Time Smuggling Starting from the Year 2000 Chapter 99

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Since the family attorney wasn't very familiar with American laws, Huang Xuan called up Annabelle, the only American lawyer he knew.

At the moment, Huang Xuan was a little nervous. He was wondering why Bruce came to him. Did he think the money was illegal? His a.s.sets increased many fold in a short period of time. If they wanted to track it down, how many countries would get involved? China, Brazil, the USA, Switzerland, j.a.pan and Greece.

Artwork? Even if the FBI had come today, they wouldn't have had enough time to collect enough evidence to convict him, let alone the one and only one agent at the door.

Most likely, Bruce just wanted to have a look at the formula. The FBI didn't have the right to arrest him, whether they had evidence or not. If they wanted to use violence, they had to be more powerful than the base. Thinking to this point, Huang Xuan shook his head, thinking about this is too late now, both sides have pulled out their guns already. Even if the FBI didn't have any interest in him before, they probably have some now.

Annabelle was taking care of the issue of the mortgage in China. "Boss, don't worry. The FBI will watch every foreigner that comes to America. In their eyes, everybody is suspicious, except their director, even the president. Don't fire. If you know someone important, call him or her. The FBI won't act indiscreetly," she told Huang Xuan over the phone.

"Anna, I need a lawyer right now. Can you find me one?"

"Good idea. Boss, I will contact the law firm. They will take care of it."

"OK." Huang Xuan was relieved. He walked out of the room. Steele had come with two directors of the board, who looked very serious.

"Bruce, what's the matter?" Steele seemed to know him.

"I want to have a look at the paper in this man's hand," Bruce answered with a.s.surance.

Huang Xuan nodded to Steele and asked Bruce, "What makes you think you have the right without my permission?"

Steele smiled at Huang Xuan apologetically. "Mr. Ned, who gave you the order? How dare you point the gun to my guest?" he said to Bruce grimly.

"I suspect-"

"Just a suspicion?" Steele interrupted him.

Bruce was speechless. He had been so anxious to jump at the opportunity to take credit and get promoted that he had only heard part of the conversation between Ginger and the director Pierce before he had rushed here.

"You're still not putting your gun down?" one of the two directors asked loudly.

In American politics, politicians and businessmen were closely connected. Many bankers and the people with conglomerates became politicians. Eisenhower had loved to socialize with industrial barons. His cabinet had been said to be composed of eight millionaires and one plumber. His Secretary of Defence, Secretary of Postal Department, Secretary of the Interior had all come from GM. Senior Bush had also appreciated businessmen while Clinton had liked scholars and Junior Bush politicians who could help him win the election.

It was very clear to Bruce that Steele and the two directors had connections with White House and they were on an equal footing with the FBI. "It might be just a misunderstanding," he put down his gun and said.

"Go back to your work." Then Steele smiled at Huang Xuan and said, "Mr. Huang, I am very sorry."

Huang Xuan accepted his apology. Bruce stood at the other end of the hallway rubbing his neck. Isaac was much taller than him, and staring at him for too long caused his neck to be very sore.

"Bruce called his superior Clay. I think they are investigating you right now," Rolin told Huang Xuan as soon as he entered the lab.

"Let them." Huang Xuan didn't care at all. It was not so easy to break the Huang Family Funds. He had had Rolin make sure that all the gemstones were unquestionable before they had brought them back. Plus, it would be impossible to explain billions of dollars non-operation a.s.sets orally.

"Let's go on. Since the apparatus here can't can't reach the purity of 99.99999%, can you do it with energy?"

"It will consume a lot of energy..."

"We won't be able to use the equipment after a while and we will have to do everything with energy." Then Huang Xuan asked Ross to come closer and said, "Give me the super purity medicine."

Ross went to get it. He didn't want to stay at that dangerous place for one more minute. Peter didn't dare to leave. He stayed there to correct Huang Xuan's wrong operations. Issac stomped in and said in awkward English, "Boss, I am sorry-"

"Not at all. You did a good job. Tell your boss that I will pay twice what we agreed on. Now, watch the lab."

"Then I will ask someone else to help," Issac replied honestly and started to dial.

Israel had been in war for such a long time that Israeli mercenaries were all over the world. IZO was its best-known mercenary import organization, which was very popular in the Philippines, America and West Africa. Some magnates even owned their private army trained by IZO. Helicopters could be heard two hours after Issac's phone call. When the reinforcements reached the lab, eight people were already there.

