Trapped With The Lawyer Chapter 58

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Chapter 58 Under Grandmother's Wing

"You f.u.c.king b.i.t.c.h!" Samuel finally let go of her neck when Ella was beginning to turn blue and was just about to pa.s.s out.

Ella coughed and gasped violently for a breath of air.

Samuel took his phone out of his pocket, played the video and threw it in front of her so she could watch it herself.

Ella instantly turned pale after watching the video. How did this security video...

So, now finally came the day.

"What a liar! Bravo!" Samuel furiously grasped his phone and threw it on the table next to him. The phone slid off the table and then onto the floor.

No one cared.

Looking at Ella's pale face, Samuel got more and more angered at the sight of her. He held her pressed tightly onto the bed.

"You b.i.t.c.h! Let me see how b.i.t.c.hy you are now!" His eyes were flushed red with anger. He grasped her hands above her head despite her struggle to defend herself.

"Please, don't, Samuel..." Ella begged, s.h.i.+vering at the sights of her husband's furious face.

She clearly remembered that the hotel surveillance footage on the night of Lola's wedding was deleted. Where did he get that?

In the video, it was clear she sneaked into his room...

"Don't?" But that thought didn't cross her mind when she sneaked into his room that night while he was drunk.

He tightly gripped her hands, and punished her for her sins.


Around five or six the next morning, Samuel slammed the door and left, leaving the house in an utter and complete mess.

Meanwhile, in the bed, the woman left behind huddled, trembling and terrified at what had just happened.

Ella didn't go anywhere that day but just stayed in the bed the whole day contemplating. She kept thinking over and over if this was the end of her happy life.

Samuel went back to their villa very late at night in the following days, and tortured her more and more, punis.h.i.+ng her for her mistakes. No amount of apologies could ever fix this.

Those days went on for a week or so, and then Samuel stopped coming back.

So now Ella went to the old house. Before that, she went to the hospital to get her wounds treated and cared for.

Melody instantly felt that something was wrong the moment Ella appeared in the doorway with her face pale and somber.

"Ella, you look so weak. What happened to you?" Melody looked at her while she was playing with little Jerry.

Ella shook her head with a faint smile on her lips: "Grandmother, I want to move back here."

Samuel was now disgusted by her, and would definitely not return to the villa. Then why would she bother to stay there?

She felt that something was terribly wrong between the two of them: "He still can't let it go?" Melody threaded with care.

"No. Grandmother, I want to stay here, with you and Jerry." Thinking of the nightmare she went through the past days, she knew that she couldn't stand Samuel's anger any longer.

Melody had no reason to refuse her, and she couldn't even if she wanted to. She was thinking about calling Samuel later. "Then stay. You are always welcomed here."

Three days pa.s.sed, and Samuel again went back to the villa drunk and with anger in his heart. Only now the villa was desolate.

Their room was clean and tidy. And all of Ella's and his son's belongings were now gone.

He went to the closet, only to see that all of Ella's clothes were gone.

The dresser was also empty. There wasn't a single thing of hers left

But Jerry's bed and a pile of his clothes neatly stacked in a corner of the room.

The following day, Samuel came to the old house.

Seeing Ella and Melody were playing with little Jerry, he now felt relieved.

Though feeling sorry for Ella, Samuel still felt angry when he saw Ella again.

He left Jerry to play with Melody, and dragged Ella upstairs without uttering a single word.

Recalling the days before, Ella trembled with fear. She tried to escape from Samuel's grasp, but failed.

Melody was shouting to Samuel from downstairs, but was ignored.

They went to the bedroom. Ella looked at him with contrite eyes: "I'm sorry, Samuel, I'm so sorry..."

But he didn't seem to hear a signle word of her apologies, and pressed her firmly against the door: "Why did you leave? Tell me!" He asked devoid of any feeling of love. He just demanded cold straight answers.

"No, I didn't..." Tears filled and blurred Ella's eyes.

Samuel held her chin and gave her dreary look: "No? Then why are you here? For grandmother's help, eh?"

Speaking of the devil, Melody was knocking at the door anxiously, like she was almost trying to break it down: "Samuel! Come out!" Remembering of the time when Ella delivered early, Melody promptly left Jerry to Mrs. Qi's care and went straight upstairs to stop Samuel.

Hearing the wild knocks on the door, Samuel pulled Ella into his arms.

"Grandmother, this is none of your business. Just go back downstairs and take care of my son." Ella's face was masked by Samuels's arms.. Melody couldn't see her face.

She was beyond irritated when she heard how Samuel spoke to her in that tone of voice. "How dare you talk to me like that!" She knew it was Ella's fault, but this wasn't something unforgivable.

Samuel shut the door in her face, and now Melody was left outside of the room and shouted again: "Samuel, if you dare hurt Ella, I'll beat your head in! Mark my words!"

Inside the room, Samuel eventually let go of the woman held in his arms and said:

"Listen, now stay here, take care of my son, and wait for the divorce agreement to come in." His terrible look had frightened Ella, whose hands were now trembling at the sound of his voice.

Ella bit her lip when she heard the word "divorce".

She could give up anything in the world but her son.

If they divorced, Samuel definitely would take their son, and this was something she definitely couldn't let happen.

"I promise I won't show up again if you don't want to see me." Her face was white and her voice was shaking.

Samuel looked at her poor face, and he knew she must be saying this for their son.

"Don't play the puppy-dog eyes trick. I don't buy it." He rasied his voice, he felt cross and bad.

Ella hurriedly shook head. She wasn't crying anymore, and as she wiped away her tears, she spoke: "Samuel, I did it because I love you so much…" She tried to explain all of it to him.

"To be loved by a woman like you, I'd rather die." Samuel sneered.

These heartbreaking words left her devoid of any words.

It was, indeed, her fault, so now it was up to her to suffer the consequences.

She slowly lowered her head. On the carpet beneath their feet, her tears dropped and quickly disappeared in the texture.

Samuel lifted her chin, and kissed her on her lips with stiffness. And then he suddenly let go of her, and quickly left the room without uttering a single word more.

Ella touched her sore lips, but what hurt most was her heart.

There were words out and gossips that Samuel and Ella made a good couple.

But this proved to be false.

Ella was crooning Jerry to sleep when she saw on TV Samuel with a fancy woman taking him by his arm at a charity party.

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Trapped With The Lawyer Chapter 58

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