Transcending the Nine Heavens Transcending The Nine Heavens — Chapter 6

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The shock that Meng Chao Ran had received from that sentence was significantly greater than a mere earthquake with a magnitude of nine. Instead, that simple sentence had completely smashed his plans apart. Once the bottleneck had been shaken, if it was not immediately broken through in a single attempt, then even if he were to use double the amount of strength in his attempt to break through it at another time, he might not necessarily succeed!

Since his mental state had been shaken, even if Meng Chao Ran was bent on leaving at that moment, he could no longer do so.

“I am not leaving for now. I will need to go into seclusion for a while.” Meng Chao Ran’s gaze momentarily hardened, and he briefly observed Chu Yang. Chu Yang’s expression remained normal, and it was as if the sentence which he had spoken were words said without any other intention. Meng Chao Ran helplessly began to smile.

He had earlier just said that he was leaving, but following that, he instead said that he was no longer leaving. Those kind of unpredictable decisions would originally, most easily, result in the person being held in contempt, but Meng Chao Ran did not seem reluctant, and had just said that out in such an indifferent manner. It was as if that sort of thing was a very common affair.

“Mmm, right. This Spring and Autumn Elixir, Chu Yang shall take it.” Meng Chao Ran gave a slight smile as he swung a hand. A small jade bottle was hurled over to Chu Yang. Meng Chao Ran then said, “Earlier, s.h.i.+ Qian Shan had also said that Chu Yang’s injuries will require some nourishment. Just use that as nourishment then.” Within that faint smile of his, there seemed to be a slight hint of a mocking intent that was very much quite meaningful……

Immediately, s.h.i.+ Qian Shan’s facial expression changed drastically!

The Spring and Autumn Elixir was used to raise a person’s martial powers, so how could it be used as a tonic to nourish a person’s blood and body? The sect had that many medicine which could be used to treat injuries, so why should the Spring and Autumn Elixir be used?

That sentence of his was only meant to let his Teacher have a bad impression of his other two Disciples, and nothing more. Instead, why did it backfire to the point that the Spring and Autumn Elixir was lost in a single moment?

How…… how did that came about?

Chu Yang perceptively noticed the trace of ridiculing intent disappearing as it flashed past the edges of Meng Chao Ran’s lips, and he unintentionally gave a secret, bitter smile. Ah, it looks like that s.h.i.+ Qian Shan’s deceptive scheme had already been seen through by Teacher…… It is only, why had Teacher not stopped him all along?

Moreover, his Teacher had bestowed the Spring and Autumn Elixir unto him, and that was absolutely due to his “The Heavens and Earth do not s.h.i.+ft, neither does the stone turn amidst the flowing river”. However, that Teacher of his was truly rather tolerant. For him to not even ask……

After some thinking, Chu Yang still decided to momentarily test the waters. “Eh, Teacher, this Disciple’s martial powers are insignificant, so taking this Spring and Autumn Elixir will also not be much of a use. You should give it to Eldest Martial Brother instead, right? He will then also be able to achieve a good rank during the Contest of the Peaks.”

Those sentences were meant to test if Meng Chao Ran had indeed known s.h.i.+ Qian Shan’s true character.

Having said that, both of Tan Tan’s eyebrows immediately began to twitch up and down frantically in a chaotic manner. He could not wait to cover up Chu Yang’s mouth, and almost opened his own mouth to begin scolding him: Stupid c.u.n.t! Stupid c.u.n.t! It is not easy for Teacher to give it to you, so you should have just kept quiet after striking it rich. Why are you still so stupid to give it away?

s.h.i.+ Qian Shan’s face also revealed a slight hint of expectation.

The gazes of three people simultaneously looked towards Meng Chao Ran. Tan Tan was anxious, whereas s.h.i.+ Qian Shan’s nervousness and apprehensiveness contained expectations with a slight hint of greed; meanwhile, Chu Yang’s gaze was instead very calm.

