Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 204

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Chu Yang unintentionally or intentionally looked in Rui Bu Tong’s direction. There was nothing unexpected; this punk was showing great excitement and even unconsciously licking his lips with his tongue… This demeanor of his was proof that his bandit lifestyle was innate… (TLN: Rui Bu Tong was a lone bandit.)

“Luo Ke Di has gone crazy.” Ji Mo pulled his hands into his sleeves as his mouth breathed in and out the cold air. Enjoying the feeling of someone else’s suffering, he said, “It looks like those other people are not weak either. I am afraid second young master Luo will get beaten into a pulp this time.”

“It’s nothing.” Dong Wu Shang excitedly watched a high-spirited Luo Ke Di fight in front of him and said, “This wolf got beaten by us every day; he tired us out first. Let him suffer for a bit.”

Gu Du Xing nodded and said, “Pay attention. We must not let them beat him into a dead wolf. Otherwise, let second young master Luo suffer a little pain or else he would never get any smarter.”

Second brother’s words had sealed the fate of second young master Luo. Rui Bu Tong fiercely nodded and said with satisfaction, “This b.a.s.t.a.r.d always chooses my soft spot as his target. He picked on me every day; this is retribution.”

The result was all of the brothers stood with their arms folded and laughed as they watched on the sidelines.

As for Big Brother Chu, his face already became pensive the moment they arrived. This caravan seemed a little odd…

The moment he got close to this caravan, the Nine Tribulations Sword point in his dantian suddenly throbbed violently!

It throbbed like a palpitating heart!

This was the first time Chu Yang met with this reaction in this life!

This troubled Chu Yang! Why does Nine Tribulations Sword suddenly have this abnormal reaction? Could it be that this caravan have something that piqued Nine Tribulations Sword’s interest?

As he thought, his eyes glanced in the direction of the caravan.

Naturally, he only used a normal gaze to observe. Before he could determine whether the opponents were indeed the spies he was searching for, Chu Yang did not have any prejudice in his heart.

However, after careful observation, he discovered too many abnormalities. At this very moment, Gu Du Xing rode over next to him and said casually, “Big brother, their strength is odd.”

“Odd? Odd how?” Chu Yang asked with a faint smile.

“There is nothing abnormal about them having martial masters.” Gu Du Xing said, “After all, for these international merchants, it would be strange if they did not have any martial masters. But they are… too calm.”

“If it was a normal merchant caravan in this situation, the martial masters could be calm, but the ordinary people in their group should be a little panicked. But these people, from top to bottom, are all extremely calm. It is as if they are too well acquainted with this type of situation…” Gu Du Xing said, “Even the military could not be calm like this.”

“Ah, that’s right.” Chu Yang nodded, “Anything else?”

“The strengths of the three Revered level masters are too even.” Gu Du Xing said, “The rest of them are mostly martial artists with more than ten of them being Martial Masters. I am surprised that they have four Great level masters! For a merchant caravan, this strength is too ma.s.sive.”

“Mmm, anything else?”

“There is… With such powerful strength, why do they have to swallow their anger? Dealing with just a lone juvenile bandit, they unexpectedly chose to hand over five hundred silver liangs to avoid a confrontation… This is too nice.”

“Mmm, anything else?”

“Casually handing over five hundred silver liangs just to clear a path when their strength is much higher than that of their opponent. Unless, they are some rich upcoming merchants who don’t know what else to do with their money. They must make some gigantic profits to be able to do that. But these people are so calm; they don’t seem like some rich upcoming merchants. Plus, I looked at their merchandise; they are not anything that would give big profits.” Gu Du Xing said, “This is too strange.”

“Mmm, anything else?”

“This… is done.” Gu Du Xing said haggardly.

“If I am right, these are the people from Golden Horse Riders Department.” Chu Yang said gravely, “Currently, our most important task is finding the injured King level leader! And kill him! As for the rest of them, let them live so they could go back and report to Diwu Qing Rou.”

“Report?” (

“Yes, report. We have caused such chaos in Iron Cloud; surely, Diwu Qing Rou would know about it. If we kill all of his men in addition to completely destroying his scheme to use the deaths of Tie s.h.i.+ Cheng and Du s.h.i.+ Qing, I am afraid he would not be able to withstand this devastation.” Chu Yang laughed.

Of course Chu Yang did not care if Diwu Qing Rou would be able to handle it or not. For Chu Yang, it would be best if Diwu Qing Rou died from anger; why would he worry about Diwu Qing Rou?

His true intention was to let these people go so they could give Diwu Qing Rou a message about what was happening in Iron Cloud Citadel. That message was: “Iron Cloud is currently solving all of its internal problem with a full effort!”

In this time frame, they had started to eliminate traitors and kill spies. This conveyed a clear message: In order to deal with external problems, there must first be internal peace! And Tie Bu Tian and King of h.e.l.l Chu’s key strategy was internal affairs of the country.

