Throne of Magical Arcana Chapter 267

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It seemed that everything stopped for a few seconds, even including the chilly wind.

Carleena and her guards were shocked and were just standing there, watching the huge winter bear jumping toward them. Then, with a flash of sword light, the winter bear fiercely fell onto the ground, stirring the snow everywhere.

They could not believe their eyes. How could a fully-grown bear just be killed like this?

Blood oozed out of the thin line throughout the bear's forehead, nose, mouth and its body. To be more specific, the blood did not manage to come out literally, but was frozen into some kind of shining, blue ice.

Then, mysterious gray light burst out from its body. When the light disappeared, the bear was gone, and instead, a man wearing a black cloak was on the ground. There was a deep wound on his face, right in the middle, and his cloak was also cut in half.

The man was still alive, writhing. Obviously, if they decided to do nothing and just left the man there, he would definitely die in a few minutes.

Facing such a sudden attack, Lucien was always direct and sharp. He always used his full power.

"A druid? Or a sorcerer who specializes in the ancient school of Transformation?" Lucien thought to himself. Clearly, seeing the man, Lucien was also a bit surprised. Because of the gray light he just saw, Lucien would say that the guy was a sorcerer.

However, before figuring out what was the man's intention and plan, Lucien would not save him in front of people just because he was a sorcerer.

After staring at the man for a few seconds, Carleena finally realized what just happened and she burst out a sharp scream, "Assassinator!"

Piles of snow on the pines were shaken off by her scream, and the young nobles around all hurried back to her.

At the same time, Carleena's face turned pale, and her body suddenly lost balance. She was going to fall from her horse, and she fell toward Lucien's direction.

The same calm look remained on Lucien's face, and his right hand was still grabbing the sword. At the same time, Lucien reached out his left hand and helped Carleena sit back on her horse again. Lucien asked politely, "Are you alright?"

"I'm okay. Thank you so much, Mr. Peter. Without you, I might have died already." Carleena's look was like a little white flower that needed to be taken care of tenderly. After sitting back on the horse, her hands gently entangled with Lucien's left hand, and her full body started to lean against Lucien's arm, as if she was seeking for a shelter and a reliable place. Lucien could smell the mixed scent of her make up and perfume.

Lucien's nose was a bit irritated. He was not used to this, and he almost subconsciously cast Air Filter Bubble to get rid of the overly sweet smell.

The thing happened all of a sudden, and Lucien already did not trust the baroness because of Sergey, so Lucien had absolutely no feeling toward the beauty holding his arm. So, he politely pushed Carleena away and said, "Good to hear you're not hurt. There still might be other assassinators around. We're still in danger. Do not distract me."

Carleena was just about to lay her bust against Lucien's arm. However, after hearing that, she got a bit pissed. Carleena thought to herself that what kind of man would say "Do not distract me" to her… What the hell…

Nevertheless, she still managed to maintain her manner. After a bit of a pause, she responded, "Okay then, Mr. Peter. You're surely brave and cautious."

At this time, Carleena's servants surrounded her to protect her from any possible following attacks.

Carleena was not totally inexperienced. Gradually, she calmed down a bit, and she said to her people, "Take the assassinator! Don't let him die! Bring him back to Pastor Nicolay!"

"As you command." Several servants stepped forward and took out magic-blocking robes and healing potions.

Barshac and the other young nobles just came back. They hurriedly asked, "Carleena, are you alright?"

Carleena's face looked a bit pale, which made the young nobles want to take good care of her even more.

Carleena forced a smile on her face and said, "I'm alright. Mr. Peter beat the assassinator. Surprisingly, he's a real knight, and he stopped the bear with one single movement."

As she was saying, Carleena took a quick glance at Lucien, and her face flushed.

Seeing that, Barshac was very jealous. He stared at Lucien and clenched his fists. But soon he realized what Carleena had just said, and he asked out of great surprise, "Peter's a knight?"

Although people here had a greater chance to awaken their Blessings, the status of a knight was still a dream for many young nobles. Barshac was now twenty-four, and his goal was to become a knight by thirty. If he could marry Carleena and get her wealth, even if he failed to do so, he could still buy those secret potions from the smugglers to obtain the power.

Within the Congress of Magic, the Blessing-awakening potion plus Blood Cleanser was about five hundred Thales, however, nobles in Schachran Empire, this inland country, were willing to pay even ten thousand Thales to get the potion. Only nobles themselves understood how badly they hankered for power and titles.

