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Two nights before the much-antic.i.p.ated 'Fang-Huo' wedding, Huo Jingjing invited Tangning out for dinner. She did not originally plan to bring along any family members and simply wanted to share some alone time over dinner with her close girlfriend. But, because Fang Yu was extremely doubtful of Huo Jingjing's ability to avoid reporters, he ended up following her along.

On the rooftop of the 5-star hotel, there was a dazzling view of the starry night sky and impressive cityscape.

Tangning and Mo Ting arrived first, but Mo Ting went to the bathroom. While he wasn't around, Huo Jingjing arrived, dressed in a black coat, glowing with the smile of a woman in love. Perhaps it was because her wedding was on the horizon, she wasn't wearing any blush, but her cheeks were still rosy, and it remained that way for the rest of the night. Meanwhile, Fang Yu followed closely behind with a cautious wife-protecting aura. Those that witnessed it, couldn't help but think he was overacting a little.

"Where's President Mo? Did you come alone?"

Tangning glared at Huo Jingjing and replied, "He's at the bathroom. Did you think I'd give you another chance to bully me?"

Huo Jingjing let out a gentle laugh as she sat down on the chair that Fang Yu pulled out. Tangning observed the couple sitting side-by-side, emanating with a sense of antic.i.p.ation for their upcoming wedding - they completely encompa.s.sed the meaning of happiness.

"Miss Bride-to-be, are you happy?"

Huo Jingjing blushed and looked down at her and Fang Yu's intertwined hands. A diamond wedding ring sat perched on her finger, like a symbol of the couple's dazzling relations.h.i.+p. Her eyes slowly turned red as she answered with a choked up voice, "Happy!"

"As long as you are happy," Tangning said as she patted the back of Huo Jingjing's other hand; her eyes were equally red. Both women's lives revolved around the entertainment industry, so only they could understand how hard it was to find true love in such a dirty environment.

"Why are your hands so cold?" Huo Jingjing felt the iciness of Tangning's hand and flipped her hand to warm it. However, Mo Ting appeared at this time, grabbed Tangning's hand and enveloped it between his warm palms.

Huo Jingjing was stunned for a few seconds feeling like her offer was a little one-sided.

But, as usual, Mo Ting did not show much emotion as he sat down, holding firmly to Tangning's hand. Of course, Fang Yu was well accustomed to this. But, Huo Jingjing felt a little anxious.

It was like she was sitting on the same dinner table as an ancient emperor. How could she not feel anxious?

Afterwards, Mo Ting instructed a waiter to fetch a blanket for Tangning. Only after he covered her up did he feel a bit more relaxed.

Huo Jingjing couldn't help but sigh as she watched the couple, "He sure is exceptionally thoughtful."

"Yes, I must have saved up 10 lifetimes of good karma," Tangning did not hold back on her appraisal of Mo Ting as she intertwined her fingers with Mo Ting's just like Fang Yu and Huo Jingjing.

Seeing this, Huo Jingjing leaned over and whispered into Tangning's ear, "How about we go to another table without the men? I want to release a lantern!"

Tangning looked at the man beside her and nodded her head, "Tonight, you're the boss."

Afterwards, the two men were each abandoned by their own respective partner as they sat quietly in their seats watching their women.

Although she was a model, girly activities like releasing lanterns, wasn't something Huo Jingjing could do on her own; she wasn't as capable as Tangning. So, she had no choice but to ask her man for help, "Fang Yu."

Fang Yu helplessly approached the two women. Seeing this, Mo Ting, of course, could not remain seated. As he approached Tangning, he saw her calm expression, "What wish did you make?"

Tangning turned around and wrapped her arms around Mo Ting's waist as she laughed, "May the nation be prosperous, may there be world peace and may Tangning and Mo Ting be together forever."

The two lovers stood under the night sky and released their wish into the atmosphere. Mo Ting then turned around and violently pulled Tangning into his embrace as he displayed a pa.s.sionate kiss for all to see...

Perhaps, years from now, Tangning would be able to think back on this moment and still taste the sweetness of this double date and Huo Jingjing's shy pre-wedding disposition...

Because after this, her fate would once again experience a shocking change.

The next day, the 'Fang-Huo' couple made their way to Bali to prepare for their wedding. Meanwhile, Tangning and Mo Ting's flight was scheduled for 6pm.

The wedding wasn't on a grand scale, but because of Fang Yu's understanding towards the media, they also made their way to Bali. However, Fang Yu had one request: for them to respect the schedule and not to delay his big day in any way.

The media agreed to this request with a friendly laugh. To see a PR person like Fang Yu, who interacted with the media throughout the year, treat them with understanding, they were really flattered. At the same time, Fang Yu's thoughts represented Mo Ting.

Meanwhile, staff responsible for photography, styling, and makeup also rushed towards Bali. It was at this time that Lin Chong finally realized his job was to photograph Huo Jingjing; he was to photograph the entire wedding! Worst of all, at the time that he found out, he was already on the island and had no way of turning back.

"Lin Chong, I know you have a history with Huo Jingjing, but...Huo Jingjing is a nice person. She even agreed to have you photograph her wedding. Look at how great your situation is right now. You no longer have to hide, yet you get to capture better photos than before. Isn't this ideal?" his boss asked.

Lin Chong remained silent for a few moments before asking, "Will Mo Ting and Tangning be attending?"

"Of course. They're also aware of your situation."

Lin Chong seemed to have suddenly realized what was going on. He turned around with a serious look on his face. Although over a dozen days had pa.s.sed, the wounds on his face were still apparent, making his expression look extra fierce.

"Were Hai Rui the ones that helped me? Was it Mo Ting?"

His boss patted him on the back and nodded, "To be exact, it was Tangning and Huo Jingjing. During the time when you were abandoned by the world, they were the ones that didn't hold onto old grudges and gave you clothes, a job and most importantly helped you hold onto your pride."

"You should think carefully about whether you want to continue to misunderstand them. I can't deny that there are plenty of artists in the industry that just want fame and fortune, but Tangning and Huo Jingjing are definitely not amongst them." 

Lin Chong simply felt his boss' words were like one slap after another across his face, making him feel extremely ashamed...

"Of course, if you want to leave, I will not hold you back."


Lin Chong couldn't help but repeat this name in his mind. This was the woman he had sworn to capture a photo of and the woman he had tried so hard to defame. Yet, today she had protected his pride and given him a safe way out.

This must be Tangning's most important trait.

If Mo Ting wasn't hers, then who could he possibly belong to.

How could he continue to hate a woman like this? In his heart, Lin Chong felt he had finally been convinced by Tangning.

So, he held up his camera and replied firmly, "I'll do it."

"You've made the right decision. Once you get to know her, you will realize Tangning is a person with loyalty and righteousness."

But, Lin Chong wondered if Tangning and Mo Ting knew about J-King's plan to take over Hai Rui.

Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 321

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