Rolin a.s.signed the tasks efficiently. Manual labor and duplicated labor were a.s.signed to the people with Peter. He instructed Huang Xuan in the operation. Making medicine in itself was complicated, but making lab medicine of small amount was simple.

Generally speaking, the ingredients of medicine were less than five kinds. Otherwise, the pharmaceutical company would need to list at least three of the active ingredients and the connection between them. Therefore, even a big pharmaceutical company like Pfizer wouldn't be able to afford the research and development cost of a medicine made from over 10 ingredients. On the other hand, to make the drug itself with a dozen ingredients is simple.

It was getting dark. Noise was heard outside. A bodyguard approached the door with his hand on the gun, but the door was knocked open. 

The rubber material around the lock popped off and flew toward Huang Xuan. Rolin stopped it with energy, but one extra drop of the drug in the dropper dropped. Even Huang Xuan knew that right now the whole bottle of drug must be thrown out and he needed to restart.

Seeing that his hard work for the past half an hour was wasted, Huang Xuan was furious. He raised his head. At this moment, Clay, the captain of FBI Connecticut, that is, Bruce's Boss, walked in. Connecticut is traditionally the FBI's territory. Finding out that a Chinese rich young man whose monthly income was over 100 million had arrived, he thought his opportunity of promotion had come.

Bruce was at the end of the group, trying to avoid being seen. A fat guy in the front had pulled out his gun and was reaching out his hand to show his ID, which was against the rule, but FBI 's rules were never serious.

Huang Xuan became more furious when he saw Bruce again. He threw the container in his hand and kicked the guy with the gun in the chest, who was immediately knocked over onto the threshold. Then he picked up an a.n.a.lytical balance and smashed it into Clay's face. Clay's nose almost came off and couldn't stop bleeding. At this point, Huang Xuan added a heavy kick at his face, hoping to send him into a coma.

Meanwhile, Issac picked up a chair with his foot and pulled Huang Xuan back. The armed IZO had rushed over too. Huang Xuan called Aubrey and Annabelle from the lab and told them what was happening. They were both shocked.

Although there were eight national police organizations in America, the FBI had almost become the real American police out of historical reason. They were like the Chinese Public Security Ministry. When the FBI showed their ident.i.ty, Issac put down his gun and smiled awkwardly at Huang Xuan. Huang Xuan understood that IZO wouldn't fight against the FBI, because that would mean that they had to give up the American market.

Clay stood there in pain. His mouth and eyes had been hit too. Now both his image and career had been ruined. Some guys holding canisters were standing intensely behind Clay, ready to fire anytime.

The researchers stayed in the lab all the time. Steele never showed up during the whole thing. Seeing the IZO had put down their guns, Harry, Clay's deputy also put down his. "Mr. Huang Xuan, you have made big trouble. You must go with us," he said cordially. He had read Huang Xuan's profiles. This was the USA after all, the USA owned by wealth and the wealthy.

"Do you need me to inform the amba.s.sador?" Issac asked.

Huang Xuan shook his head slightly. He wanted to wait and see. On the other hand, pointing a gun at the FBI wasn't a crime. Besides, they hadn't identified themselves when Huang Xuan kicked Clay. "Copy the video," he said to Rolin.

Huang Xuan raised his head and said to Harry, "I am not American so you can't force me to go with you."

"I suspect you are a spy and are involved in organized crimes."

"Mr. Huang is a guest invited by Mr. Steele. There are no illegal materials in his lab. How can you say that?" It was an old man, tall and thin, holding a black leather suitcase, wearing a s.h.i.+rt with the top b.u.t.ton b.u.t.toned, hair well combed. He and his a.s.sistant walked through the team of the FBI and showed his ident.i.ty. "Gilbert with Waring law firm, Mr. Huang's lawyer."

Harry licked his dry lips. His head was sweating. He knew this famous old man. He looked at Clay and didn't say anything. Gilbert was a well-known lawyer in America. He was from New England and specialized in going to court for consortiums, giving the judicial department headaches. It was impossible to play any tricks in front of him.

"Has anybody fired? Has anybody been injured?" Gilbert asked, as if he hadn't seen Harry.

"Of course," Clay answered with his injured mouth, breathing heavily.

"Are you injured?" Gilbert curled up his lips and asked.

Clay was angry, but he couldn't speak clearly. Harry stood up and started to talk nonstop about his doubt. Gilbert came to Huang Xuan. "Are you OK? Annabelle said you needed a lawyer."

