Trapped With The Lawyer Chapter 45

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Chapter 45 Right Into The Arms Of Mr. Si

"I miss my wife" said Harry. This kind of conversation always confused Samuel. Why would he call him when he missed his own wife?

Before Samuel could even have a chance to speak, Harry complained to him disapprovingly: "When I just found my wife, yours had already asked her out." She had left him alone again.

Oh. Now Samuel was feeling more relieved.

"Where did they go? I'll go right now and pick up my wife. I need to speak with her!" He now got up from his chair where he was sitting and left the apartment.

Harry told him about the place where the two had planned on going. Samuel frowned for a bit, got in the car and firmly pressed his foot on the accelerator and drove to where he said.

On his way there, when he pa.s.sed by a shopping mall, Samuel pondered for a moment at the sight of it, parked his car on the side of the road and entered one of its shops.

Ten Minutes Later

He put a small black leather box into one of his pockets and started to drive again to where his wife was.

At the Twilight Bar.

The two women sat in a quiet corner of the bar.

They ordered two c.o.c.ktails and started chatting with one another.

"So, what's up?" asked one of them. Lola took a sip of her c.o.c.ktail and curiously looked at the woman gulping her drink on the other side of the table.

Ella drank half a gla.s.s of c.o.c.ktail breathlessly and only after put the gla.s.s down on the table and started speaking: "Lola, do you know how suffocating it can be to be with a man who doesn't love you?" Ella started to unburden herself of her secrets.

"But I saw that the two of you were just fine the other day" replied Lola. Samuel had just bought her a mansion, and this was only just two days ago. What had happened between them in the meanwhile?

Ella drank the other half of the c.o.c.ktail and ordered the waiter to bring her another one.

She admired Lola so much and the vitality she evoked with her red, blus.h.i.+ng cheeks. "It was because of his ex-girlfriend, and something also happened, too..." Ella told her friend the whole story.

Lola was confused. "Didn't Samuel show that he loved you and trusted you by buying you that house? What are you now so angry about?" Samuel sounded to be better than her Harry. He absolutely trusted his ex-girlfriend at that time.

But she wouldn't believe that. She would go back and "torture" him a little more tonight.

By now, Ella had finished two c.o.c.ktails, but was still sober. She waved her hand and then shrugged it off in the air: "If he did trust me, he wouldn't force me to apologize."

She was too fixated on her c.o.c.ktail that she didn't notice someone was standing just behind her. But Lola saw him and quickly winked at her to stop. But Ella didn't understand her warning, and kept on talking.

"Samuel doesn't believe me. Do you know how much I want to punch him in the face? If he was not the one I love, I would not only beat up that Catherine and Emma Gu, but also punch him straight too!"

"Do you know how much I can't stand him anymore? Just because I like him, and I do like him, every day, in front of him, I behave like I'm his timid sheep."

"Do you know how bitter that feels? So many times I was this close to flipping the table and walking straight out the door. But I let it all pa.s.s and go just for him."

"Holy s.h.i.+t, it feels like I'm going to explode some of these days! And I'm afraid that I'll start beating all of them up if everything keeps going more worse."

"Why, Lola? Why are you also kicking me and blaming me? You know what? That Emma Gu just wanted to make up with Sam. She even tried to seduce Sam at the hotel we were. When I first saw them kissing, I really wanted to stab them... an adulterous husband and a filthy wh.o.r.e. But I had to leave just with my wounded heart..."

Samuel raised his thick eyebrows when he heard what Ella had just said. Was this little woman finally showing her true character?

"I am so miserable! Do you see now what I had to sacrifice for love?"

"I see." A sudden male voice was heard around them, but Ella didn't take notice of it.

"Of course! It's too d.a.m.n hard for me! Lola, you do understand me a lot." Ella cheerfully took hold of Lola's hands on the bar table, looking at her with affectionate eyes filled with care.

Lola was, indeed, a little embarra.s.sed now. She pulled out a hand and pointed at the man behind her: "Your husband."

"My husband? Don't even mention him. He must be in the hospital now, making out with that Emma Gu wh.o.r.e. And poor Lola has to listen to the even poorer Ella complaining about everything wrong in her life." d.a.m.n, how sad she was!

A diamond glittered in the light of the bar, and then she saw a huge diamond flung in front of her face.

"Lola? A diamond... It's raining diamonds out here!" Ella patted Lola's hand again with cheerfulness. Lola took a look at the flush on Ella's face, and then helplessly rubbed on her forehead. It was obvious that Ella was now totally wasted by the c.o.c.ktails she had drank!

"That wasn't a diamond that fell from the sky...Your husband gave it to you."

After Lola told her about the diamond, a man's voice whispered to Ella's ear: "Your husband bought a diamond ring for you, do you like it?"

When Ella heard Samuel's voice again, she now finally reacted. She sobered up a little, and stood up from the place she was sitting in the corner.

This time she saw Samuel holding a diamond ring, standing next to her.

"Heh, heh, Sam..." Spoke Ella with embarra.s.sment. What did she just say earlier! Did she speak ill of her dear Sam?

Samuel took her by her hand and put the diamond ring on her finger. Ella looked at him, shocked: "Hon, are you still angry at me?" Speaking these words, she felt a kiss fell on her thin white hand.

Ella almost burst into tears with joy and shook her head in disbelief.

A ring, a diamond ring... Oh my...Her dear Sam just gave her a diamond ring... Ella sobbed, threw herself into Samuel's arms, and began to cry.

Lola just sat there, discreetly covered her mouth with her hands, and laughed at them. She spoke with some pretended discontent to her: "Ella, so now you've asked me out to see your public display of affection."

Samuel smiled at this too. He held the sobbing little woman in his arms and turned to Lola: "Thanks a lot, sister. I'll take you back now to your love nest, right back into the loving arms of Mr. Si."

Lola rolled her eyes as she heard these words. "No, thanks, I can go home myself, " she replied. But a tall and distinguished man appeared in her sight even before her words ended.

With a deep sigh, she began to wonder since when had Harry begun to be so clingy.

She had been out for only less than an hour, and here he was again, out looking for her.

"All right, all right, don't cry." Samuel comforted the sobbing little woman in his arms a little, took out a tissue from the table and handed it to her.

Ella wiped away the tears and finally stopped crying.

"Hon." However loud the music in the bar was, it still couldn't cover up Harry's gentle voice..

Lola waved at Harry: "h.e.l.lo to you too, Boss Si."

"You naughty girl" replied Harry. Harry held Lola tight in his arms, and laid a kiss on her gentle lips.

Ella was stunned by this scene of public love show and kept her eyes on them with interest. At the glance of this scene, Samuel was very dissatisfied to see Ella gazing at Lola and Harry instead of him. He forced her back to look at him.

"Let's go home. And let's talk more to each other at home."

Ella nodded sluggishly. If her Sam said they had to go home, they would go home.

"See you later, Mr. and Mrs. Si." Samuel waved at them, and then left the bar, holding Ella tight in his arms.

Harry and Lola stayed there for a while. Soon, Lola couldn't stand anymore the glances that Harry was receiving from all the women nearby and they left the bar.

In the Apartment

Samuel pressed Ella down on the sofa, nipped her nose and asked: "Do you like the ring?" He asked about the ring on her finger that he had just bought for her as a surprise.

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Trapped With The Lawyer Chapter 45

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