Trapped With The Lawyer Chapter 43

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Chapter 43 Does Miss Bo Still Want to Argue

Samuel answered her without hesitation, "Then she will not have my trust her whole life, and I will not have further contact with her in the future." As long as he figured out who lied to him, he wouldn't contact with him or her anymore.

Ella shuddered with chills at Samuel's suddenly serious tone. What should she do? What could she do? Should she tell him what happened that night?

No she should not, or else Samuel would think less of her.

Ella breathed in deeply. Armored with all her former acting talents, she raised her head again, giggled and asked, "What if I lied to you?"

She almost suffocated in anxiety but still forced a naughty smile.

Samuel listened to her. What if she lied to him? He thought for a while. "It depends. If it's not serious, then..." He whispered a few words to her ear. Ella laughed with shyness. Samuel was flirting her again!

"What if it was serious?" She asked. Climbing into his bed, bearing his baby and marrying him... It was actually serious...

Samuel looked her into the eye since she stuck to the topic. "Have you hid anything from me?" Did she do something to Emma?

"Of course not!"

Ella stood up straight, pretending a righteous look on her face.

Samuel could not help but laugh at her response, "If it was serious… just think about what will happen meeting a top lawyer in court." He spoke casually, for he had never thought of what he would do if she cheated on him.

It reminded Ella of the phrase online, "If you are in love with a lawyer, be prepared to lose everything including your underpants when you divorce."


She started to panic, holding Samuel's waist tightly. Should she confess?

Maybe it was a good idea to tell him everything. After all, leniency to those who confess, severity to those who resist? "Sam, I…"

When she just began, Samuel's phone buzzed. Ella had to stop and wait.

"h.e.l.lo, Mr w.a.n.g." Samuel answered the phone, walked to his office room and started to work.

Ella sat onto the sofa in frustration, with no idea what to do.

Night fell. Samuel was still busy with work, so Ella's confession was nipped in the bud.

In the night, Samuel took Ella to the hospital.

Emma was getting better. The rash on her face was half dissipated. She was sitting on the hospital bed, reading some doc.u.ment.

When she saw Samuel come in, she was delighted, but when she saw Ella with him, the delight faded away. Ella put a fruit basket on her bedside table.

"Emma, you might have misunderstood Ella." Samuel's protective att.i.tude made the two girls filled with different feelings.

"Misunderstood?" Emma sneered, "So, Miss Bo, you went out for a while, and the dish was served. Why don't you explain that?" She fixed her eyes on Ella.

Samuel didn't want his wife to get blamed for something she didn't do. So he brought Ella here with him to explain what happened.

When Emma asked, he also looked at Ella, waiting for her to explain.

"What's there to explain? I just went to the ladies room." Did she look like such a pushover?

Emma was determined to frame her?

Emma gave a sardonic look to Ella's indifferent face, "Miss Bo, there was a toilet in the room. Why did you have to go out?" It was so hateful that the monitoring area only covered to where she took a turn, and what she did after couldn't be found in the surveillance video.

"There was only a unis.e.x toilet. I am not used to it." She always went to ladies room when she dined in restaurants.

But, did her explanation sound lame?

"Samuel, do you believe that? Emma looked at the man standing silently aside.

Samuel nodded, "I do." When he went to party with Ella and Eason before, he never saw Ella use the unis.e.x toilet.

Emma was almost mad, "Since Mr. Shao is so protective of Mrs. Shao. I have nothing else to ask. Please get out."

Emma was disappointed in Samuel.

Ella couldn't stay calm, either, for Emma was slandering and doubting her all the time, "Miss Gu, if you don't have any solid evidence, you'd better not question me again. If you keep doing this, it will be the crime of defamation." Having been at the law firm for some time, Ella had learned a lot about legal cases she didn't know before.

Samuel took hold of Ella and went out of the room, "Miss Gu, it doesn't make sense. We will not talk about it anymore."

At the end of the sentence, Catherine just went in from the outside.

When she saw Samuel and Ella, she gave Ella a ferocious stare. "Mr. Shao, the waiter who served the dish has confessed. Does Miss Bo still want to argue?" "

Confess? Ella frowned. These two sisters must have joined to give her a hard time.

Catherine took out a voice recorder from her handbag, and turned it on. A male voice started, "A woman gave me a thousand dollar today. She asked me to put chili in the dish. I didn't agree, but she threatened me... I had no choice but to obey."

"How does she look like?" Asked a man.

"She... was wearing a blue coat, long hair over her shoulders. I then saw her go into the ladies room." The voice recorder was turned off.

Ella's mind went blank. All she could feel was a rush of fire in her body.

She grabbed the recorder from Catherine's hand and slammed it against the wall. The recorder broke.

Catherine was supposed to be angry, but she held her temper at the thought that Samuel had already heard it.

Samuel just watched the scene and kept silent.

Ella stared at Catherine and then Emma, "You played hard to gang up to set me up."

"What are you talking about? The evidence is in front of you. There's nothing you can argue about." Catherine lowered her head to pick up the broken recorder on the ground so she could hide her feelings.

Emma also a.s.sisted her at the right time, "Sam, is it worth to protect such a calculating woman?"

After hearing that, Ella smiled faintly. She looked at the man who had no expression on his face, and walked over.

She only cared about his opinion now, and nothing else mattered. "Sam, do you believe me?"

The room was quiet again. Everyone was waiting for Samuel's reply.

"You asked me today what would happen if you deceived me. Were you referring to this?" He has always believed in evidence, and now Catherine brought evidence...

Did he mean to believe the two sisters? Ella felt her heart ache.

She really wanted to fly into a temper, but the man in front of her was Sam, she could not...

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Trapped With The Lawyer Chapter 43

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