Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 476: Giant Object

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The ways that America and China named their cities were different. Based on Chinese practice, the name represented the city, the surroundings, and the suburbs.

But it wasn't the same for the Americans; they liked to coin unique names for districts. For example: Los Angeles, New York, and Phoenix.

Scottsdale wasn't a small city. It was located in the southwest region of Phoenix, with a population of 240,000 and an area of 300 square miles, which was much larger than Flagstaff.

Compared to the city of Phoenix and Tempe, Scottsdale's weather and scenery were slightly better. It was a tourist attraction and an ideal shopping destination.

Li Du had visited the city multiple times but had yet to really tour the place.

In reality, this was a great city; with the desired American style, New York Times once described it as the desert edition of Miami's South Beach. He wasn't American and only understood most cities on the surface level, but to a treasure hunter, that wasn't sufficient.

The auctions and the environment, culture, practice and people of the area where it was held were very integral. This job required a good eye and much knowledge. With a good understanding of the various aspects, this would greatly help in the auction.

This aspect did not worry Li Du, as whenever he headed out to attend an auction, Hans would introduce the conditions of the area for him to a.n.a.lyze. This time, as Hans wasn't around, this job was left to Lu Guan.

Lu Guan was proficient in this matter and without a request from Li Du started introducing Scottsdale quickly.

"I will first introduce the Phoenix district. It is made of up different towns—"

"Towns?" Li Du asked with curiosity.

Lu Guan shrugged. "In reality, it is a city. But the Californians called us, villagers and said that our cities are villages, so I said that to mock the Californians. Ha!"

Li Du was speechless once again.

"You can think of these cities as a big family. Phoenix is unquestionably the father, Scottsdale is the fas.h.i.+onable older sister, Tempe is the university student, Mesa is the older brother that likes to hang out on the outskirts." He gazed at Li Du and asked, "Do you know who the mother is?"

Li Du shook his head to show that he didn't know.

Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 476: Giant Object

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