Time Smuggling Starting from the Year 2000 Chapter 23

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The first day of the anniversary was always boring. There was nothing going on more than familiarizing with each other to avoid mistakes with the positions in the family hierarchy in the following days of it. For the juniors of the family, it was even more boring.

However, today, Huang Xuan's magic disappearance shocked Huang Song and Huang Shunwei. The two embellished the story of how Huang Xuan had disappeared… but the most wonderful part happened at 11 p.m.

Huang Xuan's older male cousins were gloating over seeing through the "terrorists" tricks of smelly roast and laxative and was walking toward the parking lot arrogantly. "How pathetic it is not to be able to drive a car when you are under 18!" they said sarcastically to the younger kids when they were passing by.


Accompanying the familiar rumbling, a series of sounds of car crashing broke out. Several cars were bumped into each other before they had even been started. Luckily, there were no casualties.

It was spectacular to see ten-odd brand name cars crashing. Huang Liming was furious and started cursing. The car had cost him 1.2 million dollars and now was squeezed into a heap of scrap metal.

"It must be Huang Xuan who did this!" said Huang Xuan's sixth cousin, Huang Jianxuan, stepping out of his wreck. Ever since he had beaten up Huang Zhi, Huang Xuan had drugged him effectively twice with laxatives.

"Stop shouting! Are you trying to make everybody know that you have been tricked?" Huang Liming was 26 years old, the fourth born child in the family. Hence, he was much more thoughtful than Huang Jianxuan. "Ten-odd cars have crashed in the family parking lot at the anniversary. The seniors must know about this by now. How will they react? They might punish Huang Xuan, but how would they look on me? How would they treat Huang Xuan? Should I keep silent and put up with this?"

Huang Liming fell into a dilemma. At this moment the lot became a chaos. Seeing Huang Liming talking to himself, Huang Jianxuan shouted impatiently, "I don't care. I will teach that kid a lesson today."

Hearing this, the eleventh child in the family, Huang Pinyan jumped up. He had spent 1.5 million to buy this BMW 7 series. However, now, it was all for nothing. His father had no spare money to buy him a new one. Looking at the wreck, Huang Pinyan even more furious. He stared at Huang Jianxuan and said, "Stop trash talking! Let's go beat that bastard to death!"

The securities the Huang Family had paid a lot to hire had come to the scene early. Huang Pinyan rushed out of the crowd first. Huang Jianxuan shouted, "The ones with balls, follow me!" and then ran away. People in the crowd looked at each other, and only two followed him eventually.

The securities just stood there and didn't dare to stop them. Several people in the crowd looked at Huang Liming, who moved his lips and then closed them again. Inwardly, he thought that what was happening was the best solution to the situation.

Huang Xuan was fooling around with other kids. Hearing the uproar coming from afar, he started cursing excitedly. Huang Zhi couldn't help talking about the "poisonous sausage incident" proudly, which was one of today's few successful cases. First shouts, then arguments, were heard from outside the garden. It seemed somebody had barged in. The older kids quieted down first. According to the family rules Huang Jindi had set up, barging into the ancient houses was a major sin.

When the noises were suddenly gone, the kids weren't in the mood to play anymore. They were about to leave when the shouts were heard again. Then two hefty men dashed in, swinging their arms. Several helpers tried to stop them but failed.

"It seems to be Huang Jianxuan," Huang Zhi recognized his sixth cousin, who had beaten him up before, very quickly. Back then, his second older sister had newly wedded, and no one among the juniors in the third branch could match his sturdy sixth cousin, so the whole had been let go.

Huang Xuan's older cousins were all about to go to high school and weren't in the genealogical tree of the fourth branch. Seeing the two factions were going to have a conflict, they moved away from where they had been sitting.

"You are supposed to be at the other end of the pond." Although Huang Xuan was only 15, apparently he was regarded as the leader.

"Don't talk rubbish!" said Huang Jianxuan angrily. "You did something to our cars, didn't you?"

Huang Jianxuan's face had become black. He clenched his fists as if he was ready to strike Huang Xuan as soon as he finished his last sentence.

"You can't take care of your cars. What does it have to do with us?" Huang Xuan was fearless. He stepped up and said, "If you have evidence, go and report me to the seniors. If you don't, go away!"

"Not only you can come here," Huang Xuan's eleventh cousin said in a low voice. He was sometimes impatient but was not as bad-tempered as Huang Xuan's sixth cousin. After walking in the cold wind on the way, his mind had become much clearer. Right now he couldn't step back but still had leeway. He was trying to steer clear of the crucial point.

However, Huang Jianxuan didn't know what the eleventh cousin was thinking. He raised his fist and said, "Stop talking nonsense with them. Tell me who did it. Or did you do it together?"

Huang Jianxuan pointed to Huang Shunwei, who was scared and stepped back involuntarily. Huang Jianxuan stepped further. Huang Xuan clenched his teeth and said, "Rolin, can you help me become stronger very quickly?"

"It is the skill at the 16th level, which you can't use currently," said Rolin steadily, obviously without any sense of emergency.

Seeing the kids were all watching himself, Huang Xuan was anxious and clenched his teeth harder. "Do you have any ideas how to defeat this guy?"

"Your body had already been strengthened during the check-up and vaccination, so you have a probability of 80% to defeat him."

Huang Xuan had no further questions. Defeating his sixth cousin was one of his goals, for which he went to the gym once every month. Now, the timing had come.

When Huang Jianxuan took his second step, Huang Xuan dashed over and hit him on the cheek.

Huang Jianxuan was knocked over, and Huang Xuan fell on him because of overexertion.

The whole scene was silent for two seconds, and then the kids started shouting and raised their fists.

The older kids were all pushed over.

Sitting on Huang Jianxuan's shins, Huang Xuan couldn't believe what had just happened. Surrounded by the kids who were looking at him in admiration, Huang Xuan was full of pride.

Time Smuggling Starting from the Year 2000 Chapter 23

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