Throne of Magical Arcana Chapter 142

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The finely decorated bathroom was in the corner of the dining room. Locking the wooden door from inside, Lucien did a careful check around and then took out his Morning Light crystal ball and the Grimsteel Dagger.

Lucien cut his finger with the dagger, making a drop of his blood splash onto the surface of the wash basin.

Dipping the blood with his right index finger, Lucien started to write in the air, leaving scarlet symbols floating in front of him in the shape of a relatively simple magic structure. This structure was meant to hide the magic waves that the crystal ball would cause.

The crystal ball named Morning Light slowly rose, and the strange symbols soon covered it. Lucien reached his hands out close to the crystal ball and started to murmur a mantra.

The center of the crystal ball became darker, and stars showed up all over it, as if there was a starry sky within.

This was one of the most unique spells in the school of Astrology, Horoscope.

After finding the crystal ball, based on the astrology knowledge he had as an apprentice, and also due to his previous understanding of astrophysics, Lucien soon learned Primary Horoscope. That made Lucien feel even more curious about destiny.

Staring at a shooting star in the crystal ball, Lucien frowned, "My Host Star of Destiny is… dimmer than before, which means that I’m still in potential danger. And… and the great danger is coming… it’s threatening my star."

That was all the information that Lucien could collect from the crystal ball with his horoscope level. For more specific information Lucien needed a higher level of knowledge, as well as the power to cast it.

Even with a higher level of horoscope, the result wouldn’t always be accurate and could still be changed.

Putting the crystal ball back, Lucien took out Fire Weaver’s Bracelet and wore it on his wrist, as well as his Ice Revenger. Lucien took them off earlier before he met the baron, just in case Habearo could tell his ident.i.ty.

The uneasy sense of foreboding was becoming more and more intense, which was burning Lucien’s guts.

Although he was still not sure if the danger was actually from the baron, Lucien decided to take the initiative and to be decisive. He could not just wait for the danger to come at him. By then, any action would be too late to be taken.

Opening the wooden door, Lucien walked out of the bathroom as if everything was just fine.

When he came back to the dining table, both Habearo and Kaelyn were not there.

"Where did the baron and Mrs. Kaelyn go?" Lucien tried to ask in a casual tone.

"The baron was not feeling very good, and Mrs. Kaelyn just accompanied him to go back to his bedroom to take some medicine. They’ll be back soon," Betty answered.

"Then I shall take a look at the baron to make sure he’s fine," Lucien nodded and said coldly.

"But Mr. Evans… the baron will be back soon." Betty and the other guests were a bit surprised.

Without any further explanation, Lucien turned around and walked toward the door of the dining room.

"Mr. Evans… the baron wants us to stay here," Joanna said behind him.

"You shall stay in the dining room, like the lady said." The two guards beside the door crossed their spears in front of Lucien and said in a polite but cold manner.

Lucien slightly nodded and smiled.

However, in the next second, Lucien suddenly pushed one of the guards away, drew his dagger and stabbed it right into the other guard’s arm.

"Mr. Evans!!" Betty screamed, "What’re you doing!?"

As soon as the dagger was stabbed into the guard’s arm, a putrid liquid burst out instead of the expected blood, spreading a horrible smell through the room.

Lucien’s movement was very swift. He pulled the dagger out and cut the guard’s throat open while he rolled forward on the floor to avoid the spear of the other guard.

Evans… Mr. Evans… killed the baron’s guard.

All of the guests were startled.

But soon they found that Mr.Evans was covered with a layer of white light. After Lucien managed to kill the other guard, the two bodies started to rot in a visible speed as if they were dead since long ago.

"This is…" Simon murmured subconsciously.

Lucien took back his Alert and answered calmly, "This is a husk."

And then he turned to Mars, "Mr. Mars, do you know where the baron’s bedroom is?"

Mars was already shaking all over from what he just witnessed. He was not able to respond to Lucien properly until Joanna suddenly patted him on his back.

As soon as Mars uttered where the baron’s bedroom was, Lucien quickly made the arrangement, "Simon, you deal with the guards from the upper floor. Make sure you take care of Mr. Wise and Mr. Mars. Betty and Joanna, you watch the stair on the other side."

After seeing that they nodded subconsciously, Lucien quickly rushed out of the door and disappeared into the shadows.

"Mr. Evans… He has the power of a knight?" Betty cried out.

"Betty, get your bow and come here!" Simon commanded.


Lucien was running at full speed in the dark corridor. After killing several husks, Lucien stopped a few steps away from the baron’s bedroom.

Staring at the door, Lucien activated Sun’s Corona and released the magic waves which were extremely detrimental to undead creatures. The four husks guarding the bedroom were instantly purified and fell to the ground.

At the same time, Lucien banged the door open with all his strength, tightly holding Alert and the Grimsteel Dagger.

A couple of black magic circles showed up in front of the door but immediately broke into s.h.i.+ning pieces.

When the door was knocked open, Lucien quickly stopped the momentum to prevent himself from running into anything by accident, and simultaneously activated a magic structure in his soul and summoned two black magic missiles.

In the bedroom, Baron Harbearo, whose face was covered with deep and horrible wrinkles, was sitting in the center of a black magic triangle. His appearance indicated his condition was worsening and he was about to die at any moment.

On the tips of the triangle, three figures were tied up by black, half-transparent tentacles. A baby, a seven or eight-years-old kid, and a teenager of thirteen or fourteen.

There was white light coming out of their bodies, as if the tentacles were sucking up their vital energy. The light was being infused into a white eyeball that had no pupil. Kaelyn stood beside the baron, enchanting some kind of weird spell. Being driven by her spell, there were two lines of tears of blood coming out of the eyeball and falling into the silver cup in Habearo’s hand.

However, to the baron’s great surprise, the two magic missiles flew right toward his silver cup.

Throne of Magical Arcana Chapter 142

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