Titan Beneath The Heavens Chapter 79

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Chapter 79: Ninth Episode: Chapter 6

The fire beacon had died out. The tower of heroes still towered into the heavens; between heaven and earth, this huge temple where people prayed and praised the spirit of heroes, emanated a quiet and peaceful atmosphere.

However, this atmosphere was not found in Dulin or among the noble circle in the capital. The Southern Region’s report of successfully curbing the insurgents had spread all the way to the military. Although the Emperor and a majority of the cabinet ministers felt gratified by this, the extreme events sparked by the rebellion did not take a turn for better.

Despite the nobles who had fled from the South settling down in the number of provinces at the central part of the Empire, there were still a few blue bloods that escaped into Dulin. Although the capital nobles only adopted nonchalant attitudes towards these "refugees", the news that the Southern nobles brought and their many experience of the revolt deeply scared the nobles. They were the supreme rulers, they were proprietors of wealth, lands and the people’s everything. However, in the eyes of the insurgents, all these were nonsense. It was a first that someone doubted their identities, a first that someone questioned their status, and the first time that someone stripped them of their wealth and right to live.

This was absolutely not allowed!

Firstly, a few of the supreme middle ranked Southern nobles formed a petition group by uniting about a dozen people and begged the Emperor to further enhance the efforts in suppressing the insurgents. And after that, a few "Far-sighted and intelligent" nobles from the capital circle started to take actions. One after another, they either fished out their money and riches, or arranged mercenaries to join the Southern army, or sought assistance for those who suffered immense losses in the revolt.

During the unrest, Alfa III’s approach had always been resolute. He did not care about the list of casualties that the Southern Army Group presented, nor the nominal local administrative structure. He persistently urged the army to advance forwards and kept gathering the high-ranking officers of the military to discuss countermeasures. He had received the secret report that Count Rudolf Hoss sent from the South. Now he had an in-depth understanding of the whole progress of the rebellion. The Emperor understood that if the resistance of the rising merchants and citizen class could not be suppressed, then his Empire would start to crumble from the South and collapse.

Under pressure from the Emperor, the Southern Army Group finally used their last strategy. If the nobles needed a purge or vengeance, then no one can stop these infuriated people. The last strategy of the Southern Army Group was the Scorched Earth Policy! The army set fire to all the villages on the way of the suppression; they rounded the people of the mountains into fortresses and towns with fortified castles and even snatched away all the food of the mountain area. The brutality of this vicious method quickly beared results; the armed forces of the rebels started to move towards even more remote areas while a few of the revolt armies fled to foreign countries.

The winter of year 791 came early. When the regions beyond the mountains were still verdant, the mountains were already covered in white snow. When the 12th month arrived, heavy snow had finally sealed off all the gateways between the mountains tightly. The suppressors had no choice but to stop in their venture. However, they did not cease the massacre. The noble lords had returned from inland and the secret agents that were originally lying low in the mountains also returned! Thus, the southern mountains were destined to be unusually vibrant this winter.

The insurgents were trapped within the huge mountains; they could not leave, neither could the army enter. The Southern army group mobilized a majority of their military strength to seal off all the mountain passes and transportations by land. They wanted the insurgents to die from deprivation of their daily needs in the freezing snow grounds. Being faced with the vicious retaliation from the nobles, with gallows and prisoner vehicles everywhere, the Southern merchants started to make plans, each man for their own.

Firstly, the person who surrendered to the local authorities was strictly protected by the secret service; no one knew who the person was but the military revealed this person’s identity in the next operation. A few huge merchants in the Eastern area of Rylie province were arrested one after another; which also meant that it was highly possible for the mutineer to be the person in charged of the rebels at the southern region of Rylie Province.

Having this first-hand confession, the following matters started to fall into place. Although the Secret Service was horrible at gathering intelligence, when it came to methods of interrogation under torture, guilt by association and the ability to fabricate criminal charges, all the Ministry of Justice’s members in all Westland would have to concede defeat. Thus, the nobles’ desire for vengeance was greatly satisfied. The former leader of the people was put in chains while the merchants born into wealth were extensively blackmailed of their riches.

"So in other words... We have achieved victory?" Alfa III beamed while measuring up the numerous officers before him.

"Why aren’t you all answering?" The Emperor’s expression altered. Although the officers were used to only reporting good news, the change in their expressions were really too sudden!

"Your Majesty!" The first to step out of the officer’s formation was Marshal Alan.

