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Lucien's room was on the third floor of the castle, more than ten meters above the ground. Even a knight would get hurt if he fell onto the ground from this high. However, casting Feather Fall was also not a good idea, since Lucien would for sure become an easy target when he slowly glided toward the floor.

Therefore, Lucien jumped out and did not cast any spells, so he fell freely for half a second, then he quickly cast Flying, using the gravity of stars to slow down his falling.

With that perfect calculation, Lucien landed on his feet safely in the garden. Although the controlling of the right time was greatly challenging, Lucien's strong spiritual power and outstanding calculation ability made the whole process simple for him.

After landing, Lucien quickly dodged the colorful light pieces falling from the sky, and directly rushed to the castle gate.

Since Leo had a magic ring enchanted with Feather Fall, Lucien thought he would be okay when he jumped down. Lucien's only concern was that Leo would become the target when he slowly fell down, therefore, Lucien chose to be the first one taking actions in order to attract all the attention. Also, Leo was not as important as Lucien in their enemies' eyes.

However, as soon as Lucien started running, his spiritual power field sensed that Leo was fiercely punched back by Ivanovszki, like a ragged dool. Bang! Leo's body hit the ground hard.

The magic circle for blocking noises and magic waves set up by Nikonov had nearly reached its limit, but it was still there. The grand knights and other knights in the castle still had no idea what was happening there right now. As the fight between Witte and Nikonov was so bitter, neither of them had a chance to either reinforce the magic circle or to break it for the knights' help.

To Lucien's great surprise, the powerful punch revealed the fact that Ivanovszki was in fact a grand knight. Before that, Lucien had no clue at all about it.

Although through training, knights could hide their power by adjusting the way they walked, the strength of their muscle, heartbeat, blood circulation and so on, real knights, especially those high level ones, could easily reveal their ident.i.ty by showing their vigor and imposing manner. However, despite the fact that Lucien had talked to Ivanovszki twice in person, Lucien never doubted that Ivanovszki was just a common knight who awakened his Blessing through a magic potion, and that was it.

Lucien felt lucky that he did not take any reckless actions when he was in Carleena's manor. Then, he sensed that after releasing a painful moaning, Leo quickly stood up again, while Ivanovszki also jumped down from the window and started to chase after Lucien.

Ivanovszki's bitter punch hurt Leo badly. He had pain in his body everywhere. He knew that right now even a high level squire could kill him. Fortunately, he had activated his Blessing, Giant, when he was attacked, or his head would be like a watermelon broken into pieces right now.

However, even though, Leo's cheekbone on one side was broken, so the side of his face had sunk, and blood covered his whole face. He felt great dizzy, and his organs were severely damaged as well. He was not capable of fighting now!

This was the gap between the power of a grand knight and someone who had just awakened his Blessing. Although Leo had spent much money on those magic potions to improve his power, the gap still existed!

Compared to the great pain in his body, Leo's pain in his heart was even bitterer. His revenge now seemed to be hopeless after he realized that his enemy was a grand knight. He now saw no hope at all.

At this time, he heard Lucien's voice, "I'll attract Ivanovszki's attention to cover you. You run. We meet at the place we agreed before…"

The second circle spell, Electromagnetic Message.

Leo suddenly realized the situation, feeling greatly depressed, but he knew that it was not a good time to let himself be immersed in grief. He wanted to live… at least he still should pay Lucien back.

After sending Leo the information, Lucien kept running and soon came in front of the castle gate.

Activating Fire Weaver, a huge fireball hit the gate directly. The great explosion opened a gap in the solid iron gate. And Lucien directly ran out of the castle to the west of the city.

Ivanovszki's landing made the ground shake a bit. He was not hurt by jumping down at all. Without taking even one look at Leo, he ran out of the castle chasing after Lucien.

The ignorance depressed Leo greatly. He knew that he was not a threat to Ivanovszki at all, so Ivanovszki would not waste a second on him. However, Leo knew that he could not let the depression catch him again.

