Trafford's Trading Club Chapter 245

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In the afternoon.

Oleg drove his yellow pickup truck to almost everywhere in the city for more than 8 hours, but he still couldn’t find Antonio.


"I should not have hit him."

Oleg couldn’t help blaming himself deeply.

Since seven years ago, when only Antonio himself entered his life, this little kid was the sole power that supported him to survive.

"Antonio, you better be safe."

Oleg was not a Christian, but he was more devout than those ordinary believers and himself of the past.

However, he felt that such piety was more or less hypocritical. When some trouble came, he only remembered going to pray, which was sort of utilitarian.

Finally, the sky turned the same color as the yellow pick-up truck, which was still running in this bustling city.

Oleg's sight was merely focused on the boys who were a little bit taller than the hydrant, so he didn’t notice that a pair of eyes was looking at him at the moment the pickup truck turned.

The source of it came from--- a very strong body.

How strong was it?

From the pa.s.serby's perspective, the feeling was probably like that this guy was as strong as a brown bear!

Antonio looked at this familiar pickup truck slowly pa.s.sing by him. He clearly saw Oleg sitting on the driver's seat.

Perhaps because he grew up, Antonio felt his vision became very good--- so he could clearly see the hint of anxiety cracked on Oleg's face.


Antonio unconsciously moved his lips as the moment the pickup truck pa.s.sed by. He even intended to wave his hand, but Oleg didn’t notice him at all.

Looking at the pickup truck entered another street, Antonio talked to himself, "Dad can’t recognize me... I really got bigger!"

Antonio looked at his shadow showing on the gla.s.s window of the street store, and felt more and more satisfied to himself after growing up--- Well, when he left the factory, he quietly stole a suit of clothes from the neighbor’s yard, or he’d be naked at this time.

"Sir, what can I do for you?" The store clerk came out--- this was a bakery.

Antonio thought for a while, "Can I have this chocolate cake?"

The feeling of being an adult was really good---He could buy whatever he liked, no one was nagging around and saying ‘don’t do this and don’t do that’.

Antonio enjoyed the cake as wandering on the streets--- he found that many people will look toward him, especially those big sisters, who seem to enjoy watching him.

But he didn’t understand why these big sisters smiled at him, even occasionally blinking their eyes ---And, a big sister knocked into him and pinched his chest.

He felt itchy.

"Hey! Baby, do you want to go have a drink together?"

"Ah, sorry, I'm going to find my friends. We have an appointment to play video games this day of every week!"

"Oh really... Well, bye."

Then the big sister's smile suddenly disappeared, leaving without hesitation--- Antonio was puzzled, scratching his hair, and wondering if he should agree to her request.

"I’m now an adult, should I agree to her request next time? This is what an adult is..."

As thinking about it secretly, someone rushed to him from the front.

This man even shouted, "Step aside! Step aside! Step aside!"

And two strong men followed him--- the person shouting was being chased by the two.

He... and two strong men were running by Antonio at this time. Antonio opened his mouth, apparently he recognized the person chased by the two men, "Uncle Nikita?"

"You cannot escape."

Nikita, who was finally stopped in a poor alley, looked worriedly at the wall in front of him--- why there was a wall here? Which b.a.s.t.a.r.d and what time did he build it?

No matter how he swore the wall builder, he had to face the fact that there was no way for him to escape.

Nikita had to turn around and press his hands on face, trying to negotiate with them, "Hey, dude, if you kill me here, you won’t get the money. Why don’t you give me a little time to let me think about the solution?"

"Well, dear Nikita, do you know how many guys ask for some time to think of the solutions, but sneaking away quietly? The rule of the casino is that, anyone has to pay back the money they borrowed within twelve hours. Well, Nikita, didn’t you hear clearly the rules we said before borrowing money?"

"But your interest is too high!" Nikita looked at the two with cold sweat.

He really regretted drinking alone last night! If he didn’t drink too much alcohol which stopped his brain from working, he would definitely not go into the bas.e.m.e.nt casino to take his chance.

The result was predictable--- the experience now was the result.

"You’ve agreed the interest rate from the very beginning, haven’t you?" The man snorted, "Mr. Nikita, go back with us and find a solution at our place."