"Thank you." Huang Xuan had never heard of him, but he was relaxed. "I didn't know they were FBI."

Gilbert nodded with a cold expression. When Harry was telling him about Clay's injury, he interrupted him by saying, "Who saw it was my client that did it?"

"All of them." Harry pointed at the camera.

Gilbert looked at Huang Xuan, who nodded at him. "Did you identify yourselves when you walked in?" Gilbert asked again.

"We yelled FBI before we came in."

"But you said the door was knocked open by you."

"We are allowed to do that," Harry responded carelessly.

"We will talk about that later. But before you knocked the door open, my client didn't know who you were, did he?"

"As I said, we yelled FBI before we knocked the door open. The bodyguard at the door heard it too," Harry retorted loudly.

"The door is soundproof."

Harry was dumbfounded. Gilbert was about to continue when Clay's phone rang.

Clay looked at the number, stepped back and answered it. "Hi, director."

"Senator Melvin told me that my men had done something stupid in Connecticut. Tell me what you did," Malcom asked loudly.

In the USA, senators were a powerful group. In the federal government, they fought against the White House and various committees. On the other hand, each state could only have two senators, and they must be residents of the state. This gave the position a lot of influence on state affairs. If one wanted to be the president, he or she must be the state governor or a senator first. John Forbes Kerry and Joseph Raymond McCarthy were the two senators of America familiar to the Chinese. Kerry had been the senator of Ma.s.sachusetts for almost 20 years since 1984 and ran for presidency against Bush Jr. McCarthy had been infamous because of his theories and policies. He had also been one of the most powerful men of America.

The FBI and the senators were connected in many ways. The bills the senators submitted and pa.s.sed would determine what the FBI could do and how much budget they could get. The director of the FBI was designated by the president and pa.s.sed by the Senate. It was usually a pa.s.s, but the term of office of the FBI director was 10 years while the presidential term was at most eight.

In America, even the ministers of Finance and Justice Departments didn't have as much power as a senator. Undoubtedly, any senator was more powerful than Clay. 

Clay began to explain the matter surprisingly slowly. Harry tried to take it over but Malcom opened his mouth again. "It is Speaker Nancy. We'll talk about it later."

Harry gave a slight cough embarra.s.sedly.

"Do you know Senator Melvin?" Gilbert asked Huang Xuan quietly.

"Maybe it is Aubrey. I have some business with Citibank."

"Annabelle told me about it. It seems that you have had a lot of money going in and out." Gilbert laughed. Waring Law Firm was run by partners.h.i.+p. Annabelle worked for another partner in the firm, and their main client, Citibank.

At this moment, Huang Xuan realized that he had just applied for a loan of 1.2 billion dollars from Citibank, the yearly interest of which would be 100 million dollars. In addition to the 1.2 billion dollars worth of bonds and the a.s.sets of more than 100 million dollars, Citibank would make at least 150 million dollars every year. Was there a closer type of cooperation than this?

When Clay talked on the phone again, Malcom voice was much softer. Of course, Rolin told Huang Xuan everything they had said. He was relieved. Gilbert thought nothing serious was happening there, so he had put away his things and was ready to go home.

Clay hung up the phone sullenly, eyes bloodshot.

"You may go," he said angrily.

"Boss," his agents called.

"You are the ones that are supposed to leave," Huang Xuan said. Without a look at the embarra.s.sed FBI agents, he shook hands with Gilbert and smiled. "Thank you. Let me walk you out."

Gilbert handed his suitcase to his a.s.sistant and said, "You are welcome. I charge anyways."

Huang Xuan loved this spirit of "business is business", similar to Zhang Xinyi's style.

Issac pushed the FBI away and walked through.

"I will be watching you," Harry called behind.

Huang Xuan neglected him.

When they reached the airport, Huang Xuan was surprised to see a small Cessna plane with a capacity of 10 people already parked there. "Did you come by plane? No wonder you were so fast."

"I came by helicopter from Manhattan and transferred. The firm was worried that you might get into trouble since you were not familiar with the law here."

Gilbert had put it tactfully. The partners of Waring were worried that Huang Xuan might deal with the matter in a Chinese method. Although they didn't really know what method the Chinese would take, but to them, any method different from theirs was bad.

Huang Xuan had only taken a helicopter once, which had been in Brazil. He thought Gilbert must have got the message as soon as the conflict had happened, meaning it had only taken him three hours to arrive. How fast it was!

Time Smuggling Starting from the Year 2000 Chapter 99

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