"Despite the situation in the South having settled down, but... the circumstances look bleak because the insurgents with the largest size and strength have already escaped into Faran and Riel Kingdom. The Ministry of Foreign Affair’s dialogue with these two countries aren’t going very well; so I fear that during spring of the coming year, when the snow melts, the insurgents will make an even stronger comeback."

Alfa III gave a light nod; he was not too worried since Marshal Alan was already aware of it and would have definitely started to sort it out. The Emperor had always relied heavily on this old Marshal.

"Okay, my distinguished Marshal!" The Emperor laughed happily, "Let the military come to an agreement about these matters. Draw out a plan as soon as possible; I believe that General Eugene Mir Bradley of the South will try his best to coordinate, am I right?"

The line up of officers again sank into silence; they could detect that the Emperor was indirectly implying something else.

Marshal Alan and the Chief of Staff, Marshal Valier Cypress exchanged glances and in the end, the Chief of Staff stood out.

"Your Majesty, regarding General Eugene..."

"That’s enough!" Alfa III waved his hand. He tossed a of documents in front of Marshal Cypress, "These are all the letters of complaint from the military and the Southern Army Group on General Eugene. Humph! Some aren’t even complains, rather, false accusations. I am extremely clear about General Eugene’s loyalty towards the Empire and the Imperial Household. Moreover, General Eugene endured through the trials of the unrest. If it wasn’t for his continuous perseverance at the front lines, I believe I won’t receive news of victory this soon."

"Your Majesty, regarding General Eugene, as a military colleague, I have great admiration for him, but..." The Chief of Staff paused and carefully assessed the Emperor’s expression. Alfa III did appear to have intentions to stop him.

"Your Majesty, regarding the complaints on General Eugene, the Staff Department, colleagues in the Combat Department and I have also considered it before. Although most of it are fabricated, we believe that at least the few conducts such as rejection of military decision, acting alone and sympathizing with the insurgents have indeed taken place!"

Practically as soon as the Chief of Staff finished saying this, sounds of agreement chimed in from the line up of officers.

Alfa III still had on a senseless smile. He knew better than anyone else, that as a Commander of the Southern Region, General Eugene was the largest contributor in this time’s operation to pacify the rebellion but the leaders of the military disliked his conduct. So, when victory approached, the struggle for accomplishment, traps of flattery and the wrestle for benefits were inevitable.

"My Chief of Staff, can we put aside the issue about General Eugene for I feel that the complaints indeed does not have much basis. As you say, General Eugene’s rejected the military’s decisions and war plans, but as the Commander of the battlefield, I do not think the General violated his duty. Dulin is close to a thousand kilometers away from the war zone; don’t tell me that General Eugene has to wait for the military’s decision in everything! As for sympathizing with the insurgents..."

Alfa III let off a gentle sigh, "Two months of fierce battle and the people and assets of the Southern territories have suffered losses to a degree in which the Empire is unable to accept. It’s true that the suppression must continue on, but the local policies should be eased up a little and the military operations should also exercise some restraint. Don’t tell me you all hope to return to a land littered with corpses."

The Emperor suddenly stopped in his tracks; he just realized that what he said did not make sense, "Oh, that’s right! I just realized that the Southern territories are already covered in corpses; I do not wish to rule over a land of the deceased, so... I will announce my decree, with regards to the ruffians whose hands are tainted by blood, they should be executed, but concerning the destitute people of the mountain who were bewitched or instigated, raising them in prison would only waste the country’s provisions! So just deal with them leniently!"

Marshal Cypress nodded his head in agreement of the Emperor’s order and retreated back into the officers’ line up. The Chief of Staff already knew the Emperor’s attitude towards General Eugene and continuously pushing it would only result in trouble for himself.

"Very well! May the God of Light protect Titan and also the Morisettes. The discussion of the South shall end here, let us talk about... about the matters of other borders!" The Emperor declared that it was time to enter the next topic. At that moment, he no longer had anything troubling him.

No.31 Penelope Avenue, His Imperial Highness Prince O’Neil jumped out of the carriage blithely. Once he had landed on the ground, he spun around and extended his hand into the carriage. The young lady held onto her brother and stepped out of the carriage only to be intrigued by the happenings at the street.

