loss for what to do. He simply raised his hand to support himself as Heine's strength pressed into him.

This kiss of Heine's was different. It wasn't gentle or chaste. It was full of meaning, temptation and seduction. Xiao is pulled into the energy but battles with his own caution. As the strength of the kiss deepens, he forgets his inner struggle. His mouth is full of Heine's breath and desire. Xiao's heart beats thunderously and his blood seemed to burst through his vessels. Each time he attempted to move back from the intensity, Heine's palm pressed him back towards his body.

Heine slowly changes the angle and his mouth moves against his in languid erotic movements. The intimacy and depth of it affects Xiao's thinking and he unconsciously moves toward Heine in an attempt to gain a firmer contact. Heine loosens his grip on the back of Xiao's head and his hand slides down his spine to reach into his pants, kneading his b.u.t.tocks.

The vehicle suddenly halted and the prompt sounded. "We have arrived at the Central Academy of sciences."

Xiao rapidly pushed himself up and moved his body away. When he looked down, he discovered that he had pushed Heine Burton underneath him. His hair was scattered across the cus.h.i.+on, and the smoldering ice in his eyes pierced through Xiao's heart.

This is really bad!

Xiao swallowed hard in fear.

My G.o.d...what have I done?!

His cheeks flushed hot with embarra.s.sment. He has never felt so humiliated in his life.

The door to the maglev opened and two Special Forces have already moved from the front seat to escort Xiao Yan into the building.

Xiao Yan was at a loss of how to deal so he hurries to exit the car, but unexpectedly Heine grabs a hold of him. His straightens his collar and smooths out the wrinkles on his uniform.

Xiao gulped as Heine's face moved close to his, his actions were so gentle that Xiao felt he was already dead.

Another kiss brushed his lips. This kiss was a gesture full of tenderness and affection.

"Go." Heine pushed him up.

He had not yet finished stammering out a response when the door closed and his feeling were instantly severed.

He stepped back to see the calm faces of the Special Forces, but Xiao Yan was convinced they had seen everything!

Walking into the Academy, there is a large gap between his memory and reality. As he moves down the hall he sees eyes full of admiration envy and even some of scorn and suspicion.

He eventually reached the conference room and the liaison officer nodded for him to go inside. This is his first time partic.i.p.ating in such a high level meeting and the palms of his hands are coated in a sheet of sweat.

You can do this, Xiao Yan!

Even a rookie has their day!

It was no accident that you were promoted to a major.

There is a wider world waiting for you!

Xiao Yan crossed the threshold.
All the officers seated around the table stood to salute him.

"We are glad you could join us, Major Xiao Yan." Ervel stood in the middle of everyone. His greeting seemed to officially announce the responsibilities now thrust upon his shoulders.

Xiao Yan's face is tight as he sits next to a rather decaying major with dark circles gathered under his eyes.

"You are all aware we are now dealing with the variant zombies. This has become the top priority of the military. Gordon has put in a request for us to develop a mental simulation system to help the Special Forces train in dealing with these new type zombies. This system will be crucial in developing and adapting a new type of combat technique. He specifically mentioned Xiao Yan had already designed such a system when he received his training under protective custody. Gordon hopes that Xiao can improve and update the system to include the new threat. Then this can beapplied to train for battle."

Everyone's eyes were on him. Despite his outwardly calm expression, his heart was racing.

Thrive in Catastrophe Chapter 81

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