Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 567: All We Need Is Evidence, Right?

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To increase the freshness of the press conference, Fang Yu added a bit of an extra touch. He couldn't allow the media to be constantly dealt with by the same face, so he decided to allow someone new to represent Hai Rui.

As a result, after he got off the phone with Mo Ting, he immediately contacted this person. Even though this person had already disappeared with 'someone' for quite some time.

The next day at 9am.

Hai Rui's press conference was about to start. It was being held inside Hall 5 of Dense Star Hotel. The entire hall could fit up to 500 people.

If it was just a small celebrity, they would have simply set up a stage on the streets or at the entrance to a building. But, this press conference was related to the ever-popular Tangning. Every time Tangning's name was involved, even if it was just a tiny bit, it would attract a huge amount of attention and conversation. It was like she carried a popularity aura around with her.

Within the luxurious hall, the media slowly gathered. Because of Hai Rui's strict regulations, each reporter carried a tag with their agency's name on it and had their identification thoroughly checked. Even though Hai Rui asked a lot of them, the reporters cooperated enthusiastically.

Because they knew, they were about to get their hands on a top entertainment news headline.

9:30am, Hai Rui's staff arrived at the venue. To allow the news to be known by everyone, they arranged for the press conference to be broadcasted live online.

Of course, at the same time, both Yang Xi and Ye Lan were preparing themselves to watch the MoTang couple's destruction.

Even though the Fei Tian Awards had not made an official announcement yet, everyone within the industry already knew that Tangning's name had been removed from the nominations list.

So, they expected that Tangning was about to become a complete joke within the industry...

10am. The press conference officially started. To the reporters' surprise, the person to walk in through the door was not a familiar face from Hai Rui's PR and was certainly not Fang Yu.

Because of Tangning's status, Fang Yu was almost always guaranteed to show up, but this time, the person to represent Tangning was a person that had disappeared from the limelight for quite some time - Han Xiner!

With the thought of her relations.h.i.+p with Bei Chendong, the camera shutters began snapping like crazy; the reporters did not want to let go of even the smallest detail of Han Xiner.

Probably because she was dressed in a professional set of business attire, she looked like she had matured. But, there still contained a fiery spirit in her eyes...

Han Xiner walked onto the stage and stood behind the podium elegantly. She gently adjusted the microphone to a suitable height before she said to the reporters in a strict manner, "I never thought that I'd have to stand on this stage ever again because I thought everyone was already well aware of Ning Jie's character. But..."

Han Xiner laughed with a sense of ridicule as she continued, "I wonder if everyone can still remember that this time last year, Ning Jie was falsely accused of causing my death. At that time, it was because she had not established herself in the industry yet. But, I would have never expected that one year later, everyone would be once again blinded by a bunch of lies."

"I know you aren't here to listen to my rambling. So, let's jump straight to the main point."

At this time, Bei Chendong was at the bottom of the stage, dressed in a disguise. Whenever Han Xiner was around, Bei Chendong was bound to be not far.

Of course, if anyone managed to recognize him, they would notice that his expression was sour the entire time.

Although he acknowledged Han Xiner's abilities...for her to stand there on stage looking so pretty, made him wonder how many men looked at his 'wife' with l.u.s.tful thoughts.

"The first question that everyone is curious about is whether President Mo laid a hand on Yang Xi," Han Xiner smiled at everyone. She then gestured for a staff member to turn on the the projector behind her and began a.n.a.lyzing the entire incident.

The reporters snapped their cameras frantically at Han Xiner as they awaited her response. However, Han Xiner had learned well from Fang Yu and knew how to keep them hanging. So, after a bit of patient waiting, Han Xiner finally gave them an answer, "Yes, he did indeed slap her."

"Oh G.o.d! Did Hai Rui just admit that Mo Ting hit someone?"

"That can't be possible. Quick, take photos...this is big news!"

"Is there an internal battle happening within Hai Rui, so they are planning to abandon Mo Ting?"

"Hmmph, he actually hit a woman...what a sc.u.mbag!"

Han Xiner observed the reporters' reactions as she shot a quick glance at Bei Chendong with a smile. She then continued, "Of course, Hai Rui can't deny that President Mo did indeed slap someone, but I hope you don't all jump to conclusions, otherwise..."

" may end up slapping yourselves in the face." After speaking, Han Xiner turned around to look at the projector screen, "Let's discuss the entire incident in detail."

"On the night that our company's artist, Tangning, arrived in The Netherlands, she received a letter inviting her to a meeting in the Queen's ballroom at 7pm. Of course, this person was quite careful, so they did not leave a name," a picture of the invite appeared on the screen.

"What is this supposed to prove?" a reporter asked.

"This doesn't prove anything on its own, but...please continue watching." After Han Xiner finished speaking, the image of the invite was zoomed out and next to it sat a copy of Yang Xi's script, which had notes that she had scribbled down. It was obvious that the handwriting was exactly the same.

"The first thing that Hai Rui wants to prove, is that Yang Xi was the one that actually threatened Tangning."

"Of course, following on from this invite, Tangning appeared at the Queen's Ballroom to find that the entire venue was filled with bodyguards..."

"So, following on, Yang Xi told Tangning that she would destroy her reputation if she didn't hand over the Fei Tian Award, am I right?" a reporter asked. "Yang Xi already told us this story, but it was the other way around and she said that she was the victim."

Han Xiner scoffed, "If you want to know who the victim is, all we need is evidence, right?"

"But, before I present the evidence, let me be straightforward with you all, not only is Hai Rui not the type of agency to do underhanded things behind-the-scenes, even if they did, they wouldn't deal with Yang Xi so openly."

"Of course, you guys are all here to see evidence. Miss Yang Xi, I truly don't understand how you managed to claim that Tangning tried to hurt you."

"Sorry, Yang Xi, you must have thought that there was no witness, so you could tell a lie and flip the situation around. But, you were wrong...On the scene of the incident, there was a plumber doing some maintenance in the bathroom of the Queen's Ballroom...Although he is Dutch, he has filed a police report with the local police. So, behind me on the screen is a translated version of his report."

Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 567: All We Need Is Evidence, Right?

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