Trapped With The CEO Chapter 52

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Chapter 52 My Lawful Wife

"Boss?..." Yale thought he was hallucinating. Why would their CEO come here? But it was exactly their CEO standing there. "Boss, these three were fighting in company. I will punish them later." Yale, a middle-aged man, was frightened to tremble by Harry's daunting temperament.

Harry quickly caught sight of Lola who was pouting because of feeling aggrieved at that moment. "What's going on?"

"They said I am seducing you and called me b.i.t.c.h." Her colleagues were all petrified by what Lola just said, especiially Lily and Kitty who were so frightened as to almost kneel down.

Harry cast an eye aorund the Research and Development Department. Their relations.h.i.+p must be revealed as he didn't want his wife to be wronged anymore. "I don't want to spend working hours talking about personal things, but some of you are getting more and more unbearable recently. As excellent employees of SL Group. Gossip in the company. That's what you are supposed to do?" Harry's colder and harsher tone made them too scared to raise their heads.

What Harry said next shocked almost everyone. "My lawful wife, Lola, intends to work here with a humble beginning. But, there is always someone who pays more attention to pick on her than to pull the job off. SL Group doesn't welcome this kind of people."

Harry's daunting temperament was frightening enough, not to mention that he was angery at that moment. Everyone was in great fear. If they were not sitting on chairs, they would have trembled to kneel down.

What dumbfounded everyone, including Lola, most was the words "my lawful wife." She couldn't believe Harry just publicized their relations.h.i.+p.

They agreed to keep it sceret!

"Fire these two for good. From now on, whoever dares gossip will be dismissed! And you, Yale, as the Manager of Research and Development Department, fail to deal with this kind of thing and still keep them. How incompetent you are! From this moment on, you are transferred to the Secretary Department. Go check in there now or f.u.c.k off." With hands in pant pockets, Harry glared at everyone in the Research and Development Department just like a sacred but horrifying King.

"Yes. Boss, I go now!" Yale blushed. Lily and Kitty were too scared to utter a word. They didn't want to be fired. No...

Harry threw a cold glance at Yale and glimpsed Lola who was standing there in astounishment. Then he strided out. Seeing Harry coming out, Joey, who was hidding beside the door, followed immediately and thought "G.o.d! Boss is so horrifying. How smart I am to hide there."

"Joey, if you hide behind the door or downstairs again, someone will take your place." Harry stepped into elevator without glimpsing him. Joey leant against wall, felt like crying. No, don't do that to me! Boss, I will never hide anymore...

Harry had left for one hour, but in Research and Development Department, still none dared to say anything. Harry scared their strength away. Even the way to toilet was too far for them. Today, they all witnessed how cruel and oppressive their CEO was.

They couldn't believe boss's wife had been working with them everyday. It looked like their difficult time was about to come... However, somebody seemed smarter.

They treated Lola in that mean way before. But she took all without complaint and none of their superiors punished them for that. It looked like Lola never complained about it to Boss. How could they take such a good woman for a b.i.t.c.h!

Lola hadn't been aware that she had won colleagues' trust and affection again. Lola went back to her seat, and scratched her ears and checks in worry. Now, everybody knew their relations.h.i.+p. How to got along with colleagues in the future? How to work with colleagues smoothly?

After lunch, few colleagues came to her to make apology for the way they treated her, and expressed their hope to get along well with her in the future.

On hearing this, Lola nodded. This was just what she wanted. She just wanted to pay full attention to work. She hoped colleagues would never mention her relations.h.i.+p with Harry anymore. Even Heidi, the formulator she worked with, called her into the lab and asked her what her want to learn there.

She thought for a while and answered, "I don't have something special to learn. Being your a.s.sistant is enough. Just let nature take its course. If I find I have talent in this field afterwards, I hope I can learn how to make mask recipe." Heidi nodded without saying anything.

In the Pearl Spring villa.

"Well done." Yolanda was sitting on a chair in the balcony and talking on the phone. She felt comfortable under warm suns.h.i.+ne. According to Yolanda's understanding to Harry, Harry would undoubtedly seal this news agency off at once. So, she gave that news ageny plenty of money in advance which was enough to start two new agencies of large scale.

Trapped With The CEO Chapter 52

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