Trafford's Trading Club Chapter 435: The Sound Of Love Rose Up

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The sky dimmed completely, turning from dusk to night… the soft night.

In the industrial park.

"Xiang Liu!"

Long Xiruo came to Xiang Liu, sternly saying, "I pardoned your crimes of ma.s.sacring the monsters due to the contributions you made before. I expelled you, but you played the same old trick again…This time I will not put it past! Accept your judgment! "

"The winner takes all. There is no need to say more!"

Xiang Liu sneered, falling to the ground and without any strength to stand up---though he strongly supported his body with hands on the ground, he could only keep a crawling position.

He bit his teeth and raised his head, staring at Long Xiruo, "I almost… almost won! Long Xiruo, you are really worthy of being the real dragon of the G.o.dly Land, even luck takes your side. I didn't expect that you have such a strong helper… Humph, kill me as you like, I have no time to speak nonsense with you!"

Suddenly, Xiang Liu wildly laughed, "I, Xiang Liu will never admit mistakes!"

"Come on." Long Xiruo sighed, saying with a complex look, "Times have pa.s.sed, if this world cannot tolerate us, we will become what we were. And go back to where we came from… Don't you know this?"


Xiang Liu gazed at Long Xiruo, "Why!"

He spat out blood and roared with grief, "Why the h.e.l.l!!!!!"

Long Xiruo closed her eyes and took a deep breath, reaching out her hands with five fingers opened and palms toward Xiang Liu... A powerful strength was being gathered in the center of her palms.

This strength was enough to destroy Xiang Liu completely and there was no possibility for him to regenerate... However, it disappeared quietly and this huge strength suddenly vanished from the hands of Long Xiruo.

"Miss Long, you can't kill him."


Long Xiruo was annoyed, gazing at Luo Qiu, seriously said, "Don't you know what he did! Look around! So many monsters were killed! Why are you stopping me? If I don't kill him now, how can I get even for these dead monsters?"

In the palms of Long Xiruo, the strong power gathered again.

The recovered true dragon had a huge power... The wind and clouds seemed to be stirred by her.

"I just..."

Luo Qiu looked down at the will of the leyline, lightly saying, "In order to fulfill the trust of this customer, there will be no more sacrifices concerning this matter."

"You..." Long Xiruo was stunned, subconsciously looking at the will of the leyline---the small light shadow, "You... Do you know what you're doing? Let him go and he will come back to you again according to his character! It's going to be a disaster once more!"

The will shook its head and said nothing. It just looked at Xiang Liu.

It grabbed Luo Qiu's hand a little tighter, as if saying "Please.''

Luo Qiu came to Xiang Liu, walking pa.s.s Long Xiruo. He whispered, "Miss Long, I hope you will not stop me… You can't stop me."

Long Xiruo bit her teeth and tightened her hands, strongly waving... her bare hand.

If someone spoke to her like this half a year ago, she would not say anything and just give him a lesson.

But now...

Long Xiruo laughed even though she was angry. Pointing at the will, she said, "What a joke! Just like a hundred years ago, it's a joke! Some guys, they don't remember kindness at all! They only return kindness with ingrat.i.tude!! "

The will lowered its head and still said nothing.

"I don't need your pity!"

After a sudden roar, Xiang Liu tightly bit his teeth… His body suddenly swell up!

"This guy is going to explode!"

Su Zijun's expression tightened... but she struck out faster than anyone else.

She had said that she would not remember those favors, she was not Long Xiruo.

More importantly, she had the ability to kill Xiang Liu! She also had the reason to kill him…This time, she would not show mercy for anyone's sake!

Sharp fingernails nearly cut open Xiang Liu's body before it was about to explode... but her wrist was grasped lightly before she could succeed.

"Miss Zijun, do not stop me, OK?"

Luo Qiu pressed Su Zijun's arm and then he pushed Su Zijun away with his hand lightly.

Along with this push, the boss lifted up his hand and slightly clenched his fingers--- Xiang Liu's expanding body seemed to be tightly caught by something and began to shrink.

Finally, Xiang Liu spat out a mouth of blood. His even paler face didn't cover his fear in his eyes--- he had returned back to his former appearance before exploding!

Killing him before exploding was completely different from preventing him from exploding... Xiang Liu couldn't imagine the essence of this power.

It seemed like the power to make someone's wishes all come true!

In the west, maybe it was the power of G.o.d in the myths.

If in the East, it was the ability of a celestial being.

But he did not think that the mysterious young man in front of him was a G.o.d or a celestial being... From him, he just felt a kind of...

A kind of nothingness.


Xiang Liu opened his eyes… which even split open. There contained extreme anxiety and resentment in his gaze.

But at this point, Luo Qiu touched the forehead of Xiang Liu with one finger.

Just a light touch.

Like the old master touching the mischievous children, like an old monk touched the little monk.


For a moment, there seemed to be an endless thing exploding in Xiang Liu's mind, innumerable sounds and pictures came into his consciousness one by one.

When the desolation and sorrow existed at the same time, the stars would change and the clouds would gather and disperse…

When laughing and crying were heard at the same time, ten thousand homes were lighted, and time brought a great change to the world...

When joy and sorrow came together at the same time, people, monsters and everything flocked together with nature...

When those were poured into his consciousness, he was confused and absent-minded. His purple eyebrows seemed to drop a little instead of staying arrogantly upright. His lips moved slightlyas if he was hesitating... and he subconsciously asked, "What... What is it?"

"The memory of the earth, and is also..." Luo Qiu lightly said, "A gift for you."


Xiang Liu instinctively looked to the light shadow, from the golden pupils, he saw his embarra.s.sed and pathetic look, and he also clearly saw its gentle sigh.

Giving a monster this kind of gentleness?

What a joke!

Xiang Liu's look was very complex and suddenly he gave a laugh… laughing at himself, "I'm right! I, am right! "

The will shed a tear.

Luo Qiu transmitted its words and his fingers slightly moved, "Mr. Xiang Liu, from then on, you will be imprisoned under the leyline to purify your mind... According to it, you will regain freedom again when, one day, you are truly happy for the memory of the earth from your heart."

The boss put his hand down and lightly said, "Go."

Xiang Liu directly sank into the earth with an angry cry… He fell down, down and finally down into the leyline beneath the underground river.

"I will never admit it!!!!!!! Ah!!!!!!"

"Just imprisoning him..." Long Xiruo frowned, obviously she was not satisfied with this, "You are forgiving him using another way!"

The will didn't answer her, it just looked at Long Xiruo and its beautiful golden pupils were somewhat smiling.

After that, it looked up at Luo Qiu and gently pulled his sleeves. Luo Qiu nodded, holding it and opened that ball, quietly walking away from those monsters.

"Tell me!"

The voice of Long Xiruo rang again--- but she did not get an answer.

The boss of the club and Miss Maid had left with their customer.

Eventually they disappeared.

Luo Qiu left. Those monsters that fell to the ground and were seriously injured, some which had even lost their intelligence… and those monsters on their last breath, they all made a miraculous recovery.

The monsters were recovering at a fast speed.

Even the collapsed warehouses and the cracks from the damage in the industrial park were rapidly restored at this moment... It was as if nothing ever happened.

"It's... It's really...that? " Su Zijun quietly came to Long Xiruo. Her face contained shock which could not be hidden.

Long Xiruo gently nodded, "When it held me, I knew that."

But Su Zijun couldn't help but seriously said, "It... It was nurtured... That is to say... "

Long Xiruo didn't speak, looking at the night sky with a complex look.

Trafford's Trading Club Chapter 435: The Sound Of Love Rose Up

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