True Martial World Chapter 1269

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Space was utterly torn apart as the crowd was struck with a strong bout of vertigo. They felt the world spin so fast that personal disciples with weaker cultivation levels, including Snake Girl, fell to the ground and nearly vomited.

"There's no need to panic." Myriad God Patriarch floated above everyone as he spoke slowly. "I am in the process of executing the most important ritual in the Myriad God Ridge's history. This ritual requires a massive array's support, and this massive array needs all of you to provide your powers. Once it succeeds, you will all become the greatest contributors to the Myriad God Ridge. I will hand my cultivation techniques and heritage to you for practice depending on your performance! Some will even be permitted to pass my techniques down to your family clan as part of your systematic heritage!"

When the red-dressed boy said that, everyone felt reverberations through their hearts. Their family clans could pass it down?

Didn't that mean that they could impart it to their children and grandchildren!?

Many family clans had already gotten rewards from amassing the ingredients on the list, but the number of people that truly benefited was small. Compared to the present opportunity of enriching their descendants, and fortifying their family's heritage, the list’s rewards were far inferior.

"Patriarch, that is brilliant! Are we heading to the ritual grounds now?" An elder asked eagerly.

The crowd's reaction was within the red-dressed boy's expectations. He revealed a deep and meaningful smile and said slowly, "That's right! Perhaps it’s just me getting old, but I'm always terribly suspicious. I had a nagging feeling that someone would interfere with the ritual, so in order to ensure that failure is not an option, I planned on switching to a safer place. I will bring all of you into a hidden pocket world. The Yuan Qi in there is extremely rich but the world is naturally sealed by the powers of the heaven and earth, making it extremely hard to enter. I happened to chance upon a spatial node, which is how I was able to reach it in the past. However, that spatial node has been sealed shut by me through an array formation. No one but I can enter. It's absolutely safe."

"For this teleportation and the upcoming ritual, I have prepared a large amount of Spirit Jade. Even the Myriad God Ridge's Spirit Jade Repository has been emptied. Even the main peak's array formation has been halted. Why do you think the usually warm and springlike main peak would suddenly experience a snow storm last night?"

When the red-dressed boy said that with a laugh, Yi Yun felt as though he had plummeted into an ice cavern.

This smart tortoise! He was crafty and careful. Yi Yun never imagined that he would choose a hidden pocket world as the final ritual's location.

And most importantly, he used the six drops of blood to make the Ascending Dragon Cauldron follow them through the teleportation array.

This was something Yi Yun had never thought of. Even Old Snake would most certainly be caught by surprise.

At that moment, an elder appeared in the ruins of the Jade Emperor Palace's main hall on Myriad God Ridge's main peak.

In front of him, the square was long gone. The teleportation array seemed rapacious. It had teleported both the square as well as the people!

"He actually managed to move the Ascending Dragon Cauldron away. How did he do it!?"

Old Snake muttered to himself. He always believed that the Ascending Dragon Cauldron did not belong to anyone. The Myriad God Patriarch had never managed to refine and bind it to himself, and being able to move it from the Myriad God Ridge's mountain peak to the foot of the mountain was the limit of his influence. How did he manage to bring it across the void?

And it was because the Ascending Dragon Cauldron was buried deep in the Myriad God Ridge's main peak that Old Snake never considered the possibility of this happening.

And now, the Myriad God Patriarch’s actions had completely thrown off Old Snake's schemes.

On careful thought, the old fellow had been guarding the Ascending Dragon Cauldron for at least several million years. With his attainments in array formations, it was not odd that he could deduce something from his research.

"I was careless! Too careless! I have to immediately find the teleportation destination!"

At that moment, Old Snake could not afford to hold back. The strength he had before he was injured far exceeded the Myriad God Patriarch's. Besides, Old Snake had lived a long life, so his comprehension of laws also far exceeded the Myriad God Patriarch’s. Even his attainments in array formations did not lag behind the old man’s.

The impossible could become the possible through his hands!

"Kid, you have to hold on. I'll try my best to follow the spatial trajectory of the teleportation and find the both of you!'

Old Snake was not just worried for Yi Yun, in fact, he was even more worried about Snake Girl. With a clear shout, he directly released the power that was sealed within him.

Instantly, his figure became a lot taller. His bent back also straightened. Although his aged appearance remained, his eyes were no longer turbid. Instead, they were like sparkling stars that exuded a profound glow.

Any spatial teleportation would leave behind traces. Just like a boat traveling through water left ripples, teleportation left similar rippling waves through space. As long as one followed these waves, one could find the direction and location of the teleportation's destination.

However, this needed extremely high accomplishments in spatial dimension laws. Furthermore, traveling through and searching various spatial storms expended a great deal of energy!

Old Snake did not know if he could accomplish the feat but he had no other choice. All he could do was risk it.

At that moment, the massive array the red-dressed boy presided over had crossed through several layers of space!

He sat cross-legged in midair and had a calm expression. Everyone present was feeling uneasy. On one hand, they placed their hopes on the patriarch's promises, and on the other hand, they did not know what the patriarch was up to.

What they thought to be an Elders' meeting ended up being something of such great scale! Most critically, the Jade Emperor Palace had collapsed. Did the patriarch no longer care about Myriad God Ridge's main center, the symbol of its power and authority?

Fifteen minutes later, the entire array formation shook violently!

Moments later, the spatial storms that enveloped the array formation calmed down. The chaos from before also turned completely bright and clear.

What was presented in front of everybody was a pale red ocean. There was a gigantic island in the middle of the ocean that was pierced by several mountain ranges. These mountain ranges were filled with rift-valleys. They struck horror to one's mind and extended towards the land. And in the deep crevices of the rift-valleys was churning magma.

"This is a newly born world. The cracks you see are the product of the shifting continental plates. Lava flows out of them and there will come a day when the lava cools, forming new igneous rocks and land. They will crack again and solidify, with this process repeating over hundreds of millions of years. Then, this island will become a massive continent. And when the time comes, many lifeforms will appear, making this a flourishing world."

The patriarch used a casual tone to introduce the pocket world, but his words left Yi Yun shuddering.

This word was no different from a prison. He was completely locked in.

"It's here."

The red-dressed boy controlled the massive array and landed in the center of the island.

Here, nine gigantic rifts enjoined. Lava spewed out of the rifts like nine inferno dragons that were holding onto a pearl.

The red-dressed boy said slowly, "This landform is known as the Nine Dragons Encircling Pearl. I have sought it for a long time, and finally, I have found it. The Heaven Earth Yuan Qi on this island gathers here through the nine gigantic rifts. This is a rich wonderland!"

True Martial World Chapter 1269

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