Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 606: You're The One That Hasn't Kissed Before

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"What kind of disgusting words did she say to you earlier?" Mo Ting asked as he looked into Tangning's eyes.

Tangning froze. She never expected that Mo Ting would directly interrogate her about it.

"Words that couldn't hurt me..."

"Whether they hurt or not is not for you to say, but for me to determine," Mo Ting said in a firm and domineering voice. "You are married to me, so it is my responsibilty to protect you. Even if she's my mom, it's not reason enough for you to get hurt. So, tell me what she said."

After hearing this, Tangning brushed her hand across the back of Mo Ting's hand and smiled, "It's nothing major. It's just a few bad-sounding phrases."

As Mo Ting listened to Tangning, his eyes darkened dramatically...

That night.

Tang Jingxuan lay in the unfamiliar bed as he watched Xu Qingyan come out from the bathroom. It turned out, Xu Qingyan enjoyed wearing activewear before going to sleep. Although her body wasn't extremely great, she still exuded the unique essence of a woman, making Tang Jingxuan's heart jump and mind wander.

"What are you looking at?" Xu Qingyan asked as she dried her hair with a towel.

At this time, Tang Jingxuan did not avoid the question as he directly answered, "You look good!"

"I have scars all over my body. What's so good about it?" Xu Qingyan tried to cover her scars.

"The scars are a part of you."

"Stop talking nonsense. We came here for an important mission," Xu Qingyan said before she moved away from the bed and walked over to the television. A moment later, scenes that made people blush started playing on the screen.

Xu Qingyan's face turned red, but she had nowhere to hide, so the couple felt a little awkward.

"Turn the volume up!"

Tang Jingxuan reminded.

Xu Qingyan obediently grabbed the remote control. Her fl.u.s.tered actions made it hard for Tang Jingxuan to hold back his laughter.

As she was being laughed at, Xu Qingyan jumped back onto the bed in a defiant manner and stretched out her arm to hit Tang Jingxuan. But...Tang Jingxuan took advantage of the moment to wrap his arm around her neck and pull her face up against his so their lips could gently touch.

Xu Qingyan opened her eyes wide. Originally, she wanted to retaliate, but Tang Jingxuan had her neck locked firmly in place, not allowing her to move...

Xu Qingyan straightened her body as she lost herself in nervousness. Meanwhile, the couple on the TV behind them was putting in all their effort to prove their charisma to each other.

A moment later, Xu Qingyan finally relaxed. Tang Jingxuan waited patiently for her to accept him before their lips finally felt the other's warmth. However, their stiff position was maintained for quite some time; innocent and pure like they were still students on the school grounds.

After their kiss ended, Xu Qingyan lay on Tang Jingxuan's chest to catch her breath. At this time, Tang Jingxuan smiled, "Have you never kissed before?"

"You're the one that hasn't kissed before," Xu Qingyan refuted impulsively.

"Then why are you so scared? Huh? Don't avoid me from now on. Simply enjoy it, OK?" Tang Jingxuan said as he gently stroked Xu Qingyan's back. "It wasn't easy for me to get you into my arms, Qingyan. Even though I'm not sure if you are only with me because of grat.i.tude."

"Let's just listen to the TV..."

Xu Qingyan appeared tough on the outside, but in reality, she could count all the men that she had ever liked with two fingers.

After speaking, Xu Qingyan once again increased the volume on the TV. This time, not only did the sound travel next door, it could obviously be heard throughout the entire building.

Under these circ.u.mstances, the only person capable of pulling over the covers and purely chatting the night away, was Tang Jingxuan.

Next door, Hua Wenfeng had always been a light sleeper. Hearing the couple's unrestrained behavior, she was fuming with rage. But, she couldn't possibly run over and knock on their door.

So, Hua Wenfeng simply put up with it for an entire night, until the next morning, when Tang Jingxuan and Xu Qingyan's room finally returned to its original peace and quiet.

The couple woke up refreshed. But, when Xu Qingyan went to Hua Wenfeng's room to call her out for breakfast, she noticed that she looked slightly unwell, "Auntie, what's wrong? Why does your expression look so bad?"

Hua Wenfeng's head hurt just by looking at Xu Qingyan. So, she waved her hand to send her away.

Xu Qingyan was persistent, so she continued to cling to Hua Wenfeng, "Auntie, I am waiting for you to get up so you can teach me how to study nature. After you're done sleeping, make sure you let me know. I'll be waiting for you in the living room."

Hua Wenfeng couldn't be bothered responding to Xu Qingyan. In fact, she couldn't be bothered to even lift a finger as she rolled over and fell back asleep.

Xu Qingyan held in her laughter as she retreated from Hua Wenfeng's room and returned to the dining table.

"After what I said to her, I a.s.sume auntie won't be getting out of bed today."

"You've worked hard, Qingyan," Tangning said thankfully. "If you weren't here, I would have exhausted a lot of energy on my own."

Tang Jingxuan was still recovering from his injury, so he was resting in bed. Meanwhile, Mo Ting had left for Hai Rui early in the morning. So, the only two people sitting at the dining table at this time was Xu Qingyan and Tangning.

Hearing that Tangning had exhausted so much energy on her mother-in-law, Xu Qingyan leaned forward on the table and asked, "Auntie Xia isn't this difficult to deal with, right?"

"She's not as messy as this," Tangning replied as she drank some milk.

"Actually, I really don't understand in-laws. Why must they interfere in the lives of their children? Not only this, why must they always have bad intentions? Hua Wenfeng appears to be the type of person that wants to spend her entire life with her son. Just because she doesn't like actors, why must she insist that you stop filming? Isn't she being too selfish?"

Tangning did not respond. She simply kept her gaze on Xu Qingyan.

"OK, let's not talk about this anymore. Regarding the French drama, are you really planning to attend the audition?" Xu Qingyan quickly changed the subject.

Tangning still did not respond. She simply smiled as she took a bite of her sandwich.

A lot of people were indeed competing for this drama. After all, it was a big production with guaranteed ratings and a complete storyline. As long as the drama did not feature a bad actress, it would definitely be the hottest thing on TV without the need to do much else.

Tangning had read through the script. However...

...she had already played a similar role before. So, it was a pity, but this role wasn't very attractive for her...

After breakfast, Xu Qingyan returned to Xu Corps. After all, she still had a lot of urgent matters to deal with. A while later, Long Jie sent over the details of the audition time and date. But, Tangning was busy in the kitchen.

At this time, Hua Wenfeng finally came out of her bedroom. Seeing Tangning's phone vibrating on the table, she picked it up in her hand...

Tangning had not received the details of audition time and date yet...

Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 606: You're The One That Hasn't Kissed Before

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