Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 59 – A

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On the outside, Tie Bu Tian’s gaze looked ordinary, but it was actually created by the combination of Emperor Saintly Technique and Icy Heart Jade Bone Saintly Technique. He wanted the other person’s first impression to be that of invincibility, and the feeling that ‘This person was a heavenly borne king.’

He only needed to seed such feelings, then it would be of great help when he solicits this person in the future. Later, cooperation with this person would have a greater chance of going smoothly!

At this moment, Tie Bu Tian naturally thought that the other person was simply pa.s.sing by, that he was unprotected against such a gaze. In fact, whether it was in conflict or just simple conversations, people usually paid attention the eyes of the other person. But who would think that a gaze could have such an effect?

And Chu Yang’s gaze was even more deliberate!

For this gaze, he even brought out all of the cold energy from Seven Shades Congregation Grounds in the Nine Tribulations Sword point to create an icy atmosphere like a thousand-mile wide field of ice and snow. This gave him an advantage in his aura beforehand, then he gathered all of the thoughts and determinations from his heart for this gaze!

This one gaze must give a lasting impression on Tie Bu Tian!

Chu Yang’s gaze was sharp, arrogant, and wild like the king of the wolves in northern gra.s.sland; sharp like sword and cold as ice. His eyes were filled with ruthlessness!

Under this gaze, the living things in the world were like ants to be killed without a care! All of Nine Heavens were no more than gra.s.s to be trampled!

However, Tie Bu Tian’s gaze was a peaceful, warm and calm like the quiet surface of a pond. Like an ocean accepting thousands of tributaries, limitless domination… Or it could also be said that he was condescendingly watching over the people from the clouds up high with a regal gaze that got scattered by the wind to the people below!

I am the emperor!

All under the heaven belongs to me; it is only natural that all shall bow to me!

One side was intentional, one side inadvertent but also intentional. Without prearrangement, they have collided with full force!

This was a duel of power!

But this duel had no outcome. If Chu Yang’s gaze was the ocean’s waves then Tie Bu Tian’s was the rocks. The waves rolled and did not cease to push forth. The rocks stood and remained unmoved.

In the end, would the rocks break the waves? Or would the waves cover the rocks? How could it be clearly determined who will win and who will lose?

However, that one gaze of Chu yang was like a strong cold wind blown from all directions on Tie Bu Tian’s troop. With a swoosh, he became an illusion that disappeared at the citadel’s gate.

From beginning to end, Chu Yang’s gaze never changed.

Tie Bu Tian’s gaze slowly recovered, as he seemed to think about something.

It was as if it was just a coincidental encounter; a very brief one.

In fact, to the people with Tie Bu Tian, this was just a chanced meeting!

“That was really a scary person.” Behind Tie Bu Tian, more than a dozen martial experts with their martial energy activated finally breathed a sigh of relief. Their faces serious. For some, there were even a few drops of cold sweat on their noses. There were some loud pops at their feet. Some people did not manage to control their energy well, so their sudden release of martial energy caused the earth beneath their feet to burst!

A moment ago, they felt as if they were tossed into a field of ice and snow, chilling their bodies.

Although the person just flew by and there were no actions taken against them, everyone fell into a state of fear as if a sharp sword ripped through the air with intentions to kill with indomitable power that cannot be stopped!

“Really scary? How scary?” Tie Bu Tian slowly asked as he looked thoughtfully in the direction Chu Yang just went.

“This person, based on his momentum and his eyes, it could be presumed that he must be the world’s leading killer!” A person in blue next to Tie Bu Tian took a deep breath and continued in a judicious tone, “At least, this person’s target was not you, prince. Because when he looked at you there was not one bit of killing intent in his eyes… only indifference.”

When he said this, more than a dozen people around immediately thought: facing the prince of a country, facing this grand ceremony and being so dismissive… his resolve and determination was beyond doubt.

This group of martial experts could not think of anyone in Jiang Hu like this. This person was clearly very young, at most seventeen or eighteen years old. Of all the talented youths in jiang hu, they could not seem to find one that matched him. Who was this person?

“Oh?” There appeared a faint smile on Tie Bu Tian’s white jade-like face; he said gently, “A scary person, how truly interesting! He did not see me as a target, then it is very likely that he is not an enemy. And if he is not an enemy, then he could not possibly be a friend?”