Just opposite to the official residence of Duke Andrew, was a noble mansion with a long history. Normally, this mansion was similar to the other courtyards of Penelope Avenue. Behind the towering walls and parasol trees, the laughter of women and children could be heard occasionally. However, it was different now. More than ten carriages with the insignia of the Ministry of Justice engraved onto it, had stopped at the gates of the official residence; patrol soldiers with swords in their hands had the huge mansion surrounded tightly.

"What has happened?" Sasha shot her brother a questioning look.

Oscar watched the nobles who were shoved onto the prisoner’s vehicle coldly, "Don’t you already see it? That is an arrest."

"Arrest!" Sasha sucked in a breath; she recalled that her brother was also taken away like this back then. The young lady subconsciously shifted her gaze. "That Marquis is a pretty good man, his whole family is. I really cannot believe that they would violate the legal code."

After hearing this, Oscar could not help but laugh even more coldly.

"My little sister, whether they have or have not broken the law, I am unsure. However, one thing’s certain, they have definitely went against the orders of the Emperor. If they had grasped the intent of the Emperor, then even if it is against the law, there will not be any trouble!"

Sasha nodded her head slowly. She had heard news about the Marquis who was arrested a while ago, having engaged in a fierce dispute with the Emperor’s representative at the Ministry of Senior Nobility. However, she did not imagine that revenge would come so soon!

"The current Empire is completely in Alfa III’s control and the Southern rebellion only served to provide an even better excuse. The Secret Service and a few of the dictatorship departments’ dereliction of duty made the Emperor’s strategy to reorganize the government appear rational and I believe no one will dare oppose the Emperor’s motion ever again." Oscar explained with marked worry, not knowing however, just what was worth worrying about himself.

Sasha handed over her fox scarf and velvet cloak over to the attendant at the entrance hall. She was not as mental as her brother; the young lady would definitely investigate the source of matters. The rumors Sasha heard at wine receptions and social settings told her that the Emperor’s situation was not as wonderful as it appeared.

"Perhaps you don’t know!" The young lady said while helping the prince take off his cloak and outer jacket, "The nobles of the outer province has no interest whatsoever in the Emperor’s reform of policies for the Southern matters have them gripped with fear and they are busy strengthening their own territories. The capital’s noble circle generally fear the Emperor and some of the reputable, higher ranking nobles are filled with resentment towards the Emperor’s methods that are close to that of a threat."

The prince and his sister sat down in the living room and the maids immediately served them hot tea and fixed up a heater for them.

"Sasha, you can’t be that naïve, can you?" Oscar gazed at his sister, lost in thought.

"Why do you say that?" Sasha was surprised.

"The nobles of the capital, resent the Emperor?" Oscar lifted his teacup but immediately replaced it, "Unlikely! Absolutely unlikely! At least they will not openly express this resentment; they will carry out dirty tricks behind the scenes without stepping over the line. Thus, the Emperor will know the people’s intentions and yet will not make a big fuss over the nobles’ harmless tricks. In fact... by how Alfa III sees it, regardless of how many died, it is still considered harmless as long as the deceased will not hinder the commencement of his strategy."

Sasha suddenly burst into laughter, "Brother, to be honest, you are getting more and more..."

"More and more like a noble of the capital, no?" Oscar broke his sister off but was not expecting her answer. "I have seen it very clearly and Marshal Alan’s prompt came just in time. In the capital, there is no need for me to look after anyone’s feelings. As long as His Majesty Emperor stands before me and Her Imperial Highness Princess stands behind me, I believe there is no one in Dulin who dares cross me."

The prince glanced at the weather outside the window; it seemed like it was about to snow. He opened the window and let the unbridled cool air rush into the room

"Sasha, the most important thing that we should do first is to go far away from the capital, which is filled with struggles and stained by blood, until they are almost done with the fighting and struggling and most have died off! The Emperor will naturally reinstate new blood and only then will it be the hour for us to return. Believe me, regardless of what the nobles of the capital may do, at least in Dulin, every event that can possibly take place are within the control of Alfa III!"

Sasha remained silent with her head hanging low and

and her finger continuously tracing circles.

"But..." Oscar turned away from the window abruptly, "Do not assume that Alfa III will let down his guard towards me; are the secret agents he planted in Kenshin Palace not yet enough? Are the sentries he set up at Swan Hill Fortress not yet enough? All those years as an Emperor did not go to waste! Although he usually takes on the look of a pervert during normal days, there really aren’t many who could challenge him when it comes to true tactics and capabilities. So... Let us treat the life at University Town as a journey!"

