Trafford's Trading Club Chapter 433: Beheading

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"What did you do!!!" Ghost Baby, with a little bit of conscious, stood up right away and stared at Xiang Liu furiously.

Xiang Liu sneered and continued to shake the bell. Ghost Baby covered his head with hands painfully and lost conscious finally.

"It's unbelievable that you can resist my bell for such a long time." Xiang Liu admired him while shaking the bell slightly, "You are an indispensable backbone among monsters. But now… go catch those upstairs!"

Ghost Baby and the other monsters raised heads slowly and walked upstairs. At this time, a fat monster dressing in a barkeeping uniform walked toward him with a flattering smile, "Master Xiang Liu!"  

It was the barkeeper of Elysium Bar---Boar Bartender.

The Boar Bartender smiled, "Master Xiang Liu, I have mixed the worms into all the liquor. And all of the monsters have drunk it, including Sun Xiaosheng. No one discovered anything."

"Good job!" Xiang Liu was pretty satisfied, "You didn't let me down."

"We, boars, swear to service for Xiang Liu family!" The Boar Bartender became serious, "I will try my best to follow your instructions."

"But!" Xiang Liu's face suddenly fell, "There is still one missing!"

The Boar Bartender was stunned, "Do you mean Gui Qianyi? I apologize for that, he never drinks liquor. I have no choice... but Gui Qianyi was not a threat as he is old and disabled!"

Xiang Liu shook his head, "He is not important. I mean you... why didn't you eat the worms?"

"Ah? Master...I..." The Boar Bartender was sweating, "Master, I serve you and even betrayed Boss Sun. I... I can't eat the worms."

Suddenly, Xiang Liu raised his hands up.

The Boar Bartender rushed into the exit immediately, but he failed! Xiang Liu caught his neck with one hand. Xiang Liu laughed, "Then, it's time for you to serve me... give me energy!"

The Boar Bartender screeched. But he was still swallowed by the big snake! Of course, a boar monster couldn't make Xiang Liu full. He picked up and ate another monster who couldn't move. Then he wiped his mouth, revealing a hideous grin of satisfaction and stepped up to the second floor at a brisk pace.

In the office, the Ghost Baby and the other monsters had trapped Su Zijun in a circle.

Xiang Liu swallowed one of them and said, "Oops, I didn't imagine that I would see you here... Master Long?" Xiang Liu couldn't help laughing when watching embarra.s.sed Gui Qianyi and Su Zijun as well as the unconscious Long Xiruo. However, He bowed to Long Xiruo abruptly, "Master Long, I, Xiang Liu, come to see you. Are you fine? Why don't you talk to me?"

Then, he patted his forehead and added, "Oh, see my poor sight. Master Long, are you feeling uncomfortable? Let me check? Ha Ha Ha!!!" He was laughing and smirking. Xiang Liu stepped forward without fear.

Su Zijun snorted, "Xiang Liu, get out here!"

Xiang Liu's expression fell, he said disdainfully, "I would have been afraid of you if it were several hours before. Now... how much power do you have? Any little monster can kill you!"

Su Zijun smiled coldly, "I can make Jiuzhou Xuanyuan show up again, let's die together... no matter what your ambition is."

"No, No, No!" Xiang Liu shook his head, "Jiuzhou Xuanyuan is terrifying. You... haven't enough power to fight against it, but I can escape easily! And all the monsters here will die...with you!"

"Do you want to have a try?" Su Zijun stood up without fears.

Xiang Liu said, "Princess, let's do it in this way. I will let you and Long Xiruo off. In exchange, you can't meddle in my business again... Of course, I will detoxify the corpse poison in these monsters when everything is done. OK?"

Su Zijun said coldly, "I guess your partner has met a bad end... as the magical spear is in your hands. I won't trust you. I have never seen such a thick-faced monster like you!"

Xiang Liu squinted and grabbed Ghost Baby by the neck, "Princess, how about him? Will you care about your subordinates?"

"Xiang Liu! Stop now! You are the shame of your clansmen." Gui Qianyi shouted at Xiang Liu, "Do you want to ruin your clansmen's reputation?"

"Gui Qianyi, shut up!" Xiang Liu yelled, "What is the reputation? It's none of my business! They all died for their name! Ridiculous! They used Xiang Liu family's boom to exchange for your lives. And you hide in the human's world in such a cowardly manner! I can't bear it! It's enough. Now, I am the owner. Gui Qianyi, I will save your life if you turn back now... Or you just die together with your princess. The time of Long Xiruo is gone. Next, it's my time, a big time for monsters."

After speaking, Xiang Liu's body broke into two parts and eight snake heads with a big tail sprung up out from his body, which almost filled the abandoned warehouse! Xiang Liu had shown his real body!

The ancient beast Xiang Liu had nine heads and one tail. He ate many people and where he went, there would only be a submerged land... Compared with ancient Xiang Liu, this Xiang Liu was only missing only one more head.

Every head of the snake was biting into many monsters' bodies. The snake head in the middle said, "Su Zijun, you can call Jiuzhou Xuanyuan now. Let's see whether you are faster or whether I can devour them first! To be honest, I am stronger than you now. I will kill both Long Xiruo and you."

"Xiang Liu, do you think I dare not do that?!" Su Zijun acted with remaining power.

"Let's see who will win!" Xiang Liu stretched his eight heads out together!

However, a rainbow light shone more and more fiercely... and finally, it disappeared in a sigh.


Luo Qiu and the will of the leyline showed up gradually, hand-in-hand.

"Stop now!"

This was not the voice of Luo Qiu but the sigh of the will of the leyline.

"Please do not destroy each other or ruin the land. OK?" It was crying golden tears, "I used to hear the smiles and happiness here every day. But now, I can't. I can only hear the cries of the monsters under your control."

Its voice was not loud, just like the sound of the wind... which echoed around the ear and diffused into people's minds.

It was like a comfort.

Su Zijun was shocked and Gui Qianyi sunk into deep thought as he looked at the small shadow.

But Xiang Liu was terribly upset as if it... stimulate his beastly nature!

"Who do you think you are! Get out!"

Xiang Liu was furious and he was desperately trying to win! He stretched his snake head with the big mouth toward Luo Qiu and the will of the leyline.

But Luo Qiu didn't move at all and said calmly, "You Ye, protect our guest from the attack of Xiang Liu."

A black light appeared from the ground just like a line being drawn by a black pen in three-dimensional s.p.a.ce. Miss Maid was leaping into the air... and the big snake head was torn off, falling down in the destroyed warehouse.

Xiang Liu shouted painfully. His neck was fractured and a lot of blood was bursting out... however, that plentiful blood that fell couldn't get close to Luo Qiu anyway.

On the other hand, Miss. Maid landed lightly and looked at her master amidst the 'blood rain.' She was smiling in the dusky sky.

What a pretty and dazzling girl.

Trafford's Trading Club Chapter 433: Beheading

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