Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 495: Big Brother Ah Meow

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The Mexican wolf was an aggressive beast of prey, and when it went into hunting mode, it became even more vicious.

They could travel about 15 miles at an average speed of about 10 miles per hour. When chasing their prey, their speed could go up to nearly 30 miles per hour. When they were sprinting, each leap they took was incredibly far.

Li Du went online to check out information on this animal, and the more he read, the more he suspected that Ah Ow could be a Mexican wolf.

However, this seemed a little improbable. Since the 20th century, the Mexican wolves' population had dwindled because the lack of prey had caused them to attack domestic livestock, resulting in the government exterminating them. After being hunted by Mexican and Arizona hunters, Mexican wolves were rarely seen anymore. They had become endangered animals, even more rare than the Czech wolfdog.

"Compared to dogs, the tail of the Mexican wolf is short and never curls up. It always hangs in in between its hind legs. The wolf's fur is mostly dark-yellow and gray mixed with some black. It starts howling at youth…" Luo Qun was still going on about some characteristics, all of which matched those of Ah Ow.

As she spoke, her hand unconsciously stroked her pistol and her gaze became more fearsome.

Ah Ow was not clear on the situation, but she was almost as sensitive and smart as Li Du. Luo Qun's gaze scared her so she burrowed into her bed, crying softly.

On the other hand, Ah Meow was fully-aware of the situation; out of the pets, he had spent the most time with Luo Qun, and understood her temperament the best.

Seeing that Luo Qun was fiercely looking at Ah Ow, ready to draw her pistol, he took action immediately. With a swoosh of his tail, he leaped up and landed in front of Ah Ow's bed, crying, "Meow!"

This act of his made Li Du laugh loudly. Ah Meow was a good big brother: he already knew how to play the role of a guardian.

Luo Qun pointed her pistol at him. "Ah Meow, move away. You have no idea what's behind you. Wait till it grows up—it will eat you."

Ah Meow stared at the pistol in Luo Qun's hand, and did not move an inch—his glare was even more ferocious than the cop's.

"What are you guys doing?" Li Du laughed. "Luo Qun, please don't whip out your pistol whenever you feel like it. Can you act like a lady for once?"

Luo Qun said, "This is a Mexican wolf. Even though it's only a pup, it's still very dangerous. You've never seen one attack humans before—it's horrifying!"

Li Du shook his head. "Maybe but that was a wild wolf. Ah Ow may be a wolf but she's been trained by me and will not be that vicious." As he spoke, he picked up Ah Ow, who popped her head out to look at Luo Qun. She then opened her mouth to howl, "Ow ow!"

Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 495: Big Brother Ah Meow

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