Thus, Diwu Qing Rou would surely watch the situations in Iron Cloud closely. The benefit of this was: long distance! For Diwu Qing Rou to know about anything that happened in Iron Cloud, it would take a day and a night. It would take him at least three days to react!

And in the time frame of three days, many things could be done!

But right now, Chu Yang had a new thought. It was true enough that in order to deal with external problems, there must be internal peace! But now, as I am pacifying internal issues, I want to annoy you a little bit as well!

In any case, snow is now everywhere. You people can’t do anything!

Waiting until next spring… can I not create a new situation?

Sending tigers back to the forest? Chu Yang looked at the caravan and laughed internally. Not necessarily! In this group, there are no tigers! I will be able to leave them with an especially important message…

On this point, Chu Yang had a slight mistake in his calculation. In leaving this message, he had unintentionally made an error.

Until now, all of Golden Horse Riders Department’s operations remained extremely secretive. Furthermore, they generally took care of their own operations. So Chu Yang naturally a.s.sumed that all of these actions by Golden Horse Riders Department were led by these two King level leaders!

By killing these two King level leaders, everything else would become easy!

And now one of them was dead, and the other was probably in critical condition.

Therefore, Chu Yang made the a.s.sumption that there were no other key figures in this caravan.

He did not know about the existence of Cheng Yun He. If he knew about Cheng Yun He, he would absolutely not let anyone leave. In the great battle between two countries, the role of a wise person like Cheng Yun He was even greater than that of a ruler!

While Kong Shang Xin’s action left Cheng Yun He unable to do anything but return in annoyance, it had also saved Cheng Yun He’s life!

If he had waited until Cheng Yun He arrived before acting, then Cheng Yun He would have directly revealed himself to the Hei Mo people which was, in essence, revealing himself to King of h.e.l.l Chu. In that case, how could King of h.e.l.l Chu spare a fish by no means inferior to Tang Xin Shang?

Under a combination of circ.u.mstances and a battle of wits, Cheng Yun He was able to safely return.

The moment Luo Ke Di jumped out to rob them, Cheng Yun He had carefully watched the surroundings. Especially when Chu Yang and company appeared at the same time, while they were just watching, they were looking unified. They were all of about the same age group so Cheng Yun He immediately figured out that they were comrades!

His opponents were only a few people, but these few people were not the least bit scared when facing a large convoy. He guessed that none of them were weak.

It would seem that some blood would have to be spilled for his group to leave here.

Of course, even now, Cheng Yun He still did not think that these people were sent by King of h.e.l.l Chu. With the emperor’s death, how can an important person of Iron Cloud like King of h.e.l.l Chu appear here? He is probably so busy he could not even lift his head.

Therefore, Cheng Yun He was currently not the least bit worried or scared.

At this time, Luo Ke Di was a little embarra.s.sed in his battle. While he was a descendant of a great clan, the gap between him and his opponent was too great. The opponent was a fourth grade Revered Martial Artist, and he was only a sixth grade Martial Great Master. It was a difference of seven or eight grade; the fact that he could hang on until now was already praiseworthy.

Currently, he was depending entirely on his agile and precise movements to compensate for the gap in cultivation. He used nimble techniques to avoid his opponent’s fierce attack.

If he had a heavenly weapon, the situation would have been different. But his sword was only an ordinary one, and Ji Mo had gotten it chopped by Mo Qing Wu…

Second young master Luo was a little nervous now.

He went from great excitement to nervousness in an extremely short time span. Luo Ke Di was gradually growing helpless.

The pressure from his opponent gradually grew greater. Luo Ke Di moved in confusion when he suddenly made a desperate move and pulled out his belt!

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh… His belt swung like a peac.o.c.k’s feather. As it turned out, his belt was actually a specialized weapon!

“Wow! Luo Ke Di is using his secret weapon!” Ji Mo exclaimed. He shouted as if he had just discovered a new continent, “So it’s really a whip! Ah, a red one at that…”

“Whoa! I can’t believe Luo Ke Di’s whip is red…” Rui Bu Tong exclaimed. Then he wondered, “Then what is the color of his other whip?”

“Whoa! So Luo Ke Di has two whips…” Dong Wu Shang cried out, “I wonder if he would have to use both.”

“If he used both… he would have won already…” Chu Yang could not help himself, “His thick skin would be enough to block all attacks.”

“Whoa… Hahahaha…” The five people held their stomachs and laughed loudly. Even the icy Gu Du Xing laughed until his eyes were almost teary.

Luo Ke Di was locked in such a fierce battle his orifices practically steamed!

Seeing Gu Du Xing and the rest arrive, Luo Ke Di had hoped that they would quickly come over and help him. He never thought that not only his comrades not help, they also stayed far away and joyfully made fun of him as if they were watching a circus show.

Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 204

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