Sasha finally lifted her head, "Thank the heavens! My brother, you finally said something that is gratifying to others."

Oscar gave a mischievous laugh. He was almost done packing; once he had ascertained his dwelling, then he could bring the orders of the military and Emperor to officially enroll into university.

"But speaking of which... My little sister, haven’t you decided which course you are going to take yet?"

"I have decided!" Sasha bounced forwards on the sofa. "Political science and the history of the mainland! The professors of these two courses have replied my application letters and they have allowed me to sit in on the classes with the status of Duke Andrew’s direct descendent. Brother, although I am not yet grown up, I am also a university student!"

Oscar furrowed his brows; he was not as happy as his sister, "Sasha, the history of mainland is still acceptable, but political science... Honestly, I have never heard a young lady study such field before!"

"Who says so? Who says so? Who says so?" Sasha fired back determinedly. "My most beloved brother Oscar, do you know which lesson that Aeolia chose? I’m sure it will definitely be a shock to you!"

"Which... Which lesson?" Oscar was somewhat convinced. He was aware that each time Aeolia showcased her abilities; people would be awestruck. He believed that this freak-like girl would indeed select a specialty that would astound others.

"Political economy!" Sasha exclaimed and retreated to the other side of the sofa. The young lady took up her position with the intent to appreciate her brother’s look of astonishment.

Sure enough, the prince’s face had changed, but the change was not because of the lesson that Aeolia chose, but because of his ignorance.

"Politcal... economy?" Oscar was dubious on whether he had misheard, "Politics is politics, and economics is economics, what is this political economy? Are you sure Dulin University offers such a course?"

Sasha shrugged, "I am also unclear. It is said that it is a knowledge that has come into being for not more than a hundred years! Oh, that’s right, Aya’s grandfather was your teacher, don’t tell me he never taught you about this before?"

"Are you kidding me!" Oscar made a disapproving look, "How old was I when Aya’s grandfather taught me? He only taught me to read and write."

"Okay brother, you should return!" Sasha had decided to send him off.

"You don’t need me to do anything else for you?" Oscar still wanted to stay a while longer with his sister.

"Then come and help me pack up my luggage." Sasha gave a sly smile.

"Uhh... you know, there’s still a pot of red braised pork on the stove of Kenshin Palace’s kitchen!" The Prince actually threw an excuse such as this just to get away from there at once.

Do you still remember the Ferdinand Manor? That is the Emperor’s advisor, the newly appointed Secretary of State’s proxy, Old Duke Kachev Drakas Ferdinand’s large house, situated in the suburbs not far from Dulin City.

The Ferdinand Manor was actually a small sized farm. Although it wasn’t very big, during the summer you could admire the sight of the fields that were so hard to come by. During the fall, you could enjoy the pleasure of harvest and picking and when winter arrived, although the scenery became a little monotonous, when compared to the disorder of the other seasons, on a winter’s day, the manor depicted the owner’s neglect and desolation. The lifeless atmosphere undoubtedly fueled the credibility of rumors about a blood-sucking Count living in the manor among the children who lived nearby.

At the end of the 11th month, the manor lost the protection of its forest and shrubs. From a distant, only the huge main house in the whole farm appeared to hold any form of life. The fence that were overlapping one another and strewn at random were severely damaged, forming a circle behind the wall of trees. The stables and barn appeared as if they might topple any second. When the Northeastern wind blew, the wooden planks and nails would let out a terrifying screech. All the leaves had fallen from the wall of trees and they towered silently behind the main building. The warm rays of early winter shone onto one side of the house. On the side facing the wind, the main house casted a huge shadow onto the ground.

Compared to the desolate state outside the window, the world within the house was indisputably more pleasing. The sofas in the living room were covered in thick leather fur, the delicate tea set in the silver tray was glistening with the special luster that only porcelain had. The wall facing away from the sunlight had a few fine oil paintings spread out over them and also the portrait of the owner. Attentive ones would be able to pick up clues from the portrait that the owner was no longer young.

Old Kachev had been always been busy but only a meager few knew what he was up to. In the eyes of the capital’s nobles, if there were anyone that should not be provoked, this Old Duke was definitely one of them.

"Her Majesty Empress’ actions are unexpectedly quick! This is indeed beyond my expectation!" The old man sighed, but immediately regained his grim expression. "How did you deal with that maid?"

The fatigued Marquise Erdogan Vas Ferdinand let out a soft snort, "You don’t want to know! I have handed over that little slut over to Lempton; I believe that he and his energetic subordinates will take good care of her."