He turned around and looked at Du s.h.i.+ Qing’s carriage. Tie Bu Tan mused, “Did it seem like that person just split up from Physician Du’s earlier? Before that there was no signs of him! Then it must be that he was part of Du s.h.i.+ Qing’s group, right?”

Everyone turned and looked at each other. They could not help but nodded.

This was very obvious.

“Such a martial expert was part of Du s.h.i.+ Qing’s group, then Du s.h.i.+ Qing must know this person very well.” Tie Bu Tian calmly spoke, “And this person was heading into Iron Cloud Citadel…”

His eyes brightened as he laughed and said, “How could we let go of such talent? Quickly send two people and see if they could catch up to him. Regardless of whatever might happen, no one is allowed to get into an altercation with him.”

Two men behind him nodded and split from their ranks, whipped their horses and rode at top speed. With sounds of hooves thundering, within seconds, they disappeared at the citadel gate.

Without turning around, Tie Bu Tian slightly waved his sleeve and said, “Follow me to welcome Divine Physician Du.”

Chu Yang faced Tie Bu Tian for only a moment before leaving like a whirlwind, but by the time he entered the citadel the tremor in his heart still did not subside and he still had not managed to calm down.

“How could it be?” Chu Yang’s mind was full of doubts, “How could it be Icy Heart Jade Bone Saintly Technique? How could he know Icy Heart Jade Bone Saintly Technique? It is not strange that he knows Emperor Saintly Technique. It belongs to Iron Cloud Nation’s royal family and has been pa.s.sed down for generations. But he… clearly used Icy Heart Jade Bone Saintly Technique as well! Why?”

Icy Heart Jade Bone Saintly Technique belonged to the Divine clan. Moreover, it has very special requirements for cultivation. Either very feminine men can cultivate or, for maximum effect, virgin maidens.

For masculine men to cultivate this Icy Heart Jade Bone Saintly Technique, they would probably not achieve anything from it in their entire lifetime. What Chu Yang found strangest was, based on the powerful position of Prince Tie Bu Tian, he could cultivate any technique. Why did he have to cultivate Icy Heart Jade Bone Saintly Technique?

Regardless, this Prince Tie Bu Tian of Iron Cloud Nation had also left a deep impression on Chu Yang. Especially those eyes: clear as water, cold as ice, but calm and peaceful, benevolent, unimaginably deep…

But Chu Yang’s deepest impression was: These beautiful eyes almost seemed like they did not belong in the human world…

When his thoughts reached this point, Chu Yang could not help but laugh: This prince seemed valiant, but perhaps too handsome; so much so that he almost seemed like a sissy! An example of white face wealthy young master. (TLN: “pale young master”: rich heirs who have pasty skin from being too sheltered.) The fact that he cultivated Icy Heart Jade Bone Saintly Technique was actually not all that surprising now that he thought it over…

Du s.h.i.+ Qing’s carriage finally appeared in front of everyone. Manager Gao lifted the curtain, and Du s.h.i.+ Qing slowly stepped out.

Tie Bu Tian took one step forward, and bowed deeply, “Senior Du had a long and rough journey… I, Tie Bu Tian, welcome you to Iron Cloud Citadel.”

His voice was cool and bright with a degree of calmness. Moreover, in front of Du s.h.i.+ Qing, he actually used I (casual) instead of I (royal)… showing how he valued Du s.h.i.+ Qing. From this, it could be seen how this prince of Iron Cloud cared about his father’s illness.

“His Royal Prince is too kind. This old man is not so talented that your majesty has to come all the way here to greet me. I am too fearful to receive such kindness.” Du s.h.i.+ Qing hurriedly paid his respect, his face showing a little excitement.

“You do not need to be modest. You only need to treat my father’s condition, then you will be a great benefactor of all of Iron Cloud Nation! Whatever privilege is still just ordinary.” Tie Bu Tian smiled and politely stretched out his arm, “Senior Du, this way please!”

Du s.h.i.+ Qing said, “Your majesty, please lead the way!”

Then he turned around, heading towards his carriage amidst cheers of the people at the citadel’s gate. (TLN: I made an edit here because of a tense issue, it was progressive not past. The following sentence makes more sense now >_<>

“Senior Du, there is something I wish to learn from you.” Tie Bu Tian smiled and said, “Earlier, I saw a person from your group moved as if he was flying; his speed was extremely fast. Was that person part of senior Du’s group?”

Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 59 – A

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