Trapped With The CEO Chapter 101

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Chapter 101 Make It Up to My Bestie

Lola took a deep breath and looked back. She could see the icy stare behind the car window.

She left promptly. On her way to the parking lot, she ran across Joey, who was carrying a plastic bag.

Lola was in hurry to leave from where Harry could see her, so she didn't even say goodbye to Joey.

Joey saw Miss Li pa.s.sing by him without a word and looked at the stuff he got in the plastic bag, left speechless.

Just then his phone rang. Boss Si was calling him! He hung up immediately and ran into the car.

Joey felt it necessary to hide the bag in his hand, but ..."What did you buy?" Harry asked lazily from the back seat.

With the two boxes in hand, Joey dared not to answer directly. "No. Nothing special, Boss."

"Give it to me!"

Joey almost cried. He had to pa.s.s what he bought to the man behind, during which he didn't even dare to turn round.

Harry's face darkened as he looked at the two boxes of condoms. He might have needed it just now!

Then Harry just casually threw them on the back seat. "Let's go." The car sped up slowly forward.

What? Boss just let him go like that? It was certainly a pleasant surprise for Joey. Truly, only with Lola Li would Boss turn good-tempered.

Lola rushed home and held Nicole in her arms. The soft and warm baby soothed Lola's nerves.

"Mommy, I miss you so much!" Nicole held Lola's neck tightly, longing for comfort.

"I miss you too, my love. Come. Let's go to bed!" While carrying Nicole to her room, Lola noticed her big brother entered the study, so she hastened to follow his steps.

"Jordan!" Lola walked into the study with Nicole.

"Hi, Lola. Nicole, come here. Give me a hug!" Jordan took Nicole in his arms, and looked at this little girl with love and care.

"Joran, you have to make it up to my bestie!" Lola cut to the chase. It had to be solved properly today.

They had talked about it a few times before, but Jordan always responded her vaguely.

Jordan looked at Lola's determined expression, recalling that night several years ago. He pondered for a while and said, "Okay, you have the final say." He compromised because it didn't matter whom he was going to marry and his parents had been pressing him to marry.

"Then you should go to D City some time and propose to her." Lola was excited to be Wendy's sister-in-law!

"Okay, I'll check the schedule and tell you later."

"Mommy, what is propose?" Nicole asked curiously while she was playing the doll.

"You will know when you grow up. Let's leave your uncle alone and go back to our room." Lola left the study with Nicole. Jordan looked out of the window, lost in thought.

Recently, all staff were utterly exhausted from overwork, all owing to Harry's thorough reform.

So was Lola. Sitting in front of the computer in a black suit, she called Leo Zhu, "Please come to my office."

"Miss Li." Soon Leo Zhu knocked the door.

"Send this file of data to the office of deputy CEO and this one to CEO. Thanks." She picked several folders out of piles of files, and pa.s.sed them to Leo.

Leo came back before long, "Miss Li, CEO said there's a problem with the data. He wants to see you in the office."

...Lola thought about the file she gave to Harry. How could there be any problem? She had checked it three times. "Okay, I will be there in a minute. Talk to you later!"

Lola fixed her hair and went to CEO office with reference data.

Joey said to Lola, "Boss said you can go in anytime you are here."

Lola nodded. But considering Harry was her boss now, she thought it better to avoid any misunderstanding. So she knocked the door and walked in only when she heard the permission from inside.

"Boss Si, may I please know what is wrong with the data?" She stood at the door, in a distance from the man who was absorbed in working at the desk.

"Close the door. It's confidential." Harry didn't look up, still reading the papers. Lola took a deep breath and closed the door.

The secretaries outside wanted to gossip about CEO and Lola, but they dared not as Joey was around.

"Boss Si?" Harry continued to read without saying a word after the door was closed.

"Sit down. Wait a moment." Harry skimmed the pages, wrote a few comments and then put them away.

He stood up and walked to Lola.

"I've just checked again. The financial data is correct!" Harry sat down beside Lola, which made her move aside a bit. Her move to keep the distance between them somehow annoyed him.

"Now that there's no problem, I should go back to work then if it's okay for you." ...Was he playing a joke on her? Lola stood up from the sofa, only to be caught by wrist.

"Not OK." Harry asked her to sit down, but Lola ran to the opposite sofa with her files and sat down there.

Harry didn't seem to mind. "There's a celebration party held by our partner tonight. Go with me as my date!" He made it direct and clear.

"I'd like to, but sorry I have plans tonight!" Lola refused with a smile.

Harry looked at her coldly, "What plans?"

"Harry Si, is it because I'm part of Li family now? Is that why you want to take me out now?" She sneered. "Why don't you go with your fiancee, your superstar? I'm done playing with you!"

Then she stood up and started to walk to the door. "Stop!" Harry called her from behind and approached her.

""Boss Si, you have no rights to push your employees!" She answered in a same cold voice, without even turning round.

"I'm certainly not. But I'll just make you do whatever I want anyway!" Harry stopped her way and looked at her face to face, getting irritated. His deep black eyes were fixed on her, as if she was his prey.

"I just won't go!" Lola tried to leave.

Harry dragged her to his arms and held her tightly, saying ruthlessly, "You are in no position to refuse me, you vicious being!"

"Alright, alright. You are all n.o.ble kind people and your fiancee is so pure and innocent. So why don't you let this vicious me go?"

"I'm vicious? He even is engaged to the woman who killed his child! Idiot!" She couldn't help swear.

Harry turned grim-faced immediately. He was endowed with incredible power and influence, and almost everyone around respected and honored him, while only she showed him repeated disobedience! "Don't you ever say that again!" She called him idiot? She was playing with fire!

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Trapped With The CEO Chapter 101

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