“It is not necessary. Your Eldest Martial Brother is also not injured…… so he won’t be needing that,” Meng Chao Ran said indifferently. He met Chu Yang’s gaze, and gave a momentary slight smile. “Besides, your current domain level is also not much different from your Eldest Martial Brother…… Mmm, it will be like this then. There is no need to say any further.”

Chu Yang’s facial expression momentarily became bitter. What Meng Chao Ran had just said obviously contained other meanings. At that moment, he was a Martial Pupil of the Third Grade, while Eldest Martial Brother s.h.i.+ Qian Shan was instead a Martial Warrior of the Fourth Grade. The difference was not justified by comparing their domain levels, so why did he say ‘both of your domain levels are not that much different’?

The true meaning behind what Meng Chao Ran had said, should be: ‘Both of your cunningness and insidiousness are already more or less the same……’ Ah, Teacher, I am innocent…… ah, I am a pure and honest person…… Chu Yang shouted out within his mind……

Meng Chao Ran once again took a deep look at that Disciple, then whisked his sleeves, stood up and said, “All of you had better practise well. I will personally bring all of you to the top of Gathering Clouds Peak three months later!”

With that, Meng Chao Ran unexpectedly left, and his figure immediately disappeared.

The three of them faced each other. s.h.i.+ Qian Shan’s eyes were looking at the small jade bottle that was radiating a soft glow within Chu Yang’s hands, and the muscles of his face uncontrollably twitched twice.

All the effort he had put forth, wasn’t it just because of that item? Instead, it was gone right before his eyes……

“Eldest Martial Brother, many thanks.” Chu Yang appeared to be very sincere as he gave his thanks towards s.h.i.+ Qian Shan, and said, “If Eldest Martial Brother had not proposed that this Younger Brother requires nourishment, then why would Teacher bestow this treasured divine Elixir unto me…… Speaking of which, ah, this is all due to Eldest Martial Brother’s accomplishments.”

s.h.i.+ Qian Shan opened and closed his mouth a few times, and then, with a smile on his face that seemed even more unsightly than if he were to cry, he said, “How can Younger Martial Brother say that. Teacher had specially intended to bestow it unto you, ah, Teacher’s kindness is really profound.”

The divine Elixir had accidentally flew away from his hand, and unexpectedly, the person who had obtained that divine Elixir even thanked him sincerely…… He found the situation completely unbearable, yet he did not dare to flare up even a little. The s.h.i.+ Qian Shan of that moment was already vexed to the extreme, and he was itching to severely slap his own mouth…… Why do you have such a cheap, b.i.t.c.hy mouth! Why did you have to go and say those sentences?

Chu Yang momentarily laughed, then turned over the mouth of the bottle, and a red coloured pill with a red l.u.s.tre came out. At the very moment when it left the bottle, a rare fragrance permeated into the surroundings. Chu Yang chuckled and said, “I heard that this item is something good, and consuming one will actually increase a year’s worth of martial powers! Although the increase is a bit little…… ah, but I should also not waste it. I will now be taking it, and will have to trouble Elder and Younger Martial Brothers to help guard and protect me……”

Immediately, s.h.i.+ Qian Shan’s face momentarily cramped. The increase is a bit little? You actually still resented it and found it to be little? Do you believe if the Heavens will strike you with a bolt of lightning?

It should originally have been mine. Instead, it is currently in another person’s hands. Now, this person actually still wants me to protect him……

There was no need to mention how s.h.i.+ Qian Shan secretly felt. Just as he was about to open his mouth and speak, he instead saw Chu Yang opening his mouth, and the Spring and Autumn Elixir had already been tossed in mid-air. Then, after receiving it with his mouth, Chu Yang ate it in the same way as how someone would eat a broad bean. He even went as far as to chew it noisily, and after smacking his lips, he said, “There was not much taste……”

s.h.i.+ Qian Shan’s face turned fiercely red, and it was as if all the blood in his entire body had rushed up to his head within a short time, almost coming close to exploding……

In the next moment, Chu Yang’s face suddenly began to flush…… the effects of the Elixir had already begun.