Quickly, Leo took out a tube of Storm and drank it. After the injury became under control and the potential of his body was driven, Leo activated once more his Blessing, Giant, and started to run toward the castle gate.

At this time, he tripped lightly on something on the ground. Looking down, it was Matvienko's boots. Although the color of the boots looked dim because of the fight, it was barely damaged.

"The master might need this…" Leo murmured. After quickly wrapping the boots up with his clothes, Leo used all his strength and ran out of the castle. He must leave this place before the fight between the count and Nikonov drew the attention of the grand knights in the castle!

In the room, staring at the fight in the sky, Carleena looked confused. When she saw Ivanovszki started chasing after Lucien and left the castle, she swore, "d.a.m.n you, Ivanovszki…"

A second later, she also jumped out of the window. Before she hit the ground, her body started to change and a pair of black wings grew out of her back. Also, two tiny horns grew out of her forehead, which looked quite cute. Her fair skin was now covered in a whole set of half-transparent black armor.

Carleena was a knight too! Her Blessing was Succubus!

Her black wings flapped, and Carleena landed safely. But when she was about to fly up again, in the middle of her forehead, a thin blood line appeared, and her body quickly withered like a piece of autumn leaf. Her big eyes were filled with great fear as she died in a few seconds and her dried body hit the ground.

Among all of them, the count hated her the most. He really liked and supported this niece before, and he even helped her inherit the wealth left by Baron Lotnikov. But now, she was taking advantage of the fact that he was now old and weak to benefit herself together with some other people. The count could never forgive her. Had the count not gotten some information from the projection of a powerful person, he was sure that he would eventually die under Carleena and Ivanovszki's watch.

Seizing a one-second chance, Count Witte killed his niece directly. Now, the knights and grand knights in the castle had all seen the fight, and they were supporting the count and informing the church and other n.o.bles.

Casting Speed on himself, Lucien managed to keep some distance away from Ivanovszki for a while. Then, the two of them went out of Ural City over the city wall and ran northwestwards.

A while later, Lucien sensed that Ivanovszki had slightly changed his direction.

As Ivanovszki definitely knew the surroundings better, Lucien wondered if Ivanovszki was taking a shortcut to get him.

However, after a while, when Lucien was about to stop and try to kill Ivanovszki in this suburb place, he found that Ivanovszki was gone.

Lucien was surprised that Ivanovszki was not chasing after him, then he realized that Ivanovszki would never try to kill a middle-rank mage himself, not to mention how many powerful magic items and strange spells he had. Ivanovszki was not trying to take him down, but to run away!

If the count won the fight in the castle, the last thing Ivanovszki wanted would be to stay there, and as a grand knight, he could not help Nikonov, a senior-rank mage, at all. If Nikonov managed to kill the count, he would also not be blamed, since the reason why he left the castle was to chase the sorcerer.

Lucien was impressed with Ivanovszki strategy and his talent of being a great actor, since the anger and determination that Ivanovszki just showed was so real.

Shaking his head slightly, and after chegking the direction, Lucien started to run toward the mine to the west of the city.

In the mountains, Lucien was flying low over the trees, looking for the closed mines because of the frequent collapses. After picking the most creepy mine pit, Lucien secretly sneaked in, and he started using Sun's Corona to look for an entrance gap connecting to the World of Souls.

Based on his experience, the creepier a place was, the more likely an entrance gap might show up, but Lucien was not sure. This was part of Lucien's plan. If he was going to face great danger, Lucien could enter the World of Souls to escape.

The tunnel in the mine was dark, long and crooked. Walking alone there, Lucien felt quite uncomfortable. 

When he had almost reached the end of the mine, Sun's Corona informed Lucien that there was an entrance which could not be seen by eyes or sensed by spiritual power, just as Lucien expected.

Near the entrance gap, Lucien found a corner and hid. After a few minutes' rest, he heard the sound of someone's footsteps.

It was Ivanovszki!

Throne of Magical Arcana Chapter 275

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