Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 630: Even If I Was To Run, I'll Bash A Few People First

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"Get ready, we are heading to your audition soon."

"You haven't told me what type of drama or film it is yet..." Chen Xingyan queried as she followed behind An Zihao.

"You will know when you get there," An Zihao maintained the mystery as he gave a charming smile. Actually...when An Zihao wasn't dull and boring, he was quite attractive. It's just, he was always acting serious. Chen Xingyan sometimes thought to herself, if this man smoked and raced, how cool would he be? But, he was exactly the opposite.

How boring!

It didn't take long before An Zihao arrived at the auditions with Chen Xingyan. The auditions were held at one of Beijing's most famous training grounds. And the reason why the production crew chose to hold the auditions here was because they wanted to select the very best action star.

Chen Xingyan took a quick glance at the name: 'The Savage Wars'. It was an American sci-fi film!

However, what they wanted was not a stunt double, but an action star. A role that needed to appear on camera!

Chen Xingyan immediately turned to escape. But, An Zihao ended up locking her in the car, "Why are you trying to run away?"

"I know this film. They don't need stunt doubles. Don't forget what you promised me."

"If this was Tangning and she was given a similar opportunity, but she was afraid of appearing on camera, she would do everything she could to overcome her fear. Because she knows, a person that runs away, has no future."

"Firstly, I am not Tangning! Secondly, I don't like to be lectured!" Chen Xingyan said in an awkward voice. "I hate it when people compare me to others. I enjoy freedom and being able to do whatever I like."

"Only those that are capable are allowed to say 'no'!" An Zihao pulled out Chen Xingyan's contract and threw it at her. "Have a look at the 6th term in the contract."

Chen Xingyan immediately flipped through the contract and saw, clearly written under term 6 that during the contract period, she was not allowed to reject any reasonable arrangements made by her manager.

"You tricked me?"

"You're welcome to get out of the car now...but please leave behind your​ compensation of $20 million," An Zihao warned. "I'm certain I have the ability to change your arrogant att.i.tude."

Seeing An Zihao was serious and more fierce then she was, she immediately became serious...

In other words, she had always been the type to bully the weak and submit to the strong and she especially liked those that were capable of controlling her.

"Let me first make things clear. If anything goes wrong, don't blame me."

Although Chen Xingyan wasn't completely obedient towards An Zihao, she at least did not retaliate.

An Zihao stepped out of the car and led Chen Xingyan into the training grounds. Plenty of highly skilled actresses were already inside and ready to go.

Chen Xingyan was still casual about the situation. When she saw others audition, her expression was full of mockery.

"There are still a dozen people before you."

"I'll go to the bathroom first," Chen Xingyan said as she nudged An Zihao away.

An Zihao did not follow her. After all, he had her tied to him with $20 million. In reality, Chen Xingyan actually had the intention to run away. But, just as she stepped into the bathroom, she overheard some chatter.

"Did you guys see An Zihao? The one that received a Fei Tian Award for Best Newcomer Director?"

"The one that had an affair with Tangning?" one of the girls tried to whisper, but Chen Xingyan still heard her clearly.

" you want to be punished by Hai Rui? Right now, everyone is trying to save themselves. An Zihao is the only one that treats the entire incident like nothing happened. He even brought his artist here for an audition. Did you see the young girl he brought? She's at most 20-years-old and not bad looking. But, it's obvious that she's no decent action star."

"No need to state the obvious. At her age, what skills could she possibly have?"

Hearing this, Chen Xingyan immediately threw open the doors and stormed over to the two women standing at the sink. As she washed her hands, she turned and looked at them.

She had always been thin-skinned and shameless, so she hated being on the shorter end of the stick. It was bad enough that they were insulting An Zihao, yet they also insulted her as well.


"You don't think I have skills? What about you, do you have any?" Chen Xingyan questioned.

The two women were a little embarra.s.sed after being caught gossiping about others, so they looked away awkwardly.

"I've got my eye on the two of you. Don't let me find out your names. Otherwise, I'll pa.s.s it on to Hai Rui."

Hearing this, the two women immediately apologized, "Sorry, our lips were just a little loose. Please forgive us."

Chen Xingyan looked at the two women and scoffed. She then walked out without giving any response.

Those that auditioned first weren't very good. Some came out within one minute or less. According to the audition list, Chen Xingyan was next, but she was nowhere to be seen.

An Zihao lifted his left hand to look at his watch. Did Chen Xingyan need 10 minutes just to go to the bathroom?

Did the brat actually back out and run away?

A moment later, the judge stepped out and called Chen Xingyan's name. It seemed, the auditions had been sped up, so her name was called ahead of time. But where had she gone?

An Zihao took a deep breath. He sounded slightly disappointed. Just as he stood up to leave, Chen Xingyan walked past him and said, "I'll go in first."

"I thought you ran away..."

"Even if I was to run, I'll bash a few people first." Chen Xingyan had actually returned to the hall for a while now. As she observed the people in the hall, she noticed the two loose-lipped girls were getting ready for their auditions. So, she figured they were in the same audition group as her.

An Zihao thought she had finally opened up, so he sat back down calmly. But, who knew...

After entering the audition room, Chen Xingyan was supposed to wait for instructions, but she directly walked up to the judges and said in English, "I can fight with the other girls and act as a villain."

The judges felt that Chen Xingyan's suggestion was quite interesting, so they agreed...

As a result, Chen Xingyan got what she wanted; a chance to hit the girls.

Back when she was just an extra, she already enjoyed hitting people and then fixing their bones after. Now that she had come across two loose-lipped people, she couldn't wait to jump at the opportunity!

So, she didn't care about the situation she was in, all she cared about was. .h.i.tting people. In fact, she forgot that there were cameras all around her and she threw every punch with maximum power.

Her opponents sensed her seriousness, so they responded with full power as well. As a result, the fight between the three women was the most realistic amongst all the auditions...

Although Chen Xingyan was battling one against two, her movements were smooth and fluid like water. Also, her power was so frightening that the judges couldn't help cheering, "Perfect!"

But, Chen Xingyan did not care. She simply continued hitting her opponents until their nurse bled. While they glared at her angrily, she simply smiled innocently, "Sorry, my punches hold grudges!"


Chen Xingyan rolled her eyes before she walked proudly out of the room.

As An Zihao spotted her, he walked over and asked, "Do you have a grudge against those two?"

"None of your business," Chen Xingyan also held a grudge against An Zihao, so she refused to talk to him.

"Let's just wait for the results."

An Zihao's lips curved upwards. It turned out, this little troublemakers fears could actually be cured.

Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 630: Even If I Was To Run, I'll Bash A Few People First

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