Tan Tan looked on enviously, then smacked his mouth and said, “Chu Yang’s luck is really good. He broke his head yet managed to obtain the Spiritual Elixir. Ah, that is one year’s worth of pure martial powers. Ah, that really is a blessing in disguise. Ai, I am such a das.h.i.+ng, elegant and beautiful man, but why didn’t I break my head……”

s.h.i.+ Qian Shan’s heart felt like it was bleeding, but he only gave a dry smile and said, “Not bad, not bad, his luck is not bad……”

After Chu Yang had taken the Spring and Autumn Elixir, he could only feel the huge and potent effects of the Elixir beginning to surge, penetrating into his bones and throughout his four limbs almost instantly. The meridian channels throughout his body momentarily expanded, and energy gushed through them, rus.h.i.+ng towards the direction of his Dantian……

Unintentionally, he secretly gave a momentary bitter smile: The effects of that Spiritual Elixir was indeed not bad. Although only a year’s worth of martial powers had been increased, given the state of his cultivation at that moment, that single year’s worth of martial powers was already a comparably huge amount of strength. If it was a slightly higher grade of Spiritual Elixir, I am afraid that my meridian channels might really not be able to endure it……

Within Chu Yang’s Dantian, the Nine Tribulation Sword’s Soul suddenly gave off an excited mood. Promptly, as if it had extended a ridiculous antenna, Chu Yang could feel the effects of the Elixir entering into the Nine Tribulations Sword like a hundred rivers converging into a sea, until there was actually not even a single bit remaining.

Unintentionally astonished for a moment, Chu Yang thought, Unless, the Nine Tribulations Sword likes doing these sort of things? During my previous life, there was no need to mention this kind of abnormality, even the Sword’s Soul never appeared. Instead, this life is also a joke. It is also all right for it to appear all of a sudden, but it actually still wants to rob me?

Unless, all the effects of this Elixir will be used to feed the Nine Tribulations Sword? I won’t be able to fish up even a little benefit for myself?

While he was thinking that, after the dim figure of the Nine Tribulations Sword within Chu Yang’s Dantian had absorbed the effects of the Spiritual Elixir, the illusory figure of that sword momentarily shook, and it temporarily gave off faint rays of light. Immediately, a concentrated stream of energy was emitted out from around the sword’s hilt. There was only a very thin thread of concentrated energy, and it was as fine as a strand of hair, but Chu Yang could instead feel a huge amount of energy contained within that single strand of energy……

Although the amount of energy was not as large when compared to that of the Spring and Autumn Elixir, the degree of its purity was more than a hundred thousand times better! From only that very little amount, Chu Yang’s cultivation had actually risen from the peak of a Third Grade Martial Pupil to the middle of a Fourth Grade Martial Pupil!

While it was true that a large amount of energy was not required to raise the grade at such a low rank, directly increasing a grade was still enough to make Chu Yang shocked! If it were solely the from effects of the Spring and Autumn Elixir, no matter how, it would not have been possible for him to have his grade increased by one!

Unless, the Sword’s Soul also has the ability to purify Elixir effects? Or is it some other ability? Ah, weird……

After that, the Nine Tribulations Sword lazily made a turn within his Dantian, and quietened down. The emotions which it transferred over revealed that it was actually quite dissatisfied, or rather, it held that Spring and Autumn Elixir very much in disdain, obviously finding those “meager” Elixir effects beneath its notice……

Chu Yang could clearly feel that the Nine Tribulations Sword had used a kind of arrogant expression, similar to a human, to express its disdain…… This servant, is really quite hard to please……

Transcending the Nine Heavens Transcending The Nine Heavens — Chapter 6

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