Therefore, the trade of the potions was an industry of excessive profits. Because the empire was not really an enemy for the Congress, the Congress chose to smuggle a limited amount of potions from time to time to the empire to make a great fortune. Also, some ancient sorcerers nearby in the East Haven were also making a small amount of the potions to make extra money.

Carleena nodded, "Yes, Mr. Peter's a real knight. He's strong and brave."

The young nobles all looked at Lucien with mixed feelings. Some felt confused, some upset, and some jealous.

Holding Alert, Lucien said, "I've been traveling around Flame Fortress for many years, and I've been put in quite a lot dangerous situations, thus I managed to awaken my Blessing… You know, just like how eyases are pushed out of the nest to learn how to fly."

Carleena sensed the awkward atmosphere. So, she coughed a bit and said to the nobles, "Distinguished guests, because of what just happened, we have to end our winter hunting earlier than we expected, but our welcome party for Mr. Peter is not affected. No worries, in the manor, we have lots of guards and pastors there!"

It was a bit too late for the young nobles to go back to Ural from Carleena's manor, and also, the last thing they wanted to do was to leave Peter the chance to spend time alone with Carleena. So they all agreed to attend the party.

Unlike Aalto or Tria, Schachran music was unique and had an outburst of enthusiasm.

The floor of the spacious hall was covered by thick red carpet, and the young nobles were socializing with wine glasses in their hands. The long dinning tables in the corner were loaded with the empire's signature liquor, Gold Lega, and also butter, white bread, pancake, creamy roasted fish, caviar, roasted lamb, fried chicken, steak, borsch, beef soup and all kinds of fancy dessert.

Carleena, as the host, was leading Lucien to meet the guests.

She was now wearing a black evening dress, and her nice figure was thus perfectly outlined. Carleena chose to only wear a pearl necklace tonight, showing her beautiful neck and bust.

"This is Mr. Ivanovszki, our famous businessman in the empire. From Storm Strait to the provinces in the northwest, evening including the land where Marinov line of defense is, you can see his businesses," introduced Carleena. Wearing a pair of gilt-edged glasses, Mr. Ivanovszki looked quite elegant, but his figure was quite well-built, like a winter bear.

Ivanovszki kissed Carleena's right hand and said, "My lady, your beauty is more precious than any jewels. I'm just an ordinary merchant working for nobles."

Then Ivanovszki shook hands with Lucien, "Nice to meet you, Mr. Peter. I've heard your name in the northwest province. Congratulations for awakening your Blessing so fast. I'm sure that when you go back to your family, you'll get the title very fast. What a pity that your father cannot share the joy…"

"Well… He got excited easily and he was always drunk, so…" Lucien responded casually. According to Valentine, Peter and his father did not get along with each other well at all.

After chatting casually a bit, Ivanovszki smiled, "If I can have the honor, I hope we can cooperate to make some good money in the future. Now I must leave you and Carleena alone for your opening dance."

Carleena nodded, and she said to the guests in a louder voice, "Ladies and gentlemen, let's welcome Mr. Peter Joseph Vladimir from the northwest!"

The applause was not too warm, but Carleena did not care. She looked at Lucien like she was fascinated by him, "Mr. Peter, as the host, I invite you to have the opening dance with me."

Lucien bowed to her slightly and reached out his right hand, "Lady Lottnico, my great honor."

With a sweet smile, Carleena put her soft hand in Lucien's, and they started to dance in the music. They were doing Ilia Circle Dance.

Carleena leaned her body against Lucien's chest, and her eyes became alluring, "Peter, you know what? When the bear was coming for me, I was totally helpless and desperate. But you stood in front of me and saved my life! When I was looking at you from behind, I felt the great sense of security that I have never experienced before. I feel that you're the one who can shelter me from any wind or rain, and you're the one who can make me happy and forget all my fears and worries."

"Thank you, Carleena, but I was also protecting myself," Lucien answered.

"No matter why…" Carleena's lips approached Lucien's face, and her breath became faster and warmer, "When you save me from the bear's paw, you're my hero—my brave and reliable hero! My heart beats fast for you, and I've never felt this before, even when I married my husband… He was more like a father to me, and I was touched…"

Lucien thought for a few seconds and then said to the woman seriously, "Carleena, you're a great person…"

Throne of Magical Arcana Chapter 267

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