Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 618: A Person's Exterior Is Nothing

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"I'm sure you know that your mother is quite superst.i.tious. The fortune teller once told her that she had to change her surname to avoid bad luck, so she changed it," Father Mo replied casually without any trace of doubt towards his wife's words.

"I remember she never liked actors, but it wasn't to the extent of complete hatred..."

"It took you so many years to get married. So, over time, your mother was worried that it was due to your work in the entertainment industry. This worry slowly turned into hate..."

"Then, why is her hatred specifically directed towards actors?" Mo Ting once again pointed out the main issue as he continued to question his father.

Father Mo froze for a moment. In the end, he finally caught the deeper meaning to Mo Ting's words. So, he looked at Mo Ting suspiciously, "Mo Ting, why are you asking me these questions today?"

"It's nothing. I just want to understand mom better and relieve the tension between her and Tangning."

Hearing this, Father Mo did not completely believe him, but his suspicions also dissipated.

"Does one need a reason to hate something?"

Of course not!

But, this was no random coincidence, because Mo Ting now realized that there were some things that perhaps even his father didn't know.

"I came today for no other reason but to request that you keep an eye on your wife. Otherwise, when I finally make a move, I will not take anyone into consideration!"

Hearing this, Father Mo was finally angered as he pointed at Mo Ting and growled, "Is this how you treat your parents?"

Mo Ting did not respond. He simply looked deep into his father's eyes...perhaps feeling a slight sense of pity.

Afterwards, Mo Ting returned home. However, Tangning noticed the time that Mo Ting returned, so she stood up from the sofa and asked, "Mr. Mo you are late by 20 minutes today."

Mo Ting wrapped his arm around Tangning and hugged her tightly, "Don't ask me any questions. Just give me some time."

"I won't ask," Tangning replied decisively. "Even if you didn't try to convince me, I still wouldn't have asked."

The couple already understood each other, so Tangning could roughly guess what Mo Ting had been secretly doing.

"By the way, Jingjing invited me to her birthday celebration."

"Do you want to go?" Mo Ting released Tangning from his embrace, led her over to the sofa and helped her tidy the script that was lying around.

"Of course," Tangning replied.

Within the industry, she didn't have many friends. When she eliminated those that had turned on her like Song Yanshu, how many people were left that she could talk honestly to?

"I'll make arrangements...let me know the time."

"7pm, 2 nights from now."

Late at night, inside a black and white villa.

Chen Xingyan lay in bed, tossing and turning in restlessness. She had not given An Zihao a proper answer yet. Should she become a signed stunt double under his management?

If she was to get signed, she would gain a lot more opportunities and never have to worry about not getting any jobs again. But, at the same time, she would lose her freedom and no longer be able to cause trouble like she used to.

"Should I sign or not?"

Just as Chen Xingyan was in the middle of a dilemma, she suddenly heard the sound of her front door opening. As she walked downstairs, she saw her mother appear in the doorway with her luggage. She immediately walked over to her, "Mom, where did you go?"

The old woman put down the luggage and looked at Chen Xingyan depressingly, "Xiao Xing, mom has something to say to you."

"Just say what you want to say. Why are you acting so serious?" Chen Xingyan rolled her eyes and grabbed the luggage from the old woman's hands. She then led her to the sofa.

The old woman remained silent for a short moment before she clasped Chen Xingyan's arm and said, "Actually..."


The old woman looked at Chen Xingyan, but struggled to speak. Everytime the words reached the edge of her lips, they would be swallowed back into her throat.

"Forget it. Mom's tired, I want to get some sleep first."

Chen Xingyan's curiosity had already been triggered, yet she was expected to drop it again? "Mom, we don't have secrets between us, do we?"

"Mom is seriously tired..." the old woman insisted.

"Fine, if you have nothing to say, I have something to say. I've been given the opportunity to be a stunt double. However, there is one condition, I need to sign myself to someone and follow his orders. What do you think?"

"Is it the young man that you hit last time?" The old woman thought for a moment and replied, "Sign it. I think that young man is pretty good."

Another reason for her decision was because she knew that An Zihao and Tangning were on good terms. If they could draw a connection, it would be a lot easier for her to find out about Tangning and Mo Ting.

"How is he good?" Chen Xingyan couldn't hide her disgust, "But, since you aren't worried, then I have no objections. I'll sign it. It's not like he's going to take advantage of me. If he dares, I'll chop off his b.a.l.l.s."

Hearing this, the old woman didn't know if she had done the right thing by convincing her daughter to sign the contract.

Just a moment ago, she had almost revealed everything to Chen Xingyan. But...if Chen Xingyan was to find out the truth, according to her temper, she would definitely storm over to Hai Rui and cause trouble for Hua Wenfeng.

This was not what she hoped for. So, it was best for her to take things slow and plan things in detail.

In the meantime, by allowing Chen Xingyan to sign with An Zihao, she had given her daughter an excuse to get close to Mo Ting and Tangning. At least, this was an opportunity for the siblings to understand each other a little better.

Would Mo Ting like this troublesome little sister?

"But mom, I have a problem. An Zihao told me to give him my answer at Huo Jingjing's birthday event in two days time. However, I don't have anything nice to wear."

"Idiot, that means Mr. An is already sure that you will sign with him so he is introducing you to some contacts," the old lady immediately saw through An Zihao's intention.

"I know..."

"Are you trying to trick me into giving back the money I took?"

Chen Xingyan was invited to Huo Jingjing's birthday celebration!

According to Huo Jingjing's relations.h.i.+p with Tangning, there was no way that Tangning wouldn't attend.

The old woman realized, this may be the only chance that she'd get to see Mo Ting.

"Xiao Xing, since you've already decided to sign the contract, take mom with you. I've got a few things I want to clarify with Mr. An."

Chen Xingyan was a little surprised. She never expected that there'd be a day when her mother would volunteer to attend a public event. So, she was completely speechless.

"What? Are you afraid that I'd embarra.s.s you?"

"Who would dare say anything about my mother? Unless they have a death wish," Chen Xingyan immediately responded as she hooked her arm around her mother's shoulder. "A person's exterior is nothing! My mother is the best mother in the world. Of course, if she could pay me back my money, she would be even better."

"I'll pay you back, I'll pay you back everything..."

She did not dare to reunite with Mo Ting out of the blue, because her current state was much too ugly. Plus, over the years, she had already experienced all forms of strange looks, so she didn't want Mo Ting to be ridiculed in the same way.

Sometimes, in this world, having a pretty face had a lot of benefits.

Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 618: A Person's Exterior Is Nothing

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