"If you intend to resist to the end, then you have to suffer the consequences yourself."

The two men clenched their fists and stepped close, which made Nikita's heart thumped--- but at this moment, Nikita could not believe his eyes!

One of them flew up... No no no, he had been lifted up!

An extremely tall guy one hand grabbed the man’s belt and his other one grasped an arm, lifting up the man!

Oh my G.o.d! Nikita had never seen such a strong guy!

This strong guy suddenly shouted, throwing out the strong man severely, who dropped in the trash. His head hit the garbage lid and a piteous cry came from him, but he couldn’t climb out.

Witnessing his partner being punched, the other man rushed to this strong guy, both hands holding his waist, and pushed him to the wall.

But this strong guy landed his fist severely on the back of this guy!

The strong man loosened his hands after receiving two to three punches... He felt as if his spine was almost broken, like it was being struck down by a hammer, instead of being beaten by fists!

As soon as he loosened hands, he was suddenly raised up, and thrown into the garbage--- bursts of terrible smells almost stunned him; however, the huge guy knocked down the dustbin lid directly, and struck it hard on the outside.

Loud noises pa.s.sed on to the inside and made the strong man dizzy. He tried to push open the lid, but found he could not achieve it.

He even started vomiting in this fetid atmosphere.

Nikita swallowed saliva while witnessing the scene happened just now. At this time, he viewed the man that helped him was standing at the dustbin, walking on air.

"Oleg... oh, sorry, I was wrong." Nikita hesitated, but eventually coming to the strong man, "My G.o.d, you look like one of my friend, but much younger than him!"

"Ni ..." Antonio wanted to call him Uncle Nikita as usual, but thought that even his own father couldn’t recognize him, so… maybe Uncle Nikita either.

This kid with an adult figure suddenly thought of a prank, "Is your friend as strong as me?

"Oh, my G.o.d, you are stronger than Oleg!" Nikita exclaimed, "You’re like a Siberian bear! Oh, well, thanks for saving me."

Antonio sitting in the bin kicked his legs, "I saw you being bullied by bad guys, so I decided to save you. Are you OK?"

Nikita gave a start, felt this guy a little weird. But he didn’t think too much, saying, "Yeah, I’m good. Can’t be better than this. By the way, what’s your name? Are you living in this area? Why didn’t I ever see you before?"

Honestly speaking, a man with such a strong body was attractive and should be known, or at least should be heard.

"I am An..." Antonio blinked his eyes and said, "Anton. I just arrived at Moscow, so it’s normal that you have never seen me."

"You just came here?" Nikita was stunned, nodded as if thinking about something, "Oh, how about going to some restaurant and having a talk?"

Antonio felt that it was a very rare but exciting to chat with Uncle Nikita, so he nodded.

Nikita suddenly said, "Wait, can you come down first?"

Antonio unbent both of his hands and jumped down. Then Nikita opened the trash lid, "Let me see how the two guys are."

Along with his words, his palm was reaching for the two men--- These two guys had completely fainted due to the terrible smell.

Nikita fished out two wallets from their pockets, getting all the banknotes directly, and threw the wallet back into the dustbin.

"What happened to them?" Antonio asked curiously.

Nikita quickly turned and walked to Antonio. He wanted to put hand on his shoulder, but the extreme height difference simply changed his thought. So he patted his back, smiling, "Nothing, they just fainted and will wake up the way, I know a very good restaurant, the food there is very tasty! Let me take you there to show my appreciation! If you don’t mind, let me treat you today! Anton! "

"Is this your laboratory?"

A long time ago, the servant girl said she had a laboratory out of the need to achieve some customers requests, because the former boss seldom came out.

it was just below the very gorgeous metro station in Moscow--- to be specific, it should be under the place of the Red Square area, somewhere deeper than the subway tracks.

You Ye ever said, ‘It's quite a ha.s.sle to move away the items from here.’

Looking at the layout of this huge bas.e.m.e.nt, Luo Qiu finally realized the seriousness of such troubles at last.

Boss Luo opened his mouth, but didn’t say anything in the end.

He just thought quietly, ‘Had You Ye ever robbed some place like a NASA research room before?’

Trafford's Trading Club Chapter 245

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