Trafford's Trading Club Chapter 328

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Just as he just entered the cla.s.sroom, he heard some whispers.

He quickly took his seat. In front of him were students from different schools with different uniforms.

Just like him, they didn't stay for evening Compared to attending evening cla.s.s, their parents would rather send them here.

These retired teachers had more experience--- Parents thought so.

They were talking about the latest events concerning the jumps---because they heard all were peers in the same cram school.

There were five now with 15-20 students for each. And the sixth cla.s.s was about to be arranged.

It had the best conditions and teachers... even first-hand papers. Many parents were attracted to this place even though the tuition fee was high.

"OK, let's get ready for cla.s.s. Tonight we are going to a.n.a.lyze this year's test paper from the Shandong province. Concentrate and don't be distracted. Remember, the College Entrance Exam is a single-log bridge and there are so many students competing with you... "

The temper of this retired old man did not seem to diminished. Gu Jiajie started to concentrate when he saw other students being so serious.

This old man was very famous as a 'Bad Guy' among those teachers of the cram school.

But at this moment his cell phone suddenly vibrated. Gu Jiajie carefully took a glance at the old teacher on the platform and then turned to his cell phone.

A short message.

"Nine o'clock, the same place."


"I'm back."

Luo Qiu, who was cleaning the room, saw Ren Ziling tiredly walk in as the door opened.

Subeditor Ren showed an ugly smile when she saw the clean living room. She sighed, slumped on the sofa and waved her hands, "I planned to clean up before you come back, but... I forgot."

Luo Qiu who was used to her indolence said nothing but gave a cup of warm water to Ren Ziling.

"Thank you..." Ren Ziling murmured, but then she suddenly sat up and said, "Boy, sit here."

She patted the seat next to her.


"..." Ren Ziling was stunned, she angrily held the arm of Boss Luo in an instant, "d.a.m.n! Sit down and look at me!"

"What's the matter?"

"Look at me." Ren Ziling patted her face, "Carefully look at my face! Boy, answer my question honestly! "

But before Subeditor Ren asked the question.

Luo Qiu lightly said, "Dark circles, two wrinkles and pimples. Maybe these are what you want to ask me. It's not a huge problem, just don't stay up and don't eat instant noodles. Oh, drink more warm water and not beverages."

Ren Ziling was totally shocked and she piteously said, "So, I really look like an 'Auntie'?"

Luo Qiu opened the TV and said, "What happened today?"

"Today a little girl had called me 'Auntie'! Oh, My G.o.d! I'm just twenty-nine years old!"

"Yes, you are an auntie."

"Brat! Are you really my boy? Kicking me when I am down!" Ren Ziling sadly said, "This Luo Family likes to bully me!"

"Luo Family?" Luo Qiu was stunned.

"The surname of the little girl is also Luo!" Ren Ziling hummed, "Maybe five hundred years ago you were relatives... She has nothing, except being younger, better skin and lovelier. Does she have more advantages?"

Luo Qiu suddenly asked when he heard this, "What's her name?"

"Luo..." Ren Ziling frowned and thought for a while, "Oh, Luo Dance. Her dad must have watched too many costume dramas!"


Was that small b.u.t.terfly still in this city?

Luo Qiu shook his head and said, "We couldn't be relatives five hundred years ago."

"I'm just saying, why are you so serious?" Ren Ziling knocked his head, "That's all. I'm going to take a shower and go to sleep! Oh, No! After today I must keep early hours! "

"Have you eaten?" Luo Qiu lightly asked.

"No! For losing weight!"

Luo Qiu laughed when he saw Ren Ziling rushed into the bathroom, then he began to put what the woman brought home in order.

"Cram School?"

A pamphlet fell off.

Luo Qiu opened it, and his eyes glimmered after he carefully read it. Then he raised his hands to throw it to the middle of the living room.

The pamphlet began to open and then some translucent scenes came out. Those were events that happened before.

Boss Luo quietly looked at these scenes and he unconsciously smiled when he saw Subeditor Ren naughtily added something more to Luo Dance's register form.

"Auntie... Yes, she is."

He shook his head, waving his hand to make the scenes disappeared. Then Luo Qiu stood up to finish cleaning. After that, he turned off the light and entered his room; only then did he think about the little b.u.t.terfly.

The little b.u.t.terfly was studious; she even enrolled in a cram school.

He quietly went to sleep with his clothes on.


Early in the morning, a lot of people crowded around the neighborhood.

At this time Officer Ma who was eating a hamburger pushed in and ordered, "Disperse the crowds. Don't destroy the scene. Has forensic expert Old Qin arrived? And you, see if there is troublesome journ... "

Ma Houde stopped and guiltily looked around. A young policeman nearby quickly said, "Officer Ma, your sister-in-law is not here."

Ma Houde awkwardly cleared his throat and said in a deep voice, "Expel those annoying journalists! Don't stand still! Go!"


Ma Houde now confidently walked into the cordoned scene--- He hadn't freely said this sentence in a long time.

That was really cooler than having a bowl of water ice.

"Officer Ma." The policeman at the scene now quickly raised his hand in salute.

Ma Houde nodded, and then ordered, "Report the situation."

The policeman said, "The deceased fell down from a high place, but the place needs to be verified. A female cleaner of this neighborhood found him. He lives in this building, twelfth floor, male, eighteen years old, his name is Gu Jiajie, a graduating student of the No.3 High School in this city."

"Another student?" Ma Houde was stunned. He deeply frowned and glanced at the scene, seeing a couple wearing pajamas bitterly crying by the stone bench.

"Who are they?"

"Oh, parents of the dead." The policeman opened his notebook, "The man is Gu Feng, and the woman is Shen Meihuan."

Looking at this grieving couple, Ma Houde deeply frowned... If this was also a suicide, it must be extremely weird!

Trafford's Trading Club Chapter 328

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