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She wasn't simply a joke, she was a complete embarra.s.sment!

"Let me clarify it one more time, President Mo is not familiar with Miss Chi. He only met her once at the recent Chanel event and has never considered pursuing a relations.h.i.+p with her. President Mo and Tangning's relations.h.i.+p is going great, please don't look at them with judgmental eyes."

"This will be the last time Hai Rui speaks up about this issue. If any member of the media makes up any more false rumors, then I'm sorry, Hai Rui won't show any mercy."

After speaking, Fang Yu turned around, walked back to Hai Rui and returned to his office in high spirits.

The remaining reporters quickly packed up their equipment. They had plenty to write about this time.

So it turned out the heiress had flipped the entire story around!

Word quickly spread online about Chi Xinyan's misunderstanding.

"When I think about it, I feel a little embarra.s.sed on behalf of the rich heiress. She had actually thought Mo Ting seriously wanted to marry her."

"Chi Xinyan has taken her narcissism to another level..."

"Have you guys not noticed? For someone as black-bellied as Mo Ting, only someone with an EQ as high as Tangning could match him. An heiress with a brain like a pig isn't even worth Mo Ting's time. That's why Fang Yu stepped out to clarify on his behalf."

"Wrong! Even Fang Yu couldn't be bothered."

"Haiz, what a satisfying face slap! Did she really think she could do whatever she wanted just because she had money?"

"She's wrong. Tangning also has a powerful family background. She's simply never depended on them..."

All the various news sources made Chi Xinyan sound completely shameless. The way she flipped the situation around was so embarra.s.sing that even Father Chi was disgusted. Although he rarely got angry at Chi Xinyan, this time, she had thrown herself into the mess with no one to blame; he saw everything clearly.

"Do you feel embarra.s.sed at all?" Father Chi asked with his hands clasped behind his back in the study room.

Chi Xinyan's face glowed red as she avoided eye contact.

"Even if you're not embarra.s.sed, my old soul is completely embarra.s.sed by you! Isn't that great? Now, no matter where I go, I have to put up with weird looks. This is a result of the stupid joke you created. Even clients have canceled contracts because they've lost trust in us!"

"What did you expect to achieve from all this? Why did you provoke Hai Rui?"

"Did you think you could beat the Tang Family? Tangning obviously has 4 siblings, yet Elder Tang only loves her. With a calculative heart like that, how could you beat her?" Father Chi was so angry, his entire body trembled.

"For the next month, you are not allowed to take a step out of the family home. Stay here and reflect on your actions."


"No buts! Those socialite meetings can do without your attendance." After speaking, Father Chi waved his hand at Chi Xinyan, "Go out and get some rest."

After hearing that contracts had been canceled because of her, Chi Xinyan finally realized the seriousness of the situation.

Staying at home for one month was nothing. With the humiliation she was receiving, even half a year want enough.

She was much too embarra.s.sed!

She had originally thought that Mo Ting wouldn't be able to explain the situation, since what she said was the truth. Who would have thought...

... for someone that existed in the entertainment industry and was the ruler of it, how could he be called the King of Entertainment if he couldn't deal with a small issue like this?

What a joke!

What a complete and undeniable joke!

Tangning originally had a shoot to attend for 'Stupid', but because it was raining outside, she ended up being stuck in the hotel.

Han Xiner looked at the reports on Fang Yu's response and laughed happily while she sat on the bed. Tangning put down the script in her hands and looked at Han Xiner as she shook her head, "Is it really that funny?"

"Don't you think it's funny at all?" Han Xiner stood up and placed one hand on her hip, "No wonder Boss couldn't be bothered dealing with her, even Fang Yu looked careless towards the incident."

"They are both amazing," Tangning replied straightforwardly.

"So, don't you think it's interesting working in PR? Every time they turn a situation around, the happiness and satisfaction they feel must be so amazing."

Tangning lifted her head and looked at Han Xiner. She was exactly as Mo Ting expected; a lover of excitement and challenge.

"In that case, after Long Jie returns, you can officially join the PR department. You can become Fang Yu's student. I'm sure you will surpa.s.s him someday."

Han Xiner's eyes were filled with spirit and joy, not holding back her emotions at all, "OK, I will definitely do my best!"

After speaking, Han Xiner continued browsing through the discussions online. But, slowly...her expression changed, "Ning Jie...because of Chi Xinyan, some people are beginning to look into your family background."

With the mention of her family, Tangning's smile disappeared.

Han Xiner was aware that this was Tangning's weakness. She quickly tried to change the topic, but Tangning suddenly said, "Hand me my phone..."

"I think you should leave matters like this to Boss..."

"Hand it to me."

Han Xiner hesitantly handed the phone to Tangning. As soon as she got hold of the phone, Tangning started browsing through the discussions.

Not only did the netizens find out that she was born into a perfume empire and had an impressive ident.i.ty. They also found a photo of the Tang Family; this time, even Elder Tang was implicated.

In reality, Tangning had never hidden her ident.i.ty from the public, it's just, no one ever brought it up. This time, because of Chi Xinyan, netizens wanted to prove Tangning's status was no less than Chi Xinyan, so they posted up a photo of the Tang Family as proof.

"I know you dislike being connected to the Tang Family. But, this time, the Tang family are bound to be implicated."

"It's not like I can determine the conditions in which I am born. I have definitely been through ups and downs in the entertainment industry, but I've always depended on myself to make money. My conscience is clear, so there is nothing I should worry about," Tangning handed back her phone, but her expression had already darkened more than just a couple shades.

Han Xiner helplessly let out a sigh. In reality, she felt, the Han Family should have been more or less responsible for everything that happened. Because, if it wasn't for Han Yufan, Tangning would not have been kicked out by Elder Tang.

"Ning Jie...don't be upset."

Tangning looked at Han Xiner and forced a smile.

However, that night, Tangning received a phone call from Tang Xuan. Her voice shook anger, "Wasn't embarra.s.sing the Chi Family enough? Did you want to drag the entire Tang Family into the dirty gossip with you?"

"Just because you were born illegitimately and want to live a lowly life, that's your problem to deal with, don't embarra.s.s the entire family."

"The Tang Family only want to appear in finance magazines, not on the headlines of entertainment news!"

Tangning did not say a word, she simply allowed Tang Xuan to complain. After a short moment of silence, she finally asked, "Have you finished talking?"

"Would you believe that I have the ability to keep you on top of entertainment headlines for an entire month?"

Tang Xuan: "..."

"I know how to deal with this matter. The Tang Family don't need to get involved."

"Whether I'm living in glory or suffering a downfall, it is my issue to deal with. I've never considered sharing my life with the Tang Family. Tang Xuan, don't ever call my phone again - it's extremely annoying..."


"Don't you have any self-awareness at all?"

Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 358

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