Old Kachev did not utter a word but only gave a casual nod.

"Mixing a slow-acting poison into a skincare product!" Erdogan sneered weakly, "This make me recall that well-known and complicated legal case many years ago."

The old man lifted his eyes, "The hair oil case?"

"That’s right," Erdogan pinched her nose and tried her best not to mind about the taste of the medicine. "That’s right, the hair oil case! Similarly, a young lady who is related in blood to the Emperor; the culprit being her maid, but the lethal poison was mixed into hair oil. And this time? It is changed to skincare products! Hahahahaha! It seems that our Majesty Empress did not make any progress at all!"

Old Kachev shot a look of disdain at his daughter, "What hour is it now? You actually have the nerve to say these things! The Empress did not make progress? Then let me ask you, the last legal case still had traces to be found, but this time? Do you know how your own maid was bribed? Do you know when the Empress started to go against you? If you do not know these, then what qualifications do you have to criticize the Empress!"

A ray of understanding that

understanding that was never there flashed in Erdogan’s eyes; she indeed did not know how to answer her father’s questions, she only knew that hatred had caused her to be on the verge of going crazy.

"I admit I have lost once, and lost miserably at that!" The Marquise tore away the veil on her face. The originally face of ethereal beauty was covered in black and red spots. "But I will not rest! Since Rolyn Kate started an undeclared war, then there is no need for me to be courteous. This diseased old woman feels that she has too much free time on her hands, so it’s not like I can’t stir some trouble for her as well."

Old Kachev shifted his gaze away in disgust; those spots made him feel nauseated. In his eyes, women were forever a kind of inferior beings that were only for continuing the ancestral line. Of course, when women were used, they were extremely convenient. However, when jealousy, hatred and such things blinded them, even the brightest person would choose to distance themselves from them. The old man had been around for a long time and had practically seen all the different countenance and appearance of the women in Dulin.

"My darling! Calm down, calm down! Haven’t the His Majesty Emperor already seen you like this? He will talk to the Empress about this. Moreover, you should wait for the poison to be rid before bothering about these."

Erdogan did not utter a word; her chest was pounding rapidly like a wind box, signifying that her rage had yet to pass. This Marquise had three things that she was immensely proud of, first was her appearance, second, her intelligence and third, her son. The Empress’ conspiracy, Erdogan could not help but shudder, was irrefutably the most ruthless stratagem!

The doctor had described to her the symptoms of being poisoned. This slow-acting poison will cause most of the flesh on the face to ulcerate. When the poison entered the brain, symptoms of insanity would appear and lastly, the person would end up becoming mentally retarded!

Erdogan bit her lip until they bled and carefully tasted the metallic sweetness in her mouth. If it weren’t for her skin showing allergic reactions to the skincare product, then her appearance and intelligence would have been robbed and that would be even harder to accept than being killed.

"Father, I wish to rest!"

Old Kachev stood up helplessly; he knew that now was not the time to conciliate his daughter. No one knew the court better than him; there, it was the most filthy, bloody and ugly place in the world! The people born in court were freaks that were crueler than wild beasts and Empress Rolyn Kate Karl Arnold Morisette was the head of these evil monsters!

"When you go out, remember to bring along Lempton, he will protect you. Remember this! I do not wish to see your corpse lying in the street!" The Old Duke instructed his daughter in the end.

The Eastern City of Westberg Fort was the side where the fort was most solid and fortified. It was said that beneath the Eastern City was a first-rate hot spring. The rooms in the Eastern region did not need a fire during the freezing winter days and Empress Rolyn Kate, who was debilitated and plagued by many diseases, would always spend the winter here at the end of the year.

His Imperial Highness Prince O’Neil was led by the head of the chamberlains with a shaven head, to the largest warm room in the Eastern area of Westberg Fort. Above the walls of the warm room was a metal pipe where water from the hot spring flowed. The boiling spring water made the room as warm as during spring. The prince already felt his forehead beaded with sweat before he even entered.

This huge parlor occupied a few hundred squares. One could already hear laughing noises coming out from it when standing at a distance. Without a doubt, those who were making a clamor in the room were the noble Madams of lofty status and who were most favored and trusted by the Empress. The Eastern region of Westberg Fort was a restricted area to men, but a women’s paradise. This was the private territory of Empress Rolyn Kate and even if Alfa III wanted to occasionally drop by for a visit, he had to consider the Empress’ mood.

Rosin was burning in the living room and it invigorated the people. A few two-person sofas were arranged on the wide Persian rug and beside each of these sofas were a tiny built-in cupboard. Within these were an assortment of tea sets and beverages that were accessible to the people to help themselves to. The sofas were fully occupied. Lugging their huge dresses around, the Madams who were adorned with countless jeweled ornaments chattered away leisurely. Some of them had chosen green tea, some chose light licorice wine and others chose diluted vanilla chocolate for themselves.

Beneath a screen that was brought from the Far East, a rosy-faced middle-aged woman reclined on a wide couch. Her light auburn colored hair was spread out in a mess over the pillowed back of the couch. The hand that was in her hair was clutching the back of her head steadily while the other hand was fiddling with the pearl necklace resting on her chest. Her eyes were slightly closed, her lips tightly pursed and a pair of white bare feet were exposed from beneath the white pleated skirt. A female Persian slave was massaging her foot. Perhaps a sore spot was pressed for the Madam would occasionally wrinkle her brows.

Perhaps she had heard her friends speak about a topic of her interest, for the Madam would sometimes interrupt. Her humorous style of conversing would immediately spark responses from all the people and thus, the whole living room would reverberate with the sound of cheerful and light laughter.

This was practically the whole life of Empress Rolyn Kate Karl Arnold Morisette and as a result, the people scorned and envied her. However, perhaps you would not believe it, but the people who thought or acted out had all perished.

His Imperial Highness Prince O’Neil strode into the living room but it seemed that no one intended to greet him. The Madams eyed him and some discussed among themselves in low voices. The youngster who had just celebrated his sixteenth birthday pondered a while and turned around, deciding to leave.

"Young lad, what are you going to do?" A gentle and weak voice sounded.

"My apologies, I will like to look for a mother of five children, but evidently I have walked into the wrong room! Everyone here are respected young ladies and none look like a mother." Oscar clarified and bowed to the pleasant people on the couch.

If this was a compliment, then the Prince’s compliment was extremely successful for the living room again erupted with joyous laughter.

Empress Rolyn Kate dragged her upper body up and sat leaning against the seat and then turned towards her friends, "You see! Do you have a child that has such a clever mouth that blurts flattery capable of poisoning ladies? If not, then don’t blame His Majesty III and I for marrying Alanis off to him. Even the few of you Madams of virtue and prestige are no match for this young lad’s flattery, what more is to say for the young princess."

Oscar approached the Empress, beaming. He swept his eyes rudely over Rolyn Kate’s physique, his greedy gaze roaming over every inch of the Empress! This was not because the prince felt secure in knowing he had backing, but because he clearly knew that the Empress enjoyed people to look upon her with this captivated and a little blasphemous gaze.

Rolyn Kate stretched out her hand languidly and allowed the prince to lay a heavy kiss onto the back of her hand.

The Empress shook her head and wringed her hand, "This impudent little rascal has hurt me!"

The Empress’ words once again stimulated the roars of laughter from the Madams. If a woman was hurt by a man, then just how many more things could the people relate this to?

No matter how indifferent Oscar were, he should be ashamed. Being ridiculed by the Holy Titan Empire’s Majesty Empress publicly, he was unsure of whether he should feel honored or depressed.

"Your Majesty Empress, my future Mother Empress, I heard that your asthma have improved a lot and I have specially come visit you."

"Your Imperial Highness Prince O’Neil, my future son-in-law, I heard that your schedule is already very packed so I specially instructed Alanis to tell you not to bother about me!"

Oscar shook his head in distress. He indeed had not visited Rolyn Kate for more than ten days. Previously when he went to the Southern region of Westberg fort to visit the princess, he would visit the Empress on the way.

"My Majesty, Alanis indeed carried out your orders faithfully. Not only is my schedule extremely packed, but also has to be altered according to her sudden inspiration of wanting to do something. It seems that I have really neglected Your Majesty, please forgive me."

Rolyn Kate made no reply; she knew that the youngster’s words were the truth, for Alanis had been leading him all over the place, more of to show him off.

"Please have a seat." The Empress indicated with her head, the rectangular sofa beside her couch.

Oscar once again bowed. He felt even more uncomfortable after taking his seat, with the group of noble women staring intently at him as if examining stallions.

"Your Majesty, if there is no issues from your side..."

"Why?" Rolyn Kate raised her voice, "Still thinking about that red braised pork at Kenshin Palace?"

Oscar’s heart became cold, "The red braised pork of Kenshin Palace!" This was what he had just said during noon. The prince felt that he should keep his eyes open. The Imperial Household had stationed secret agents at Kenshin Palace and No.31 Penelope Avenue; this was no secret. However, there was completely no need for the Empress to directly inform him of this; in other words, it implied that he was being watched tightly.

"Your Majesty, if my presumptions are correct, it’s that young lady in charged of refreshments in Duke Andrew’s Official Residence who told you the story about the red braised pork? I really don’t understand! How can wages of two golden Tis per month cause the young lady to be so conscientious? Should I whine about the stinginess of the Secret Service Department? Or should I complain about the prices in Dulin being too low?"

The prince shot a glance at the Empress, unperturbed. He did not care since the Empress already opened up, then he did not mind to reveal his hand as well.

Rolyn Kate was indeed astonished, but she quickly believed that this could be possible. Dulin was controlled very strictly, but the Military Personnel Bureau’s investigative department of the Andrew Family operated was still just as impressively. This showed that they had a secret net that was just as good as the Secret Service Department.

"Young child, you should change your habit of not walking the talk. A while ago you were complimenting my ‘Young ladies’ here and now without even taking a sip of tea, you cannot wait to leave this group of old women."

Oscar could not stand such a joke; this was equivalent to offending all the Madams here.

"Your Majesty, I just do not wish to interrupt your recuperation. Moreover, I have already grown up and do not wish to again make you worry." Oscar gave a half-smile. He then fished out a letter and was pleased to see the Empress’ eyes gleam.

Although Rolyn Kate’s face remained expressionless, her heart was pounding. This young man was her son-in-law and also her sister’s son. Despite the little rascal having killed her nephew, everyone knew that he was just a sword that Alfa III borrowed.

The Empress took the letter and was momentarily taken aback. Her eldest son wrote the letter to the young prince, but the wax glue on the envelope indicated it was yet to be opened.

"Your Majesty, I have not read it. It is not because I do not respect the Karl Arnold family, but because I believe that some words are better left unsaid. That was a misunderstanding, one where both sides have already understood the misunderstanding. You will be my future Mother Empress, so the Karl Arnold Family will forever be O’Neil Andrew Morisette’s friend.

The Empress was a little emotionally moved. Even though she would not childishly take the promise of a murderer, the prince’s magnanimous attitude more or less left her feeling stunned. However, the prince’s standpoint towards the Karl Arnold family was not the reason why the Empress had called the youngster here. Rolyn Kate had called him for a completely different matter; one where she would even be willing to sacrifice her family, to sacrifice everything she had! She would absolutely not allow that matter to happen or continue to develop under her watch; and more so, she would not let the people involved in that incident get away with it.

The Empress casted the letter aside; her swift motion of discarding it appeared as if she was chasing away a fly.

"Let us talk about something that is of interest to you. Do you still remember the day you and my little daughter got engaged? A young, handsome Viscount had roamed the backstreets of Hamilton Palace with your little sister during the night. Do you know who this man is?"

Oscar gave a sneer in his heart, Vicsount Minsk Drakas Ferdinand, or... I should call him... An illegitimate child!"

The whole room suddenly fell into silence; all the Madams had stopped talking. Empress Rolyn Kate’s face blushed furiously. She wanted to say something, but the only the only thing she managed was a violent cough.

Oscar did not intend to pat his future Mother Empress’ back or anything similar. He put up a pretense of not having seen it.

"Your Majesty Empress, as the prince of Titan, a member of the Imperial Household, as long as you give your orders, I believe I am able to get rid of that lad! You know? I only need to give the word to those cold and trained assassins, and that will be it!"

As soon as the prince finished saying this, the Madams seated there started to feel that something was not right! This was not something that they should hear about and without even needing the Empress’ permission, the Madams started to retreat out of the living room, one after another. Practically in a split second, the crowded guest room had became as deserted as if it were haunted.

Oscar relaxed and leaned against the sofa; he was not yet done talking.

"Your Majesty Empress, I am only joking! You can’t have believed that right?"

Rolyn Kate gripped her chest; she was completely baffled. She really did not know what this young man intended to do!

The chamberlain shut the living room door tightly and the meeting between His Imperial Highness Prince and Her Majesty Empress progressed on.

Titan Beneath The Heavens Chapter 79

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